Papyon By Sinan Akyurt

Many of us are making ourselves a priority. We are taking self-care and wellness much more serious than we ever have. Although we are bombarded with self-care and wellness experts and programs everywhere we turn. I believe many of us are seeking out businesses that aligned with our current needs. And are choosing not to be distracted by all the other noise out there.

Whenever I come across an individual or company that offers a product or service. One that adds value to my life or the lives of others I’m always happy to share.

Hair loss and/or thinning hair amongst men and women is so common these days. Many of us live very stressful lives with rigorous schedules. Hair loss and thinning hair conditions can lead to a stressful feeling, a decrease in self-confidence and embarrassment.

Finding an individual or a salon that is knowledgeable. And has sufficient experience with thinning hair and hair loss has been a Challenge for some of the people I Know. Many have expressed the fact that serval salons in Brooklyn are not professional or sensitive with individuals dealing with these conditions.

I believe finding a knowledgeable professional. Eases the stress and embarrassment. But gives the confidence needed to discuss our concerns and ask questions. Today I’d like to introduce a business in Brooklyn that has created a space and individualized services for anyone who needs specific help with hair loss and thinning. Or if you’d just like to indulge in a bit of self-care.

New Treatment

Papyon is a boutique hair salon and barbershop in Brooklyn. They recently launched a new hair treatment call Mesotherapy. This revolutionary therapy works to reduce thinning hair, hair loss and encourages new growth. With the use of injections, the treatment promotes protein, vitamins and correction nutrients that revive and strengthen the hair follicles.

Courtesy of Papyon

Papyon by Sinan Akyurt

Sinan Akyurt

Papyon’s was founded by Sinan Akyurt. From a family of stylists, Sinan and Eyup Akyurt were able to nurture their passion for hair in their family-owned salon. They grew up watching their father and older brothers and dreamt of one day owning their own salon.

Eyup Akyurt

Originally from Istanbul, Eyup and Sinan chose a unique path to create their business. Eyup moves to the Caribbean (St Maarten) and opened his very first salon. He was later joined by his brother Sinan.

The four years spent in the Caribbean were pivotal in Sinai’s development as a stylist and as an Entrepreneur. He ventured into product development. With the help of a Chemist, he developed his own products. He created hair shampoo, conditioner and beard oil made with natural and organic ingredients from Morocco and Italy.

Courtesy of Papyon

Many of Sinan customers on the Island were New Yorkers on vacation. Many of whom talked with excitement about the hair business in NYC. Sinan became interested in what a hair salon and barbershop would look like in NYC for him.

In 2011, with only a dream and talent, Sinan moved to New York. He started developing his client list. And within three short months, he had an ever-growing list of loyal clients. His clients supported him as he worked on his plan to open his salon.

Courtney of Papyon

Papyon was opened in Williamsburg Brooklyn. A full-service boutique salon specializing in dry cutting, curly hair, short cuts, hair painting balayage, professional styling and now Mesotherapy treatments.

Courtesy of Papyon

Eyup Akyurt joined his brother in his new venture. They have since worked side by side to develop Papyon and a team of knowledgeable professionals. Papyon brings excellent service and innovation to Brooklyn.

Courtesy of Papyon

A visit to Papyon starts with a kind and warm greeting. You’re welcomed into a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, where each customer is treated as an individual. And receives the attention and care specifically suited for them.

Papyon by Sinan Akyurt 

349 Bedford Avenue – Williamsburg

Mon: Open for Mesotherpy only
Tue – Fri: 11 AM – 8 PM
Sat – Sun: 10 AM – 7 PM





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