Quint Little Spot

Tonight I stumbled upon a quint little spot “Art Cafe Bar” – I’ve often passed by but never took the time to stop in,  I’m glad I did tonight. It was quite a different experience but I completely enjoyed my time there.

There is an outdoor cozy area with lighted candles on each table but because it was such a chilly night I made my way indoors. Outfitted with low bar stools, mixed and matched furnishings, a small area behind the bar housed a deep fryer and a hotplate, a basic menu of Empanada, beef slab and savory plantains and a full bar! With a cool cocktail list of Cinnamon Whisky Ginger, Black Walnut, Winter Margarita, Rum Pom, and Therma Brew; I’d say they are ready for the winter (Love it). The walls featured charcoal figure drawings from students who part take in the figure drawing class offered twice weekly.

This cozy spot had a mixed crowd and in less than half an hour the space was completely filled up; tonight they were featuring artists (Abhik Muhherjee played Sureahar (bass also called a Sitar, Jay Gandhi played the Bansuri and Shiva Ghoshato played the Tabla) all from Brooklyn Raga Massive and it was indeed a treat. The artists were performing Semi-classical Indian music, had it not been for the glass of Chardonnay I held in my hands, I could have easily believed I was in a meditation class – the calming effect of the music stayed with me even as I type this.

What more could a gal ask for great music, a full bar, food and a place to shop (adjacent to the space a custom boutique for Gureje clothing label – more on this later).

Of course, I had to eat so I ordered the savory plantains and I hate to say it but I didn’t enjoy it. It was overcooked and I didn’t like the fact that bartender/hostess used her bare fingers to cut up the plantains and add the seasonings (a pair of gloves would have been a much better option).

Art Cafe is a bar and Venue space connected to The Village, an Art Center, and Creative Community. The Art Cafe is a showroom utilized to showcase local artists as well as resident artists of The Village. While this spot may not be everyone cup of tea it was definitely my glass of wine – Although I won’t visit again for the food since I’m really not a snack kinda girl – I’d visit for the bar and to support any artist being showcased.

Check it out, you may enjoy it – I did!

Location:  884-886 Pacific Street, Brooklyn NY 11238

Phone:       718-857-2522

Tuesdays – Thursdays 5 – 11 PM

Fridays – Sundays 5 Pm – 12 AM



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