September 2021 Theme: The Power of Reconnecting

Fabulous September wishes to you, my Dahlings.

Each September has always presented a general theme for me, “slow down,” but this year was already a slow year. I have entirely slowed down (not by choice) and have stopped moving completely on some days.

It’s been quite a year for me, and as I slowly ease myself back into life, writing and working on Brooklyn’s Lifestyle, I felt a deep sense of disconnect. Disconnected from the content I was creating, from life, from those I love and care about but most concerning myself. 

As I thought about the message I wanted to share with you this month — the overwhelming feeling of disconnection seemed to surface over and over again. 

Therefore our theme this month is The Power of Reconnecting, reconnecting to Life, to those we love and care for, and most importantly, to ourselves. 

“Connection to Life, others, and our environment start with connecting to ourselves.”

This September, we will be sharing, What it Means to Reconnect to Yourself, Five Ways to self-reconnection, Journal Prompt to get you started, and so much more throughout the month ahead. 

September is the time of the year when many of us are ready to take action, and the rest of us, like me, are prepared to slow down. But taking time to reconnect to ourselves is a worthwhile endeavor for both action takers and slow downers alike. 

Reconnecting to ourselves helps us to also reconnect to our goals and our dreams which allows us to take action with a renewed sense of focus and direction. And those of us who choose to slow down can do so with an openness to listen, learn, and explore as we tend to our needs and the needs of those we love. 

As I embarked on reconnecting with myself, I did not indulge in anything glandular or pricy spa days — I simply took time to do small things. Things like being curious, dancing, writing, feeling those feelings I’ve been pushing away, crying, working with a therapist, and finding out the things I love and like.

I invite you this month to take some time to see how connected you are with yourself. And if you’re already deeply connected to yourself, I’d love to hear what you do to maintain that connection?

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