Dear Dahlings

Today I just wanted to say a quick hello and wish you a Joyful September. I have been looking forward to September for so many reasons but the most important one is because I needed something new – sort of a new beginning.

This year has been a lot for me – so much has happened and it’s today as I write this I can honestly admit that I am still dealing and still recovering. This year I lost my grandmother, as a young child I always thought my grandmother would live forever and when I got older and realized that no one lives forever I thought she’s been with us for a very very long time – well into her 100s. Maybe it’s always been some sort of wishful thinking or maybe it’s because her strength, authenticity and drive for life could not be measured or compared. My grandmother lived on her own terms and she left on her own terms. To me she was special and I believe in today’s world we need those special people to stay a little longer because they are needed…she was needed.

I say lost as if I will wake up one day and find her; to put it into perspective she became ill and passed on. Some days the fact that she once occupied a place here on earth is so prevalent, other days in the midst of life I struggle to remember she was once here. I find myself desperately trying to hold on to the words she once uttered to me, her smile, her laughter and those famous words she said whenever I called her “hey boogs.”

As we began to come to terms with her passing, her sister passed on just weeks later and it was as if we were reliving the experience all over again but that experience thought me that I had much to be thankful for. I was able to hear my grandmother’s whispers of  “I love you” up until the very end. My cousins didn’t get that opportunity (my aunt passed on suddenly).

As I dealt with my grandmother being ill I experienced major changes in my (full time) business that caused me to question values I held dear in conducting business. So honestly September is important to me, it’s a bit of a fresh start and a new perspective on life.

Courtesy of @magpie_n_moo
“Don’t be afraid to leave it all behind…there’s a new light, and new life, there are new worlds waiting”

As I write this I feel so relaxed (something I haven’t experienced since this year started) and I’m enjoying the sound of the chirping birds outside my bedroom window. I returned home on August 30th after two lovely weeks in Spain, since I’ve been back I’ve made resting my mind, body, and emotions a priority. Being away has helped me to gain perspective on some things that are important to me right now, which has to lead me to create goals, tasks or objectives (I’m not sure where they fall) to guide me through September and prepare me for the coming months.

September Goals

  1. Stay on schedule but remain flexible
  2. Be consistent with my AM/PM Routine
  3. Make a plan & work it
  4. Say No ➡️Mean it & stick to it
  5. Complete Holiday Budget
  6. Dance like no one’s looking
  7. Really take a day for me (No phone, no social media or no email checking)
  8. Be intentional with my skincare and consistently do AM/PM
  9. Be intentional each day
  10. Live each day with ease, mindfulness & awareness
  11. Hydrate • Hydrate • Hydrate drink three liters of water every day
  12. Don’t force anything
  13. Be Intentional with my breathing & Practice Gratitude
  14. Review my day daily
  15. Be kind & patient with me and others


Writing has always been a positive outlet for me and reading has always afforded me the luxury of experiences…both of which I have done daily since I was a little girl. I say this, to say that we all experience challenges and difficulties in our lives – it doesn’t matter how pretty you are, how much you have your shit together or how much money you have etc – none of us are exempt. I believe it’s what actually makes life, well life. It’s what makes it beautiful, it’s what helps us to grow, experience our strength and it’s what truly teaches us kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others. When people say it’s not what happens to us in life that counts but rather how we respond; that is a true statement.

Courtesy of magpie_n_moo
“And when all the glitter fades, there’ll still be stardust in her veins” Michelle Schaper


I urge you to find your positive outlet(s), your thing(s) that will always remind you to respond with kindness, compassion and a knowing that we are all human beings trying our very best to live this life without a roadmap and sometimes without directions.

Well so much for a quick hello – I hope this inspires you to make the most of September but more importantly to be kind and compassionate to yourself and others/

Happy September




All photographs used here are from @magpie_n_moo head over to her IG give her some love and all of her featured prints on IG are available for sale (link in her bio). Her photos are truly inspirational to me.

Nat C.


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