Six Tips for Making Your House Welcoming to You

We are in the second week of our Welcome Home theme here on BKLS—so I thought I would share what going to a welcoming house [my home] feels like to me. When I walk to my entry door, I feel like I am being welcomed home, especially in the Autumn and Winter. I have a thing with seasons.

A welcoming home is more than just a place to sleep; It is where you feel secure, safe, and at home. There is no more incredible feeling than walking up to my entry door and knowing I am home.

A welcoming home is where I go to escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It is the place where my worries of the day stay outside my entry door: a place where there is calm, quiet, and ease. Things are simple there.

Today I am sharing six ideas to inspire you to create a welcoming house for yourself.

Here are the six things that make a welcoming house for me.

Use these ideas to create a welcoming house or inspire you to create your own.

A clean entrance. The path to get you to your entry door should be clean, unobstructed, and clutter-free. If there is room, add lighting and potted plants or lanterns.

A welcome mat that greets you home. I love a gorgeous mat outside my entry door—one with a fabulous design or print is perfect since I do not like mats with the words “Welcome Home.”

A place that offers to take your shoes. This can be a shoe cabinet in the corner of your entryway or a shoe rack.

Lighting that brightens your night after a long day. It would help if you always have adequate lighting—in a layered design—for example, overhead lighting, table lamps, floor lamps, or spotlights. Or lighting a wonderful scented candle upon your arrival home is also an excellent touch.

A scent that smells like home. Home scents are a must. This can be a gorgeous scented candle, Diffuser, Incense, Plug-In Air Freshener, Room Refresher Spray, or Pillow Mist. Or you can also create your own—I will share my recipe for my DIY home fragrance next month. I like a lovely scented candle, my DIY home scent, or a diffuser. I love the scents of Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, pumpkin spice, Patchouli, and Cinnamon.

A welcoming house means warmth.

A fireplace that warms your heart. I never want to live in a home without a fireplace. But if you do not have one in your home or do not have the space to install a fireplace—lighting a few candles gives me the same soothing and calmness that my fireplace does nicely.

A cozy indoor temperature that comforts your tired body. Your home should always be at the right temperature—it does make you feel at home.

A fridge that houses the best food you can afford, a kitchen to prepare a meal with love, and a table to sit and enjoy your meal.

These three things together fill your hungry stomach.

A hallway that leads you to a chair to rest and relax. This can be a chair or a quiet corner in your home. For me, it is the place that serves as my entryway and reading nook.

What does going to a welcoming house means to you? How does it feel when you get to the entryway? Do you take a deep breath and realease the day? Or do you smile knowing you are finally home?

Nat C.


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