Street Art Show at Clinton Hall

With art, it’s about the visual characteristics of shapes, colors, textures, etc. but when we want to truly understand, and describe art we must think beyond the visuals. We must go beyond the straight and curved lines; the light and dark shadows; the stripes and squares. Somehow formal descriptions and visual aesthetics do not easily translate a piece of art to us.


A successful Artist must make us feel their work. It must not only be pleasing to our eyes but it must also appeal to something within. And this out of the box experience provided pleasure to my eyes and it touched me within.

Clinton Hall, in the Financial District, unveiled 20 one of a kind pieces from 20 spectacular NYC artists. Each artist utilized one of this downtown after work hotspot outdoor communal beer tables. All tables were used as a canvas for the artist’s work as part of a permanent installation.

The installation was curated by Kamille “OGMILLIE” Ejerta. OGMILLIE, her street name; is a NYC based visually-impaired street-pop artist. With a flair for vintage art, her preferred medium is acrylic. Known for her portraits of vintage mirrors and as a muralist throughout the tri-state. OGMILLIE has used art as an avenue of hope. Art became her escape and savior after experiencing a vision-threating emergency.

Courtest of @ogmillie

The Clinton Hall Installation brought together a melting pot of street artists.  In recent years there has been a rise in the street art scene and this installation provided a place to house and showcase these artists unique expressions.

Each individualistic piece brings a striking style and feel. Alongside OGMILLIE are artists like, Chris Soria, Subway Doodle, Brett Thompson, Ian Sullivan, Funqest, Kick Or Treat, Jaima, and more. 

Street art is such an integral part of our culture. We wanted to bring that to the table to reflect our colorful city with inspiring art from some of the best in this underground business to help bring it to light,” said Clinton Hall owner Aristotle “Telly” Hatzigeorgiou.

The tables are displayed now to be admired while experiencing Clinton Hall’s new fall menu from Executive Chef Darryl Harmon that includes a Turducken Burger and Oklahoma! Chili Fries as month-long specials for November.

Clinton Hall
90 Washington Street, NYC




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