Style and Fashion

Style and Fashion

This month is about Style at BKLS, and I believe the best place to start is with the difference between Style and Fashion. While often used interchangeably, they are two entirely different things. I promise not to get too technical or wordy here, but I will define these two creative expressions from my perspective. And yes, I do believe both are forms of creative expression. However, today’s discussion on Style and Fashion is purely from the context of clothing and accessories. Coco Chanel famously said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” And the Master Class wrote an article that states, “There is an overlap between Style and Fashion. But a good rule of thumb is that Style relates to the individual, while Fashion is more collective.” And they both are within the context of Style.

So what is Fashion?

I have always thought Fashion to be an external thing—something outside of me. Fashion is timely, temporary, and trendy. It tends to be what is featured on the runways, in magazines, on TV, and on fashion blogs. It is the autonomy of how we dress within a specific era or culture. And it is something created for us, “the consumers,” by others, such as fashion designers. But, on the other side, Fashion goes beyond trends. It is a necessity and how we present ourselves to the world.

Fashion is also about versatility and popularity. When someone is fashionable, it is a relationship between what is trending or trendy and what that person wears. Unfortunately, it is sometimes used as a distraction or escapism from our everyday life. I love to people-watch; we can tell a lot about someone by being curious. I have watched fashionable women on the street or at a restaurant; sometimes, I can detect a bit of sadness or worry. But that killer, fashionably chic outfit somehow seems to give her the boost of confidence to make her day or moment slightly better.

Diana Vreeland said: “Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world.” I found Diana Vreeland’s words to be relevant here. When I embraced trends, getting dressed was easy and accessible. It created the fastest route to feeling like everything was new and anything was possible at that moment or on that day. I was able to escape my current reality, and that felt amazing.

Style is personal.

Style is our journey towards self-discovery and creativity. It comes down to choices and decisions. Being Stylish does not mean we do not engage in Fashion. It is our decision on what we buy and our preferences on what we wear. Like me, we all tend to blend both Fashion and Style–merging the two is what makes all of this fun and fabulous in our lives. Style is the creative expression of the self. To me, Style has always been something very personal. It is about having fluency in timelessness, but most importantly, it has been how I connect to my inner self.

I believe Style is an individual thing that puts us more in touch with who we are. While some experts believe Style is innate and part of the Stylish person’s DNA, I think that is partially true. Let me explain. Someone Stylish is unafraid to be original and take risks, while someone who is purely fashionable would be afraid to move beyond trends to self-expression. But I believe someone can become Stylish. And when we possess Style, it is all about what is on the inside and a means of self-expression. Stylishness connects clothing with our sense of self—it is the way we reflect our sense of self and our identities. Being Stylish takes originality and boldness.

Ten Habits all Stylish women have.

I believe that one can become stylish, it will take a bit of experimenting and developing certain habits, but it is doable. It will also take courage and the ability not to be bothered by failing a few times or often to get these.

Pay careful attention to Grooming.

A Stylish woman knows being groomed is essential to anyone’s Style. Head-to-toe Grooming makes us feel good and tells a story about who we are. The importance of posture, an effortless makeup routine, a good haircut, and clean natural nails all contribute to great habits we should all have. Therefore it is essential to practice good posture and a makeup routine that is natural and effortless. In addition, invest in the best haircut you can afford, make sure it is flattering to your face, and do not forget to dye your roots if covering your grays is your thing. Also, keep your nails cleaned and well maintained [opt for short natural nails instead of outlandish lengths and designs].

Experiment to find out what looks good.

A Stylish woman has taken the time to experiment and has determined what looks good on her. As a result, she is aware of her body and dresses for her. Get to know your body, every curve, best features, and your okay ones.

The right undergarment is essential.

A Stylish woman knows that suitable foundation garments are an essential key to looking good. The appropriate undergarment will ensure you get the proper support while keeping you modest. Get fitted for the right strapless bra to wear your strapless dresses and tops with confidence and perfection. Buy the right seamless underwear for those white trousers.

Weave trends carefully into your wardrobe.

A Stylish woman makes decisions and choices regarding what she is offered in the context of Fashion. She chooses what she accepts and weaves it into her wardrobe in moderation. Use Fashion to inspire, and add to your signature style. But please do not allow it to consume you.

Become a repeat offender.

A Stylish woman creates a fabulously amazing outfit and wears it often. She is an intelligent woman who has fun with her creations and re-wears it. Why recreate the wheel when she can enjoy it by re-wearing her favorites? Please keep track of your favorite outfits, and do not be afraid to repeat them.

Accessorize and be detailed.

A Stylish woman has excellent attention to detail. While every outfit does not need to be accessorized, she understands the power of adding something special to complete her outfit. Inspiration and beauty are all around you. Keep that in mind when creating an outfit, and use accessories to elevate those looks and make them your own.

Plan your outfit.

A Stylish woman knows that figuring out what to wear in the mornings is not such a good idea, or rushing to throw something together is even worst. Instead, take time the night before to select your outfit for the next day. Do so even if you are standing at home. Remember being well put together includes having everything ready the night before, from underwear to accessories. This habit saves time and stress.

Use a blend of high and low-end pieces.

A Stylish woman knows an expensive accessory can elevate the most basic outfit just as a high-end piece can complete a look or add a layer of polish. But, at the same time, too many low-end pieces can make her look cheap.

Classics are the foundation.

A Stylish woman knows that her wardrobe is built on a foundation of classics. Style transcends Fashion, which is why starting from that foundation and embracing classic pieces is vital. Once you have invested in your basic classics, you can weave in a few trendy pieces. Finally, invest in classics that complement your body shape and lifestyle.

Take beautiful care of your clothes and accessories.

A Stylish woman does not wear clothing with hanging threads, creases, or stains, nor does she wear shoes with shabby, worn heels and scuffs. Take great care of clothing and store them properly—that way, they are guaranteed to look their best and last longer. Do the same with your accessories.

Edit and organize your wardrobe often.

A Stylish woman knows that she can not be Stylish if her wardrobe is cluttered, and she is always hunting for her clothes ad accessories. Or if her clothes are ill-fitting and unflattering. Edit your wardrobe often; donate or discard anything that no longer fits, is unflattering, or no longer fits into your lifestyle. Organize your clothes by color or Style or whatever makes them easily accessible to you.

Work enough time into your morning routine to get ready.

A Stylish woman knows the benefits of being prepared and not having to rush out into the morning looking disheveled. When you allot time in your morning routine for getting ready, you will always be well groomed and put together. You would have safely applied your makeup and fixed your hair instead of doing your makeup while driving [guilty] or leaving the house with makeup on your shirt or dress collar.

Stay true to who you are.

A Stylish woman knows what flatters her face and figure and the parts that are not necessarily flattering. Still, she embraces all of herself with kindness and grace. To be Stylish, you must remain true to yourself; you can not be concerned with what is hot or in right now or what others think of you. Instead, you can enhance what needs to be enhanced and wear the pieces that compliment you and your life.

Do you have a habit to add to our list? Comment below and share it with us.

Nat C.


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