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Driving along focused on the fact that it’s after 3 PM in the afternoon and I haven’t eaten (not even a cup of coffee) I thought. My best friend on Bluetooth giving me a lecture about my once a day eating habit.  Half listening, head pounding and feeling a bit week I slowly rolled to a stop.

I stopped at the light at the corner of Clarkson and Albany Avenues and looked to my left.  “Oh, there’s a juice place.” I should get myself a juiceI I thought and before I could say it aloud, my friend said: “pull over and get a juice because you need it.”I didn’t know what to expect but I was hungry I have long given up on juice and smoothie spots. My tastebuds seem to appreciate fresh juice or smoothies made at home these days but I needed something.

The Restaurant

Courtesy of Taste Teezr

Not being able to find parking I pulled over by the hydrant (don’t do this) and made my way across the street. It’s not the norm to see a place like this around here but there it was. There was a line out the door and the space appeared small as I made my way to the door.

My view to the left featured a spacious airy backyard styled with green chairs, tables, and green umbrellas. Nice Caribbean flair, I thought without knowing what kind of place it was.

When I finally made my way inside the actual restaurant space, there was a nice small but effective space. I am greeted by a kind and welcoming young lady as I admire the hustle and bustle of the kitchen staff from the perfect view of the kitchen. The very front of the partition showcased freshly made food, set up in an enclosed glass buffet style (not self serve).

The Menu

Courtesy of Taste Teezr

I looked up and saw the menu. How exciting I thought “Caribbean Fusion” bowls with a very classic Jamaican twist. The restaurant’s concept was created by the husband and wife team, Ayoka and Gerron Johnson. Ayoka, a fellow foodie was in love with the idea of having everything she wanted in one seating with the ability to choose the foods she enjoyed and is passionate about.

The Johnson’s bowl concept for Taste Teezr is much different from any bowl concept I have experience. The 1, 2, 3 steps provide their audience with options to

  1. Choose your base
  • steamed mixed veggies
  • rice and peas
  • veggie rice
  • roasted hem (my fave)
  • stir-fried bulgur (my fave)
  • roasted breadfruit (my fave)
  • pumpkin rice (daily specialty rice of the day)
  • cranberry rice (daily specialty rice of the day)
  • spinach rice (daily specialty rice of the day)

2. Choose your protein

  • jerk chicken
  • curry chicken
  • brown stew chicken
  • fried chicken
  • baked chicken
  • escovitch wings
  • jerk pork (my fave)
  • curry goat
  • oxtail (my fave)
  • escovitch shrimp (my fave)
  • escovitch fish (my fave)
  • saltfish  (my fave)

3. Choose your Sides (2)

  • Cucumber slices
  • sliced tomatoes
  • avocado slices
  • garden salad
  • t’slaw (my fave)
  • mango Salad (my fave)
  • pineapple salad (my fave)
  • fried plantains

And the best part is each bowl is $10.00 and they are quite filling. There is also a breakfast menu and a T’bites menu featuring wraps and sandwiches, which I haven’t tried as of yet.

The Menu: Juice + Smoothies

The juice menu is quite extensive and it is the perfect curated balanced of classic and innovative options. Crowd pleasers are Iron lion zion, alpha beetz, kayak sunset, and Bali hill berry. The menu is created in six sections: fresh & smooth, fresh & green, refuel & recover, additional drinks, create your own (same 1, 2, 3 step system as food) and lifestyle shakes.

The Story

I love good food but I fall in love with a good story. Taste Teezr is located at 598 Clarkson Avenue in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Taste Teezr now occupies a portion of the space that once housed Fritz Jamaican and American restaurant for 23 years.

I loved Fritz’s classic Jamaican dishes (especially his ackee and saltfish) but I deeply admired him for what he did for his community. At the end of the day, before closing Fritz gave away any excess food he had for FREE and for that, I stopped by as often as I could to support him. There was always a line at closing.

Gerron Johnson learned about entrepreneurship and the restaurant business at a very young age from his father Fritz and became passionate about cooking. He’s cooked and catered for friends and family for many years while honing his skills. When Fritz closed his doors and retired in 2013, Ayoka and Gerron had thoughts of opening a restaurant of their own.

In 2017 the opportunity became available for this husband and wife team to achieve their dream of owning their own restaurant and becoming entrepreneurs. It was the perfect opportunity to open in the same space where Gerron had his start in the business. At the time they were both employed full time and both stay employed (full-time) while working diligently on their dream for two years. They finally opened their door a week and a half ago (what an accomplishment – dream fulfilled).

I asked Ayoka “Since opening how are you feeling about it all”?

It’s all a bit surreal. This restaurant has been in the making for quite some time, it truly is like seeing a dream come true. There were nights when my husband would literally be talking about the restaurant in his sleep. So to see it finally happening is the best feeling ever. The restaurant has become the new addition to our family. Almost like a baby! We look forward to watching it grow, while nursing, and molding it into being one of Brooklyn’s top restaurants.

Ayoka and Gerron hope to Continue to grow Taste Teezr organically, create employment opportunities for hard-working people who are passionate about food, leave a legacy for their children and become one of Brooklyn’s top restaurants. I say this is all possible and they are well on their way continuing diligently as they did to make their dream a reality.

Grand Opening: Saturday October 12th 2019

Taste Teezr
598 Clarkson Avenue corner of Albany Avenue

Mon to Thur 7AM – 10PM
Fri to Sat 7AM – 2AM

Bowls price ranges from $10 to $13

Small Juices $6.50

Large Juices $7.50

Stop by you won’t regret it.




Nat C.


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