Ten Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Alone

When I was younger, I overheard older folks talking about how difficult the holidays are, and I scoffed at the idea—the Holiday is nothing short of complete Magic. I did not understand it then, but as I grew older, my thoughts about the concept of the Holidays being difficult changed. But, like anything we do in life, we need a strategy, and the Holidays are no different. So today, we are sharing the best ways to enjoy the Holidays alone.

The holidays are supposed to be Magical, Joyful, and filled with goodness we could soak up—many of us are afforded the luxury of spending time with loved ones, eating, laughing, and enjoying the time together. But the harsh reality is many people spend the Holidays alone. And this could be because of many reasons ranging from family drama to having no family. Still, whatever the reason, the Holidays can be a fabulous time for you, even if you are alone.

Here are ten ways to enjoy the Holiday alone.

Being alone does not mean being lonely—you get to control the narrative towards the idea of being alone during the Holiday, and you get to choose what traditions you create.

Try Volunteering

We have been taught that the Holidays are about receiving, but there is a feeling of fulfillment when we give. And during the Holidays, it is one the best ways to help another person in need. So many people are alone and in need during this time of year. So why not feed the homeless, visit a children’s hospital, and read to sick children? You will give someone a gift they will never forget.

Do a Staycation

While Holiday travels are a lot of work and sometimes costly, you can plan a staycation in your home city. Book yourself a fabulous hotel room, enjoy the luxury of the amenities they offer, and watch Christmas movies all day.

Indulge in Self-Care Day or a few

There are many facets of self-care, but during the Holidays, you want self-care to be easy, relaxed, and tailored to you and your needs. You can do a bit of gift shopping for yourself…

  • book a massage
  • grab your favorite bottle of wine
  • give that new sheet mask a try
  • take a bubble bath
  • grab your favorite baked goods
  • or make your favorite cocktail.

The list is endless, but the idea here is to do things for you that make you feel your best.

Here is an example I sent my friend Vivianna last year. Begin on Christmas Eve by lighting your favorite candle or incense, and give yourself a mani, Pedi, and a facial. Then fall asleep reading your favorite feel-good book or watching your favorite Christmas Movie.

Wake up on Christmas morning, say thank you, meditate and take a moment to breathe and journal or take a morning walk. Make yourself a delightful breakfast, or have one pre-ordered for delivery. Next, take an hour and begin planning the year 2023–you do not have to do the heavy lifting. Just think about the kind of year you would like to have and brain-dump a few ideas. Next, it is time to write a few affirmations and your gratitude list. Finally, finish your day by enjoying the time alone, just being with yourself.


Yes, traveling during the Holiday is a hassle, but if you have the means and the time, plan a solo trip. Visit a spa in Arizona, Jamaica’s beaches, or a remote cozy cabin. Or go to that place on your travel bucket list. Solo travels are rejuvenating, teachable, and reflecting.

Learn a new skill

You have a few days available with no one to bother you—why not learn a new skill? Maybe it is something you have been meaning to learn, or it could be something that will help get that side business started. It is the best time to learn something new.

Create new traditions

If the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree or baking cookies makes you feel joyful, then do it. But if they make you feel exhausted and sad, it is time to create new traditions just for you. Maybe you want to take a snowy morning walk or make spiked hot chocolate. The idea here is to not uphold Christmas traditions out of habit or obligation. Instead, find the things you love and enjoy and do those.

Complete year-end projects

There is no better feeling than starting a new year without an endless list of things to do that are remnants of the prior year. It gives a sense of defeat and overwhelms. This is one of the best times to get organized and do those things you have been putting off.

Clean and organize your closet or under your bathroom sink [this one is for me]. Create a new budget or do that thing[s] that has been overwhelming you.

Treat yourself to dinner.

Dinner alone, I know, is an idea that is still scoffed at, but it is one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself. You are the best company you will ever have, so enjoy the time. Several restaurants are offering Christmas dinners to go to or other dine-in options. Check your local area to see the restaurants open for the Holidays.

Give your mindset a makeover.

We all have this idea of what the Holidays should look like, and there is a lot of pressure surrounding that idea. And let us be honest here, even under the best circumstances, the Holiday comes with a lot of stress and discomfort. For example, now that I have my forever love, I think I should spend some time baking cookies with him. But do I want to bake cookies? No, I will take him to a few of my favorite bakeries instead.

The Holiday need not be a certain way for you to enjoy it—make the Holiday for you and about you, especially if you are spending it alone. Create your own rules for the Holiday and new expectations for yourself. And do not get sucked into the Social Media idea of everyone having a great Holiday season. We are all dealing with our issues. No one is exempt. Instead, reset your mindset surrounding the Holidays—what do you want the Holiday to be like for you? What will bring you joy? Is it doing absolutely nothing than do that, or is it time to relax and be? Do whatever it is that you need or want for yourself.

Happy Holidays Dahlings.

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