Thanksgiving A Day to be Thankful

I have learned over the years that thankfulness soothes my soul; it breathes contentment and energizes my dreams and goals. I don’t always remember to be thankful, life’s little messes can throw me off a bit, and I forget or neglect to be grateful. 

Lately, I’m making an effort to live with more awareness—paying attention to the subtlety of things, and when I pay attention, I realize how much I’ve missed over the years, still miss on some days, and how much there is to be thankful for every moment of our lives.

Today I’m reminded of three things, and I’m sincerely grateful — things we can easily miss because we’re either living in the past or the future. Or are living in fear or worry.

A Grateful Heart is an open Heart

As I looked out the window into the backyard this morning, I stood in awe as the beautiful autumn colors playfully swayed to the movement of the wind, as the larger than life trees created tiny shades to various parts of the space, and the warmth of the sun gently caressed my cheeks. I stood there in silence and could barely move my lips to say Thank you as I held back the tears that were making their way down my cheeks.

A year ago, I would have admired the autumn colors, the tall trees, and the rays of the sunshine, but I would have done so with logic. I would not have felt them or embraced their beauty. 

Thank You are the two most powerful words we can ever utter.

As we sat at the Kitchen Table and my sister prayed I was moved, a sensation took over my body. The sincerity and generosity in which she prayed can not be recreated here, but this is the part of the prayer that stood out the most.

“Father, today is about you. We’re not here to ask for anything. We’re here to say Thank You for all that you’ve done for us, all that you’ve given us, and all that you continue to do for us — Thank You.

It was such incredible and powerful words of gratitude that I’d like to always remember that sometimes “thank you” is enough.

Gratitude is expressed in different forms, like a deep appreciation for another soul journeying through life. 

As we sat down to dinner, the conversations were lively; laughter and a feeling of togetherness embodied the dining room. 

We took turns going around the table so that each of us could say what we’re thankful for today. There was gratitude for the support and good health, appreciation for the guidance and being brought back into balance, gratitude for family and friends. But it was the young man who spoke before me that brought me to tears in front of family and strangers alike.

I’ve known him since he was seven years old, and today at age 31, he talked about love, forgiveness (forgiveness is Love, he said), and gratitude. I was moved to tears with the deepest of appreciation for this soul in front of me. And more profound gratitude that this young man was growing, maturing, and choosing to respond instead of reacting to whatever life brought his way. 

So today, while I’m grateful for all the usual things: immediate and extended family, great friendships, kind strangers, food, shelter, etc. I’m highly thankful for the unusual things like paying attention to life subtitles, awareness of the beauty around me and opening my heart to experience the little things that were undoubtedly the big things today. 

Happy Thanksgiving—A Day to Say Thank You.

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