The Best Grab-and-Go Food Spots in NYC

The Best Grab-and-Go Food Spots in NYC

While having a fabulous sit-down dinner at a Restaurant or a home-cooked meal is a lovely experience, finding a great grab-and-go spot you can depend on for good food is always a good idea. Today, we share some of our favorite, otherwise called the best, Grab-and-go food spots in NYC. These grab-and-go spots below offer low-maintenance options for a home-cooked meal or a sit-down dining experience at a Restaurant.

There is a spot for everyone from Flatbush to the Upper West Side and from Caribbean to Italian bites. These are 14 of the best grab-and-go food spots in NYC to explore and MUST add to your bucket list of places to try.

Here are some of the Best Grab-and-Go Food Spots in NYC.

De Hot Pot [Trindadian]

De Hot Pot is a cozy spot hidden gem offering fast casual Caribbean classics, including some of the best roti [Buss up Shot], bake and saltfish, doubles, and more. The staff is pleasant and welcoming.

1127 Washington Avenue — Prospect Lefferts Gardens
(347) 240-1180

Peppa’s Jerk Chicken [Jamaican]

Peppas Jerk Chicken serves delicious and authentic Jamaican Cuisine they are known for our jerk chicken, escovitch fish, and other authentic Jamaican favorites. We adore the fried or steamed fish, escovitch fish, and festival it is one of the best in Brooklyn. There are four locations; however, we love the locations in Crown Heights and Wingate.


If you get the jerk chicken, dress it with the jerk sauce and the bbq sauce. And always get the fried dumplings.

791 Prospect Place — Crown Heights | 689 Utica Avenue — Wingate
(718) 450-3976

Errol’s Caribbean Delights Inc. [Jamaican]

Errol’s is a neighborhood favorite that began in 2001 as a bakery selling hard dough bread, bun, fruit cake, et cetera. Later that year, Errol’s Bakery and Catering opened, and 661 Flatbush Avenue at the corner of Hawthorne Street became its permanent home. In 2018, they became Errol’s Caribbean Delights Inc. however, the same tasty dishes, freshly baked goods, and excellent customer service came with the new name.

We love many things from Errol’s menu, but the patties, freshly baked goods, currant rolls, saltfish, fried dumplings, and house-made drinks are on rotation. It is delightful at Errol’s.


Get the beef pattie with the coco bread.

661 Flatbush Avenue — Prospect Lefferts Gardens
(718) 469-6078

Exquisite Express [Jamacian]

Exquisite Express is a simple Jamaican spot serving the island’s flavors, from jerk chicken to salmon — it is one of the best places to order oxtails with rice and peas or jerk chicken. The Salmon plate is our go-to, but everything is equally tasty and fresh

2847 Church Avenue — Flatbush
(718) 693-4643

Faicco’s Italian Specialties [Italian]

The Italian market Faicco’s Italian Specialties offers some of the best sandwiches, a gorgeous selection of cheeses, dark chocolate pretzels, rice, and prosciutto balls — well, those are our favorites.


It is the perfect place to grab a few things for a picnic or ingredients to make sandwiches at home.

260 Bleecker Street — West Village
(212) 243-1974

Super Taste [Chinese]

Super Taste offers many favorites, so we recommend this no-frills Chinese eatery, a true hidden gem known for Pork Bao, fried dumplings, and hand-pulled noodles: flavorful meat, fish, broth, and affordable prices.


There is almost always a line, so order ahead if the option is available. Order the Pork bao and fried pork and chive dumplings.

26 Eldridge Street — China Town
(646) 283-0999

L’Industrie Pizzeria [Italian]

It is challenging to recommend pizza in NYC because we have many options. But you will find some of the best pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts at L’industrie Pizzeria. We love Fig Jamm, Parma, and New Yorker.

254 S 2nd Street — Williamsburg
(718) 599-0002

Taqueria Ramirez [Mexican]

In this small but fantastic taco spot, you will find traditional meat tacos that can be customized with mild or spicy salsas, onions, and cilantro. Flavorful, fabulous, and delightful are just a few words to describe a visit here.

We started with the first three on the menu, pastor, suadero, and longaniza, and later worked our way through the tripa and nopales.


Order anything on the menu. You will thank us later.

94 Franklin Street — Greenpoint

Mama’s TOO! [Italian]

Mama’s TOO! is worth a trip to the pint-sized counter-service pizzeria. This is another spot for great pizza, really delicious pizza.

We love the Upside down, 18th Avenue, Cacio E Pepe, Angry Nonna, and the Rustica and the Poached Pair. This is another spot where you will enjoy anything you order. We almost forgot the Gelato is fabulous.


There is a line, but it is worth the wait, and if you drive, there is parking on the side Streets.

2750 Broadway — Manhattan Valley

Forsyth Fire Escape [Asian

| Latin]

Forsyth Fire Escape was born in 2021 during COVID to unite the community. This Instafamous creative spot serves one menu item, the scallion pancake burrito. Created by Isabel, inspired by her Californian roots and her and Luis’s Chinese, Thai, and Dominican cultures.

It is worth the wait, not greasy, and very tasty. We are happy Kathie dragged us there.

601 West 26th Street — Chelsea

Wah Fung No 1

One of the best Chinese Restaurants for street-style food, and we always order Roasted Pork with white rice. The portions are generous, and the price is budget-friendly.


Always a wait, but we like to visit between 2 and 3 PM for minimal waiting.

79 Chrystie Street — Lower East Side
(212) 925-5175

7th Street Burger [American]

7th Street Burger is the place for classic American smash burgers and French fries the messiest and tastiest things we have ever eaten.

110 MacDougal Street — Greenwich Village
(646) 478-8453

Gundy’s Restaurant [Jamaican]

Stop by for breakfast and go back for dinner. We recently tried the swordfish with okra and are in love with yet another dish from Grundy.

598 Clarkson Avenue — Wingate
(718) 313-1893

Linda’s Restaurant [Guyanese]

Linda’s Restaurant has a well-curated menu of Guyanese dishes and pastries. Best White pudding — almost taste like back home. The wait can be long, and the customer service is less than desirable, but the food makes it worth it.

Our favorites include the pone, pine tart, white pudding, dahl puri with mango sour, and more.


Although we no longer eat black pudding, we head it is one of the best-tasting in the five boroughs. So order it if it is still your thing.

5322 Church Avenue — East Flatbush
(718) 485-0731

While this is an insider guide for locals, if you visit NYC, do not be afraid to try some of these local favorites. This is our first guide to our favorite, also called the best grab-and-go food spots in NYC, and we are excited about sharing a second installment soon. So comment below and share your favorite grab-and-go spot.

Nat C.


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