#BeautyMinute: The Skincare Pyramid

Have you heard of the Skincare Pyramid? Dermatologists developed the pyramid to relieve us of confusion. And overwhelm that is often experienced when we approach skincare.

Healthy skin is coveted—we all want it. But while some of us are genetically lucky to have it, others will try anything at least once to achieve it. Today for #BeautyMinute we are introducing the Skincare Pyramid. An easy-to-follow guide to help build a healthy skin care regimen.

What is A Skincare Pyramid?

Skincare Pyramid
Skincare Pyramid

A Skincare Pyramid provides a foundation for:

  • every skincare routine
  • other procedures
  • and use of products frequency.

This approach to skincare and anti-aging starts with a base of preventive care steps. And builds up treatment options to target specific skin concerns.

It is built on the premise that a daily effective skincare routine is the foundation for healthy skin. Mainly because it protects and prevents the signs of aging.

The Skincare Pyramid has three layers:

  • Base layer for a daily routine.
  • The middle layer is for a weekly routine.
  • And the top layer is for a monthly routine.

Base — Daily Routine

Regardless of skin type, a daily routine consists of five basic steps. The products and ingredients may vary, but your goal daily is to cleanse, tone, use serums, moisturize and protect.

Middle Layer — Weekly Routine

The goal here is maintenance. While this is very important for healthy skin, it is too harsh for daily use. But in this routine, the focus should be placed on masks, exfoliation, and microcurrents.

Top Layer — Monthly Routine

Dermatologists recommend monthly facials, chemical peels, dermaplaning, and microdermabrasion. It is however not a MUST DO. With the exception of facials which, in my opinion, should be done monthly. All other treatments can be spaced out.

These treatments or procedures are for exfoliating. And therefore should not be done all at once or back to back. You should schedule them based on your needs or your doctor’s recommendations.

You do not need to do all three: chemical peels, dermaplaning, and microdermabrasion. Speak with your doctor and determine the needs of your skin based on your skin concerns.

The tip of the Skincare Pyramid focuses on reversing the effects of the signs of aging and includes Botox, fillers, lasers, other devices, and body contouring options. Generally, these should be done every six months or yearly.

Please note there are several Skincare Pyramids in circulation. If you google skin pyramids, you will notice there are various types. Some specifically for Brightening, while others for actives, etc. But the one I present here is mainly for preventative and maintenance measures.

Skincare Pyramid

For more information, read these articles by Dr. Gohara and another by Zoe Diana Draelos MD.

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