The Ultimate Williamsburg Guide: A Place Like No Other

Williamsburg Bridge

Welcome to the ultimate Williamsburg guide it is a place like no other, and in this guide, you will find everything you need to know about this trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn. Williamsburg is known for the artist community, high-spirited nightclubs, entertainment, indie boutiques, vintage shops, delicious food, and sightseeing. It is a beautiful and well-maintained hip neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn. The region is located on the banks of the East River, offering the most amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.

Today, it is one of the most desirable places to live in NYC after rezoning in 2005 for residential purposes. Gradual gentrification since 1990 and immigrants from various ethnic groups, hipster subculture, colorful street art, electroclash music, and vibrant nightlife have accorded an image similar to Little Berlin to this region.

Whether new to the neighborhood or a long-time resident, this Williamsburg guide will help you get the most out of everything this enchanting neighborhood offers.


1. The Williamsburg Hotel

Williamsburg Hotel is the perfect place for any traveler exploring New York. From its impressive location minutes from Manhattan and moments to all major NYC transport hubs to the hotel’s pet-friendly policy, this hotel is suitable for anyone that wants to explore and sightsee while in town.

The hotel features an array of amenities that add to its allure, such as the rooftop pool, modern loft architecture details, and custom room furnishings. Local-inspired cocktails and drinks are available on-site, and the award-winning high tea will surely be a highlight of any Williamsburg guide. 

Of course, there are also live entertainment and dynamic event spaces to enhance the experience here at this hotel further. As for the rooms themselves, guests can select from either Queen Terrace, which features balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, and classic bathrooms, or the Skyline Suite, with its king bed, terrace, mini bar, and sky view. And for the morning, breakfast is included a classic American Williamsburg breakfast. 

If you are looking for a fantastic hotel experience from the comfort of your own home, the Williamsburg Hotel is a great option. With great features and amenities, you will not be disappointed.

96 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 362-8100

2. The Hoxton, Williamsburg

Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, The Hoxton is the perfect blend of urban luxury and Brooklyn charm. With Manhattan’s iconic skyline just outside your window and the best of Brooklyn at your doorstep, this hotel offers a prime location for all travelers. The 175 rooms are beautifully designed with comfortable beds, modern bathrooms, and brass details.

Opt for a Manhattan view room to enjoy breathtaking skyline views every day. The raw concrete finishes reflect the building’s history as the former factory of the Rosenwach water towers, creating a perfect contrast with the soft linens. In addition, the modern bathrooms with walk-in showers are always stocked with Blank toiletries.

The Hoxton offers an Israeli rooftop grill that can not be beaten and an all-day eatery serving early bites to evening dinners through nightcaps. In addition, the apartment’s private dining and party spaces are perfect for any occasion. 

The rooftop skewer house offers award-winning Israeli cuisine cooked over live coals, top-notch cocktails, and uninterrupted Manhattan skyline views. K’Far, an all-day Israeli eatery in the lobby of The Hox, serves everything from coffee and pastries to cocktails and dinner, inspired by Chef Michael Solomonov’s hometown.

The Hoxton, Williamsburg, is an ideal destination for travelers seeking a unique blend of luxury and Brooklyn culture.

97 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 215-7100

3. Wythe Hotel

If you’re looking for a hotel that blends industrial-chic design with breathtaking Manhattan skyline views, the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg should be at the top of your list. From charming and cozy Bunk Bed Rooms to spacious Manhattan View King Rooms, this hotel offers a range of room options to suit any traveler’s needs. 

The high ceilings and original architectural detailing in the Brooklyn Queen Rooms add to the hotel’s unique charm. In addition, the North eight Loft Room, with a private terrace and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, is the perfect option for those seeking a luxurious stay.

While at the Wythe Hotel, indulge in world-class French cuisine at Le Crocodile, located within the hotel. And remember to take in the breathtaking views from the hotel’s expansive floor-to-ceiling windows or head up to the rooftop for a truly unforgettable experience. 

With its stylish design and prime location, the Wythe Hotel is a must-visit for any traveler to Williamsburg.

80 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 460-8000


No Williamsburg guide will be complete without peaking at the area’s best restaurants. There are eateries, cafes, pubs, and gastropubs everywhere in Williamsburg. However, choosing the best place to eat may need to be clarified for visitors [local or otherwise].

So, to ease things for you, we have curated a list of the best Restaurants in this Williamsburg Guide that will make your mouth water. While we have broken down our list into the categories of Breakfast, Dinner, and Brunch, many Restaurants offer Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner.


1. Reunion [Israeli]

Williamsburg Guide Reunion

The Reunion was built with a lot of passion by Eldad and Inna Mashiach in 2014 to bring the best Israeli cuisine to New York. With its homely interiors, it is the ideal place to hang out with friends and enjoy the bites of delicious Shakshukas [a typical dish popular in Jaffa Market made with eggs, tahini, challah, tomatoes, red pepper sauce, and Merguez sauce].

Plus, you get to savor the genuine flavors of Tel Aviv and other Israeli gastronomy whenever you want to have breakfast outdoors.

544 Union Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 599-3670

2. Reben Luncheonette [Dominican-American]

Williamsburg Guide Reben Luncheonette

You can take your time to explore the extended menu at this Breakfast Restaurant in the heart of Williamsburg. Reben Luncheonette serves fresh and tasty food made with local, high-quality ingredients.

Undoubtedly, this cozy spot will make you feel right at home with its inviting atmosphere. Order your favorite sandwich from the options with a main dish of choice.

229 Havemeyer Street — Brooklyn
(718) 388-7696

3. Birds of a Feather [Chinese]

Williamsburg Guide Birds of a Feather Restaurant

We had to remember the Chinese food lovers in this Williamsburg guide. Birds of a Feather is your hotspot for flavorful authentic Chinese delights.

Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, this Chinese Restaurant is carefully crafted by the Michelin-starred duo behind Cafe China, Yiming, and Xian. With Yiming’s eye for detail as an interior designer and architect, the space is modern and welcoming.

The menu focuses on Sichuan cuisine with a twist, offering new ideas and unique dishes to delight your taste buds. From the decor to the cuisine, Birds of a Feather is an actual labor of Love that will transport you to the bustling streets of China.

When visiting for breakfast, enjoy the luscious bites of Scallion Pancakes, pork dumplings, and tofu pudding [for vegans]. Also, try their Dan Dan Noodles [noodles fried in sesame oil and tossed with minced pork and mustard green shoots], which are also famous among regular guests.

191 Grand Street — Brooklyn

4. Llama Inn [Peruvian]

Williamsburg Guide Llama Inn

Escape to Peru right in the heart of Williamsburg with Llama Inn. The dining room is filled with cascading plants and resembles a spacious tearoom. A row of heated cabanas lines the triangular sidewalk outside, making it the perfect place to relax with beachy throw pillows, blankets, and shag rugs.

With new spacious dining areas, Llama Inn has become the clubhouse we always imagined it to be. You can even enjoy excellent Peruvian food while swaddling on a blanket outside.

50 Withers Street — Brooklyn
(718) 387-3434

5. Okonomi/Yuji Ramen [Japanese]

Williamsburg Guide Okonomi/Yuji Ramen

Enter a culinary haven where you can indulge in authentic Japanese flavors at Okonomi/Yuji Ramen. This cozy and intimate eatery features two distinct experiences for guests to enjoy. During the day, Okonomi serves up the traditional “Ichiju Sansai” set meal, which features a variety of seasonal Japanese dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

At night, the space transforms into Yuji Ramen, a must-try spot for noodle lovers seeking unique and flavorful ramen creations. So whether you visit during the day or night, you will enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Okonomi/Yuji Ramen.

150 Ainslie Street — Brooklyn
(929) 295-0480

6. Carthage must be destroyed [Australian]

Williamsburg Guide Carthage must be destroyed

Step into the all-pink Australian café Carthage Must Be Destroyed in the trendy East Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. This unique café has gained notoriety for its strict no-photo policy, prohibiting commercial or media photography inside and outside the Restaurant.

The rules are detailed on a one-sheet provided to guests along with the menu upon being seated. These rules include no photos of the Restaurant or kitchen, no photo or video shoots, no flash, and no excessive photo taking. However, guests are allowed to take pictures within their personal space.

Despite the strict policy, Carthage Must Be Destroyed offers a menu worth savoring, with dishes that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious.

222 Bogart Street — Brooklyn
(917) 488-1844

7. Meadowsweet [American]

Williamsburg Guide Meadowsweet

Nestled on the same block as the famed Peter Luger Steak House in Williamsburg, Meadowsweet is a modern and stylish American Restaurant that offers a unique twist on seasonal ingredients with a Mediterranean flair.

Chef Polo Dobkin crafts delectable dishes, including crispy artichokes, house-made pasta, and succulent octopus paired with piquillo peppers and chorizo.

Guests can indulge in freshly baked rolls dusted with sea salt and spread with mouthwatering thyme-honey butter. The Restaurant also features an impressive beverage selection curated by Stephanie Lempert, which includes exciting beers, wines, and ciders from around the world.

The ambiance is enhanced by a loft garden overhead, patterned tiled floors, and comfortable caramel banquettes, making it the perfect place to gather and enjoy a delicious meal.

149 Broadway — Brooklyn
(718) 384-0673


Williamsburg Guide Lilia

8. Lilia [Italian]

This Italian Restaurant was started in 2016 by award-winning executive chef and cookbook writer Missy Robbins. Lilia serves authentic Italian gastronomy, cocktails, and wood-fired seafood on the platter.

After receiving an overwhelming response from guests, Missy launched the sister venture Misipasta in 2020. The online store is a unique delivery service for high-quality Italian culinary ingredients, including house-made Pasta.

567 Union Avenue — Brooklyn

9. Kokomo [Caribbean]

Williamsburg Guide Kokomo

Relish the Caribbean flavors at Kokomo [a pet-friendly Restaurant with superb hospitality]. It is an incredible place with cozy furnishes to have a get-together, holds private parties, or visit with the family.

Besides their signature Pasta dishes, the Calypso burger with yummy fruits and grass-fed beef is also popular among the locals. This Restaurant also serves a Bottomless Brunch menu every Friday [11 AM to 2.30 PM].

65 Kent Avenue — Brooklyn
(347) 799-1312

10. Modern Love [Vegan]

Williamsburg Guide Modern Love

Modern Love is one of the few Restaurants in Williamsburg that features newer exciting menus offering a twist of taste. This Restaurant is a great dining hub for vegetarian and vegan foodies. Their fall menu has plenty of options for appetizers that you can order with the main dishes, sandwiches, and more.

317 Union Avenue — Brooklyn

11. K’ Far [Israeli]

Williamsburg Guide K’ Far

Indulge in all-day Israeli cuisine at K’Far, located in The Hoxton Hotel lobby and inspired by Chef Michael Solomonov’s hometown. From morning till late at night, K’Far serves up coffee, pastries, lunch, cocktails, and dinner.

Despite seating up to 150 people, the CookNSolo/Boka team highly recommends reservations for all meals at this destination-worthy restaurant.

The breakfast and lunch menus overlap, allowing guests to enjoy a full meal or a quick snack anytime. Be sure to try Chef Katreena Kanney’s pastries, such as the irresistible pistachio sticky bun, or indulge in a variety of savory stuffed borekasim, chocolate rugelach, or pecan cake.

97 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 215-7154

12. Ainslie [Italian]

Williamsburg Guide Ainslie

Indulge in Italian culinary excellence at Ainslie, a multi-level Restaurant offering a range of dining experiences. The restaurant boasts a wine bar, a 70-seat beer garden, and a roof deck bar, perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink and stunning city views.

Head Chef John DeLucie and Italian-born Erasmo “Mino” Lassandro lead the kitchen, serving an impressive menu of wood-fired pizzas, house-made Pasta, NY steak, free-range chicken, and other delectable dishes. Do not miss out on this dining destination for a taste of Italy right in the heart of the city.

76 Ainslie Street — Brooklyn

13. Kru [Thai]

Williamsburg Guide Kru

Experience Thailand’s bold and vibrant flavors at Kru, Chef Ohm Suansilphong’s Restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Kru, meaning “guru” or “mentor” in Thai, pays homage to culinary teachers and forgotten recipes while reinterpreting them with local and international ingredients and refined cooking techniques.

The menu boasts a variety of dishes, including the glorious Pla salad featuring a rainbow of cauliflower with crab meat and the intensely spicy Kaeng Pa jungle curry made with beef tongue and beef head, a rarity in Thai cuisine. Kru also offers beautifully assembled relish trays with skillfully balanced dips and has a merchandise game with Krudité beanies.

190 North 14th Street — Brooklyn

14. Barano [Italian]

Williamsburg Guide Barano

Indulge in a slice of authentic Italian cuisine at Barano, the wood-fired seasonal Restaurant in South Williamsburg. With Chef Albert DiMeglio at the helm, who has honed his skills at top Restaurants such as Le Cirque and Osteria del Circo, the classic dishes are infused with his spin.

The open kitchen’s wood-burning oven and open-fire grill provide the perfect backdrop for Chef DiMeglio’s seasonal menus, which boast handmade pasta, pizzas made without commercial yeast, and warm, hand-pulled mozzarella.

Do not miss the antipasto with Casella prosciutto speciale and the restaurant’s signature craft cocktails to complete the perfect Italian dining experience.

26 Broadway — Brooklyn
(347) 987-4500

15. Marlow & Sons [New American]

Williamsburg Guide Marlow & Sons

Step into Marlow & Sons, the original Williamsburg Restaurant blueprint, and experience consistently fresh and exciting daily menus that change often. From eight AM onwards, relish the goodness of freshly baked biscuits or eggs with seasonal vegetables for breakfast. For dinner, their signature dishes are oysters and chicken roasted under a brick.

However, the rest of the menu changes daily, giving you something new to try each time you visit. The friendly staff at Marlow & Sons make you feel like you are eating with friends who have good taste in music and wine. You do not want to miss their mouthwatering chicken liver pate and beef shoulder with black tahini.

81 Broadway — Brooklyn
(718) 384-1441

16. Fette Sau [Barbeque]

Williamsburg Guide Fette Sau

Visit Fette Sau and transport yourself to a world of smoked meat and craft beer by the gallon. Joe Carroll’s brainchild, Fette Sau, opened its doors in the early spring of 2007 and has since become a favorite among foodies and BBQ enthusiasts.

Fette Sau is a barbeque restaurant focusing on local craft beer and small production of American spirits. The menu is simple, and the show’s star is the meat, all of which are heritage breeds raised naturally by small family farms and contain no antibiotics or hormones.

The barbeque style is one part Central Texas and one part New York Deli, with traditional barbeque cuts served alongside not-so-traditional options like beef tongue pastrami, pork belly, and veal heart.

Order meat by weight and enjoy it served on butcher paper, and do not forget to check out the best American whiskey list in New York City while you are there.

354 Metropolitan Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 963-3404

17. Rabbithole Restaurant [New American]

Williamsburg Guide Rabbithole Restaurant

Step into Rabbithole Restaurant and experience an atmosphere of integrity in everything they do. The menu boasts delicious dishes meticulously crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Pastries are made on-site in their bakery without using pre-made products, and patrons highly praise their scones, cookies, and muffins. In addition, the bar has been thoughtfully curated for the discerning palate, with six artisanal beers on tap and a fine selection of whiskeys.

The garden and rear of the Restaurant provide a more formal dining experience, while the front serves as a cozy bar and cafe. You can taste their Love for coffee in each perfectly brewed cup, made with Stumptown espresso.

352 Bedford Avenue — Brooklyn

18. St. Anselm [American]

Williamsburg Guide St. Anselm

At St. Anselm, the passion for grilled meats and the great ingredients cooked is undeniable. However, this American tavern offers much more than steaks, with a menu full of delicious food, eclectic wines, and classic cocktails that set the tone for an unforgettable dining experience.

The unpretentious setting, adorned with offbeat decor, is the perfect place to unwind with friends and family over a delicious meal. The friendly staff at St. Anselm goes above and beyond to make every guest feel welcomed and taken care of.

With a commitment to quality ingredients and impeccable cooking techniques, every dish at St. Anselm is a treat for your taste buds.

355 Metropolitan Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 384-5054

19. Fandi Mata [Mediterranean]

Williamsburg Guide Fandi Mata

Indulge in a dining experience like no other at Fandi Mata, where soulful food and signature-crafted drinks are paired with genuine hospitality. The Restaurant offers a blend of craftsmanship and global influences, with Mediterranean-influenced cuisine and an artisanal mezcaleria that will transport your senses.

Fandi Mata brings back heartfelt hospitality to Brooklyn, delivering an escapist experience in a warm and familial setting. So whether you are in the mood for an intimate date night or a lively dinner with friends, Fandi Mata promises an unforgettable evening filled with delicious food and warm hospitality.

74 Bayard Street — Brooklyn 
(718) 388-8877

20. Cozy Royale [Wine Bar]

Williamsburg Guide Cozy Royale

At Cozy Royale, step into a time capsule and leave the hustle and bustle of New York behind. As the same team who opened The Meat Hook in 2009, their Brooklyn roots run deep, and their appreciation for businesses that stand the test of time is reflected in their menu.

Using fresh ingredients and incredible meat, Cozy Royale is a Restaurant that exudes nostalgia and comfort. The bartenders are friendly and personable, making guests feel part of the family.

Do not miss out on their updated twist on classic dishes that will satisfy your cravings and leave you content.

434 Humboldt Street — Brooklyn
(718) 734-2792

21. The Four Horsemen [American]

Williamsburg Guide The Four Horsemen

Discover the Michelin-starred and James Beard Award-winning dining experience at The Four Horsemen, a renowned Williamsburg Restaurant with a unique and extensive natural wine list. As a pioneer of the natural wine movement in New York, their wine list is carefully curated with eclectic and unique finds, perfectly paired with Chef Nick Curtola’s ever-changing menu of snacks and large plates.

The friendly and knowledgeable waitstaff is passionate about wine and will help you navigate the impressive list to find the perfect pairing for your meal. The Four Horsemen is the ideal destination for foodies and wine lovers alike.

295 Grand Street — Brooklyn
(718) 599-4900

22. L’Industrie Pizzeria [Pizza]

Williamsburg Guide L’Industrie Pizzeria

L’Industrie is the best choice for a budget-friendly casual setting — this pizzeria creates the perfect New York slice every time. Order any slice, and you will not be disappointed. Served on a modest paper plate, the burrata slice is made with just the right amount of sauce from Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes, a dough that is cold fermented for an extended period to create a wafer-thin light and airy crust, basil, grated parmesan, and two dollops of velvet-like burrata.

Massimo Laveglia and Nick Baglivo, the owners, approach pizza from the unique perspective of Science and Artful techniques. L’Industrie brings together the City of Pistoia and the streets of NY.

254 South Second Street — Brooklyn

23. La Nonna — Italian

Williamsburg Guide La Nonna

At La Nonna, Chef Cono Morena honors his grandmother’s Southern Italian recipes with every dish he creates. This charming Restaurant boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere, with bronze wire chandeliers and burlap drapes adorning the 130-seat room. The wine cellar is stocked with 88 international bottles, focusing on Italian wines.

Must-try dishes include the house-made polenta gnocchi, bucatini with guanciale, and the succulent lamb chops with amarena cherries and goat cheese. La Nonna is the perfect place to gather with friends and family for a memorable dining experience.

184 Kent Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 302-1100

24. Birria-Landia [Mexican]

Williamsburg Guide Birria-Landia

Birria-Landia is a must-visit spot in New York City, serving up the best Tijuana-style birria you will ever taste. Their truck, located under a set of subway tracks in Jackson Heights, has become a city landmark, and now lucky locals in Williamsburg have a second location to enjoy on Metropolitan Avenue.

With only four items on the menu — tacos, mulitas, tostadas, and consommé — each dish is meticulously crafted with tangy, mildly spicy, and mysteriously deep stew. Make sure to dip your tender beef-filled tortilla in the consommé for a life-changing experience you will not soon forget.

491 Metropolitan Avenue — Brooklyn

25. Diner [American]

Williamsburg Guide Diner

Nestled under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, Diner opened its doors on New Year’s Eve over two decades ago. Chef Caroline Fidanza’s daily menus, committed to local and seasonal ingredients, built relationships with farmers in upstate New York and surrounding regions.

The server and salad maker Kate Huling wrote the menu across tables before overdressing a salad when duty called. Diner’s expansive bar, located in a 90-year-old Pullman dining car, is the centerpiece of the warm and cozy room. Despite its modest exterior, Diner has become a touchstone for the neighborhood, a place of occasion that glows from within.

85 Broadway — Brooklyn 
(718) 486-3077

26. Peter Luger Steak House [American]

Williamsburg Guide Peter Luger Steak House

For over a century, Peter Luger Steak House has been serving up the finest USDA Prime Beef in Williamsburg, earning it a place in culinary, historical, and cultural lore, with numerous awards to its name, from Michelin Stars to Zagat’s Best Steak House in New York.

Peter Luger is a family-owned and operated institution that takes great pride in selecting and dry-aging its beef on-site.

Do not miss the chance to experience the unparalleled taste and quality of a Peter Luger steak, served with all the warmth and hospitality of an actual family business.

178 Broadway — Brooklyn
(718) 387-7400

27. Win Son [Taiwanese American]

Williamsburg Guide Win Son

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Taiwanese-American cuisine at Win Son, a full-service restaurant perfect for a casual night out. While reservations are available for groups of six to nine guests for dining indoors, Win Son reserves most of its outdoor patio and dining room for walk-up guests.

This policy ensures everyone can enjoy the unique dining experience at Win Son once they arrive with their complete party. From savory pork buns to hearty bowls of dan dan noodles, the Win Son menu will satisfy any craving for delicious, flavorful food.

159 Graham Avenue — Brooklyn
(347) 457-6010

28. Laser Wolf Brooklyn [Israeli]

Williamsburg Guide Laser Wolf Brooklyn

Get ready to experience the vibrant flavors of Israel at Laser Wolf Brooklyn, a “shipudiya” or “skewer house” that celebrates the art of charcoal grilling. Named after the iconic butcher from Fiddler on the Roof, Laser Wolf offers uninterrupted views of the Manhattan skyline over the East River.

Every dish is perfectly cooked over the charcoal grill, intensifying the ingredients’ natural flavors. This Brooklyn hotspot is a collaboration between the talented teams of CookNSolo and Boka Restaurant Group, who share a passion for warm hospitality and celebrating Israel’s culinary heritage.

97 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 215-7150

29. Francie [Italian]

Williamsburg Guide Francie

Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Francie is a Michelin-starred gem worth the wait. This independent collaboration between Chef-Owner Christopher Cipollone and Owner-Operator John Winterman offers a convivial atmosphere that feels like a neighborhood brasserie.

In a former bank building, Francie serves an approachable European-inspired menu designed for flexibility, featuring snacks, shellfish, first courses, hand-made pasta, and main courses.

The open kitchen, a focal point of the space, beckons guests to the warmth of the dining room, where they can enjoy inspired dishes like the Lobster Ravioli and the Côte de Boeuf for Two, followed by a selection from the Cheese Cart.

136 Broadway — Brooklyn
(718) 218-7572

30. Misi [Pasta]

Williamsburg Guide Misi

At Misi, located in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Italian soul meets the art of hand-made Pasta dishes and vegetable antipasti inspired by simple Italian cooking. Executive Chef Missy’s passion for regional Italian cooking is evident in every dish, thanks to her extensive background in fine Italian cuisine.

Each plate of pasta is handmade with love and care, and the focus on fresh, seasonal vegetables creates a balance of flavors that will delight any palate. Misi’s cozy and inviting atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

329 Kent Avenue — Brooklyn
(347) 566-3262

31. Bonnie’s [Cantonese]

Williamsburg Guide Bonnie’s

Discover a new wave of Cantonese food at Bonnie’s, a Brooklyn-based Restaurant named after the chef’s mother. Born and raised in Brooklyn as a Chinese-American, Chef Calvin Eng draws inspiration from his upbringing to create a menu that pays homage to traditional Cantonese cuisine while contributing to its evolution.

Chef Calvin crafted a menu highlighting Cantonese food’s rich and complex flavors using his mother’s recipes and techniques. Come to Bonnie’s to experience an authentic taste of Brooklyn and Cantonese culture, made with love and care.

398 Manhattan Avenue — Brooklyn

32. Isla & Co

Williamsburg Guide Isla & Co

Escape to Australia without ever leaving the US at Isla & Co. This Restaurant brings Australia’s vibrant culture and welcoming atmosphere to its American patrons through delicious food and drink.

Guests come for the coffee and cocktails but stay for the engaging, personable experiences that Isla & Co. is known for. The friendly baristas and bartenders provide a warm welcome, making every visit feel like a shared experience.

Isla & Co. is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy Australian hospitality, whether on a relaxing Sunday morning or a busy Tuesday afternoon.

107 North 12th Street — Brooklyn
(718) 388-8935


33. Sweet Chick [American]

Williamsburg Guide Sweet Chick

Step in at Sweet Chick every day from ten AM to midnight to savor the luscious chicken and waffles in the Brunch buffet. Whether you enjoy alfresco dining in summer or indoors, there are seating arrangements of various sorts here.

Sweet Chick also has a small online store selling cool stylish hoodie jackets with their brand logo.

164 Bedford Avenue — Brooklyn
(347) 725-4793

34. Café Mogador [Moroccan]

Williamsburg Guide Café Mogador

Café Mogador serves the most expansive Brunch menu on a platter. Step in to taste their mouthwatering Moroccan dishes at brunch every weekend until four PM. The bestseller item on the menu is the chicken kebab sandwich prepared with house-made pita bread, chicken, Arabic salad, tahini, and hummus.

This family-owned Restaurant is also where to relish the bites of their famous dish Bastilla, a Moroccan filo chicken pastry. Feel the crunch of roasted almonds and the tartness of Casablanca sauce that arrives with a seasoned green salad.

133 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 486-9222

35. Sunday In Brooklyn [American]

Williamsburg Guide Sunday in Brooklyn

Sunday In Brooklyn receives drove of guests every weekend for Brunch, offering the best-in-class snacks with high-quality drinks.

A brunch session is available on Sundays by reservation only, but it is worth making a reservation to enjoy the best American food and cocktails.

348 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn

36. Aurora Brooklyn [Italian]

Williamsburg Guide Aurora Brooklyn

This restaurant is near the Nitehawk Cinema. Their exciting Italian Brunch food is served every weekend from eleven AM to three thirty PM.

Aurora Brooklyn is a must-visit in Summer when you crave gelato Dolci. There is a separate counter where chefs prepare fresh gelatos to treat your sweet tooth.

70 Grand Street — Brooklyn
(718) 388-5100

37. Café Colette [American | Latin]

Williamsburg Guide Café Colette

Escape to Cafe Colette, a charming eatery with a serene environment perfect for a quiet morning coffee, a bustling Brunch with friends, or a cozy dinner in the enchanting greenhouse garden. Focusing on quality and detail, Colette offers a simple, rustic menu inspired by New American cuisine with influences from Spain, Italy, and Central America.

Locally sourced ingredients, including free-range meat, eggs, and dairy, take center stage in every dish.

The creative cocktails and naturally and sustainably produced wines pair perfectly with the delectable dishes. Colette takes pride in serving neighborhood regulars and visitors in the heart of Williamsburg’s vibrant Restaurant community.

79 Berry Street — Brooklyn 
(347) 599-1381

38. Allswell [American]

Williamsburg Guide Allswell

Allswell, with its gentle lighting and vintage wallpaper, exudes an easygoing vibe that is perfect for a relaxed meal with friends. The menu at this cozy Restaurant, displayed on a large chalkboard, changes daily, offering something new and exciting.

Chef Nate Smith, a former chef at The Spotted Pig, specializes in pork, and his Bath chaps are a must-try for meat lovers. However, plenty of fish and vegetable options are always available to keep everyone happy.

And do not forget to check out their daily Brunch, which is the perfect way to start your day.

124 Bedford Avenue — Brooklyn
(347) 799-2743

39. The Butcher’s Daughter [Vegetarian]

Williamsburg Guide The Butcher’s Daughter

Experience a fresh take on plant-based cuisine at The Butcher’s Daughter. This unique Restaurant and juice bar treat fruits and vegetables like a butcher would meat, carving and chopping them into healthy, vegetarian dishes that are sure to delight.

With 100% vegetarian options and many vegan and gluten-free choices, there is something for everyone on their daily-changing menu.

Whether you are stopping by for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or weekend Brunch, you will be nourished by their commitment to wellness and community. The Butcher’s Daughter’s goal is to help improve wellness by improving lifestyle, one delicious meal at a time.

271 Metropolitan Avenue — Brooklyn
(347) 763-1421

40. Juliette [French]

Williamsburg Guide Juliette

Indulge in Juliette’s simple yet sophisticated food philosophy, where high-quality ingredients are handled with respect to French traditions and techniques. Adorned with antique Parisian fixtures and furnishings, the Restaurant transports you to a picturesque era, evoking nostalgia with every bite.

The main dining room boasts romantic nooks and lively bistro seating, surrounded by lush greenery. On the open-air, seasonal rooftop terrace bar, elevated above the bustle of the streets, you can enjoy the quaint seclusion of an urban oasis.

In the heart of Williamsburg, Juliette offers a memorable setting within a neighborhood that continues redefining itself.

135 North Fifth Street — Brooklyn
(718) 388-9222

41. Pies “n” Thighs [Southern]

Williamsburg Guide Pies “n” Thighs

At Pies “n” Thighs, you will find a little piece of culinary magic tucked away in a tiny kitchen under the Williamsburg Bridge. This cozy eatery started as a beer storage closet but has since transformed into a beloved spot for those in search of some comfort food.

The giant donuts, two-napkin smoked pork sandwiches, and crispy fried chicken is not to be missed. The New York Times raves about the “compelling combination” of pies and thighs, executed with real heart and passion.

166 South Fourth Street — Brooklyn
(347) 529-6090

42. Hole in the Wall [Australian]

Williamsburg Guide Hole in the Wall

Nestled on the bustling cross streets of Bedford and Grand, Hole in the Wall Williamsburg welcomes you with a specialty coffee and cocktail program that perfectly complements its seasonal menu.

This charming spot boasts ample seating inside and out, making it the perfect place to relax and soak up the atmosphere, whether it’s a summer afternoon or a winter evening.

From their friendly staff to thoughtfully curated food and drink offerings, Hole in the Wall is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a comfortable and welcoming dining experience in Brooklyn.

292 Bedford Avenue — Brooklyn
(929) 295-8361

43. Baba Cool Williamsburg 

Williamsburg Guide Baba Cool

Baba Cool in Williamsburg is the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings for healthy yet delicious food. Their menu includes bowls, salads, sandwiches, and toast, with meat and vegetarian options available.

Baba Cool has got you covered whether you are in the mood for some jerk chicken or brisket or want to try one of their vegetarian dishes.

Plus, with their vast curbside patio adorned with string lights and white patio tables, you can enjoy your meal in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

47 Withers Street — Brooklyn
(929) 295-8424

44. The Bedford [Gastropub]

Williamsburg Guide The Bedford

Indulge in upscale pub cuisine with a rustic charm at The Bedford, nestled in the heart of Williamsburg. Whether you are craving a classic Bedford Plank burger or fresh, seasonally-sourced seafood and oysters, their menu has something for every palate.

Pair your meal with a glass of well-known European or New World wine, or try one of their hand-crafted cocktails that are a creative spin on the classics. The front dining room and bar offer a cozy and intimate setting for any occasion, while the back room and bar are home to Macchina Pizza, perfect for after-work drinks or a late-night bite with friends.

110 Bedford Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 302-1002

45. 12 Chairs Café [Mediterranean]

Williamsburg Guide 12 Chairs Café

At 12 Chairs Café, guests can experience the vibrant and diverse flavors of Tel Aviv without leaving New York. The warm and inviting atmosphere and a commitment to fresh and high-quality ingredients make this neighborhood spot a must-visit.

The menu boasts a range of dishes inspired by Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine and Eastern European flavors. So whether you are in the mood for traditional dishes or something with a modern twist, 12 Chairs has something for everyone. Perfect for groups or a cozy date night, this convivial space is sure to please.

343 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn
(347) 227-7077

46. Le crocodile [French]

Williamsburg Guide Le crocodile

Nestled inside the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Le Crocodile is an all-day brasserie that transports you to the streets of Paris with its inspired decor and authentic French cuisine. The brainchild of Chef Partners Jake Leiber and Aidan O’Neal, Le Crocodile serves up earnest French fare that will transport your taste buds to the heart of the City of Lights.

Every dish is crafted carefully and skillfully, from the classic onion soup to the mouthwatering steak frites. So whether you are there for brunch, lunch, or dinner, Le Crocodile offers a dining experience that is as unforgettable as it is delicious.

80 Wythe Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 460-8004

47. Lighthouse BK [Mediterranean]

Williamsburg Guide Lighthouse BK

At Lighthouse BK, you will feel like you are right at home. This neighborhood gem embodies community, honesty, and warmth, making it the perfect spot to gather with friends and family.

Their menu centers around seasonal ingredients locally sourced from farmers and growers they love. As a result, you will find the food clean, fresh, and downright delicious. Lighthouse BK also offers a great selection of organic, biodynamic, natural wines, craft beers, and classic cocktails.

The Lighthouse BK is committed to sustainability, recycling, composting, and collaborating with like-minded organizations to improve and educate themselves and their guests.

145 Borinquen Place — Brooklyn
(347) 789-7742

48. Ten Hope [Mediterranean]

Williamsburg Guide Ten Hope

Escape the hustle and bustle of New York City and step into Ten Hope‘s lovely garden-touched patio. Located on Williamsburg’s Hope Street, this outdoor eatery offers a calming oasis that transports you to a world of lush vines and intimate dining.

Upon entry, guests are offered hand sanitizer and welcomed into the 2,500-square-foot space that serves many yet maintains an intimate feel.

Ten Hope’s current menu boasts unique and trendy cocktails, including a jalapeno-flavored margarita that perfectly balances spice and sweetness.

10 Hope Street — Brooklyn
(347) 916-0951

49. Recette [French]

Williamsburg Guide Recette

Indulge in the vibrant French-inspired cuisine at Recette, a lively bistro in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Executive Chef Alan Vargas, formerly of The Consulate and Masa, creates mouthwatering dishes and unique specials to bring you back for more.

Recette is all about using the best ingredients and providing an excellent atmosphere for its guests. So whether you are looking for a cozy dinner with friends or a romantic date night, Recette’s lively ambiance and delicious food will impress.

103 Havemeyer Street — Brooklyn

50. Savoi Latin Bistro [Spanish]

Williamsburg Guide Savoi Latin Bistro

Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 129 Havemeyer Street is a vibrant and family-owned restaurant that celebrates Latin American cuisine and creative cocktails. A mother-daughter duo founded this spot to provide high-quality food, colorful drinks, and a fun-filled environment.

Savoi Latin Bistro boasts two levels: an upstairs dining room and a downstairs lounge, perfect for parties. Try their signature drinks, The Mojo, Fire & Desire, and Sarita, and ask about their game-changing spirit shots. The menu, crafted by Executive Chef Jose Castillo, will satisfy all palates.

129 Havemeyer Street — Brooklyn
(347) 916-0823


1. Explore Culinary Art Lessons at Hudson Table

For travelers looking for a unique and engaging activity in Williamsburg, exploring culinary art lessons at Hudson Table should be at the top of their Williamsburg guide. Hudson Table is one of the best places to improve your cooking skills.

Take lessons from professionals on how to use your kitchen knives, do hands-on cooking, and enjoy the meal with other learners. If you want to avoid wearing the apron, see live demonstrations to learn the best cooking secrets. Even more, they also offer separate cooking classes for kids.

88 Withers Street — Brooklyn

2. Domino Park

Next up in our Williamsburg guide is the former Domino Sugar Refinery, which is now a beautiful five-acre public park on the Williamsburg waterfront along the East River. Parts of the old sugar factory are still at the site as a token of reminiscence.

Today the pet-friendly park has a playground, space for beach volleyball, an elevated esplanade, and more. In addition, Domino Park is among the best places to get panoramic Manhattan skyline views.

15 River Street — Brooklyn

3. Experience Movies and Dining Like Never Before at Nitehawk Cinema

Nitehawk Cinema is a unique destination offering visitors an exciting experience combining dining and film-viewing. Unlike other movie theaters, Nitehawk Cinema, located in Brooklyn, serves upscale food and cocktails while screening classic and contemporary films.

The cinema’s menu is curated to match the night’s movie screening, and the chefs create movie-inspired, adventurous, and delicious recipes. The venue has an authentic vintage feel with its old-fashioned marquee, barber-stations-turned-bar, and steel-paneled staircase.

The converted warehouse is perfect for special indie film screenings, film series nights, and events with actors or directors in attendance. For an unforgettable cinematic experience, Nitehawk Cinema is a must-do activity in Williamsburg.

136 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn

4. Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tour

Walking a few steps along North Tenth Street takes you to Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tours, a fun activity that any Williamsburg guide can not overlook. Ride the Victorian-style black trolly with a funeral parlor on an incredible and exuberant journey for ninety minutes.

Soak in the trembling spooky adventure encompassing four years of petrifying history of Brooklyn exhibited via mini-documentaries of crimes and frightful local incidents of Kings County. Enjoy participating in the morbid trivia, win exciting prizes, and explore ghost-hunting equipment.

North Ninth + Driggs Avenue — Brooklyn

5. Williamsburg Art and Historical Center

Williamsburg Art and Historical Center is housed in a former Second Empire-style Kings County Savings Bank built in 1867. Besides featuring a massive collection of artworks, the institute thrives to unite artists from diverse disciplines and communities worldwide under a single roof for enhanced creative possibilities.

Moreover, it also serves as a platform for art connoisseurs to see themed collections, live shows on performing arts, and more. The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center also offers educational programs for all ages to promote art appreciation and creativity.

135 Broadway — Brooklyn
(917) 648-4290

6. Marsha P. Johnson State Park

Marsha P. Johnson State Park, once a port for vessels, a well-maintained park with a stretch of greenery, is named after the iconic transgender and LGBTQ+ leader of the Stonewall Uprising 1969, Marsha P. Johnson.

Locals love this place on the East River’s banks for the breathtaking sunset views along the Eastern skyline, Manhattan city, Empire State Building, Williamsburg Bridge, and the Chrysler Building. It is a pet-friendly place [allowing only two dogs per visitor]. However, bicycles are not permitted on the premises.

90 Kent Avenue —Brooklyn
(718) 782-2731

7. Visit City Reliquary Museum

The City Reliquary is the place to find the most interesting historical facts about New York City. David Herman, the museum’s founder, originally arranged the personal possession of artifacts at his apartment window. Once, a work of interest eventually became a community affair as people from nearby areas arrived with more pieces for display.

As the collectibles volume increased, the City Reliquary was established at 370 Metropolitan Avenue. The collection includes an 1883 souvenir coin featuring the Brooklyn Bridge, subway tokens from 1953-2003, vintage postcards of the Statue of Liberty, and other landmark monuments, et cetera.

370 Metropolitan Avenue — Brooklyn
(718) 782-4842

8. Cool Down and Relax at McCarren Park during the Summer or Autumn

McCarren Park, located on the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, is the summer hotspot for residents. Spend time with the family while you enjoy fresh air in the lush green landscape spread over 35 acres of land.

Indulge in outdoor recreational activities or sports at the basketball courts/baseball fields. The dog-running areas in the park make it an ideal place to visit with your pup.

776 Lorimer Street — Brooklyn

9. Nightclubs at Karaoke Lounges

Night owls will be thrilled to find this activity on this Williamsburg guide: visiting a local nightclub to whoop it up with music or exotic nightlife. Williamsburg karaoke bars and nightclubs boast mood-lifting vibes, expansive playlists, delicious food, and professionally treated drinks.

Lion’s Roar Karaoke House, a family-owned commercially zoned property, is the perfect place to hang out with friends and near ones. The psychedelic, groovy ambiance is ideal for private karaoke house parties, bachelorette parties, and more.

10. Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a hauntingly decked-out bar and event space that pays homage to the horror films of yesteryear and today, located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Opened by three veteran bartenders and a talented chef, Crystal Lake offers an endless selection of quality draft and bottled beers, seasonal cocktails, wine, and elevated pub food from the resident chef behind Bitchn Kitchn.

Crystal Lake’s rustic styling, antique bar with hand-painted glass mirrors, and huge back room for events set the mood for a laid-back and fun vibe perfect for a local hang with friends, intimate dates, sports gatherings, and everything in between. Crystal Lake also offers an array of themed parties, live music, and community gatherings throughout the year.

647 Grand Street – Brooklyn

11. Schimanski

Schimanski is in the former Verboten space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Former Pacha owner Eddie Dean’s nightclub is dedicated to the creative ethos of Brooklyn and serves as an outpost for the local and global dance music scene. The 10,000-square-foot space hosts live concerts, private events, and weekly DJ sets from various international and up-and-coming acts.

The expansive venue has two expansive rooms that can house over 700 revelers each weekend.

54 North 11th Street – Brooklyn

12. Vibrant and Quirky Murals

The last but not the least fun-filled activity in our Williamsburg guide is exploring the vibrant murals. Williamsburg is famous for its lively and colorful street art. So take a stroll to watch out for the most exquisite artworks by renowned artists.

The award-winning “Mona Lisa of Williamsburg” stands among all others, the monochrome street graffiti- ‘Lost Time’ by photographer Steven Paul.

He won the gold medal for this photograph at The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2014 when he was just 17 years old. Other stunning pieces include Elvis Priestley’s War is Hell by Eduardo Kobra, The Chronicles of New York by JR, Bat Girl by Carl J Gabriel, hyper-realistic face painting Mural of a Child by Italian artist Jorit Agoch, et cetera.


If you plan a trip to New York City, take advantage of the chance to explore Williamsburg. This trendy Brooklyn neighborhood has become one of the most livable areas in the city thanks to a successful rezoning and gentrification effort in the 1990s. And if you are a local, there is much to explore.

Williamsburg has something for everyone, from its vibrant art scene to its bustling nightlife and fantastic food options. Whether planning a day trip or considering a move to the area, this Williamsburg guide will give you all the information you need to make the most of your time in this thriving neighborhood. So why wait? Wrap up your plans and start exploring Williamsburg today.

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