This Christmas All Roads Lead To Home Alone

The holidays are a time to renew connections with family and friends — it is a time to come together in joy, peace, and love. Unfortunately, many of us will not have that luxury this year.

I am spending the holidays alone — it wasn’t something I planned on doing. I have not been in much of a holiday spirit, and that hasn’t changed. But I did plan on shopping for the kids (my daughter, my forever love, nieces, and nephews), and when I say shop, I use the term loosely (gift cards). I have not put up my Christmas tree, and there are spaces in our home that are a beautiful mess. 

But I was still planning on making the best of the holidays. I planned on spending Christmas Eve on my sofa watching Christmas Classics and Christmas Day with my family. However, there were other plans in the stars for me — I am under the weather. Well, more than under the weather— I feel awful. I have excruciating body aches, the worst migraine, and cough I have ever experienced. There are many other symptoms, but those are the main ones. I tested positive for Covid, and from what I am hearing, things will only worsen before they get better.

I started feeling horrible two days ago, and it has gotten worse, but I am hanging in there, nurturing my body and taking time to rest. 

I wanted to pop in and send Holiday wishes — I hope you’re spending time with your family and friends. Stay present and enjoy every moment. May your Holidays be Merry and Bright. 

Comment below — what are your Holiday plans.

Nat C.


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