Top 25 Incredible Autumn/Winter 2022 Fashion Trends

Pink is color of the year

From pumpkin everything to beautifully colored shedding leaves, there is much to love about Autumn. Autumn represents change, including changes to our wardrobe; it is time to take a break from your breathable summer pieces and embrace all of the goodness that Autumn brings. Deeper, richer colors, cozy layers, faux fur, leather, velvet, oversized scarves and mixable prints. But this Autumn/Winter brings all of the mentioned plus bold colors, chunky shoes, oversized Silhouettes, flared pants and so much more. Did I mention pumpkin spiced lattes. Autumn is my favorite season of the year; it is the time of year we get the most creative with our Style; we are transitioning from hot to cold. As we transition into Autumn, our Style and fashion inspiration come from runways to street-style exhibiting wearable option for Autumn/winter. And while we are not all trend followers, this Autumn/Winter 2022 does come with some incredible Fashion trends to change our stance on trends.

From workout-inspired wearables to classic corsets, from tank tops to feminine styles, flaunted the trending casuals, party wear, formal attire, and more. Top brands and designers brought collections that are diverse as they are fabulous.

Here are our top picks of 25 incredible Autumn/Winter trends.

1. Hottest Color Trends

Color is refreshing and, when done right, can significantly impact your Style. Do you know the trending colors for Autumn/Winter this year? Well, here they are.

Take a cue from the New York Fashion Week color palette for Autumn/Winter 2022-23, released by Pantone Color Institute. In March, when the Pantone Color Institute released the Autumn 2022 Pantone color trend report for London and New York’York’sion Weeks director Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director expressed, “col”rs for autumn/winter 2022/2023 contrast our competing desires for calm and comfort with energy-boosting vitality through a range of restful and restorative colors, in tandem with exuberant tones.”

H”re is what we love and weaving into our wardrobe when it comes to color. Brilliant, sparkly, vibrant, and heavily saturated tones are the perfect way to display a bit of your personality this Autumn/Winter.

Hot Pink

Valentino collection by Pier Paulo Piccioli

Pink is the color associated with feminine and femme, and while some of us [me] will shy away from the color for apparent reasons, hot pink is everywhere, and is the Fashion Color of the year. However, the newest iteration of the color has since caused many Pink haters [me] to rethink our stance on the color we did our best not to include in our wardrobe.

From Florescent to Fuchsia, to everyone’s suprise, designers shifted to bold hues from muted shades [that have been quite popular for some time] during the A/W fashion weeks in NY and Paris. We are seeing a toned-down version of TikTok’s discussed Bimbocore trend and Barbiecore, an overtly sexualized trend inspired by Margot Robbie’s film Barbie. And so, as everyone awaits the in-production film, girls that adore pink have yet another reason to embrace pinks of all shades.

Head-to-toe hot pink dresses from the Valentino collection by Pier Paulo Piccioli came with a message—pink is everywhere and a must-have on your shopping list.


Marc Jacobs

Green is synonymous with abundance, growth, and renewal,. After the last few years we have had, it is nice to see designers integrating green into their collection in a playful, edgy, and rejuvenating way. Thanks to the Bottega Veneta’s turquoise and grass green bags and shoes that made their way into everyone’s Spring/Summer 2022 wardrobe. Now Green in all shades has made its way into A/W, and we love it.

Beyonce’s captivating performance in neon green at the Oscars marked the introduction of the color trend in January. Fendi, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Versace, and Loewe outfits and accessories gave a pool of ideas for the best St. Patrick’s Day look. From olive to Emerald, the classy ensembles redefined the shade in bold and alluring patterns.


According to the color report by Pantone, the caramel shade of the year is peach caramel. An early Autumn treat and a color to fall in love with, bringing a bit of seriousness with a note of softness—a color to warm you up in the colder months.

From apparel to accessories, caramel was one of the colors for the A/W 22 season. It was remarkable to see how designers used the shade of leather to sleek fabric to bring magic to the runway capturing our hearts along the way.

The collection by Fendi is credited for popularizing the shade this year. The brand brought fresh ideas by introducing the all-caramel look in a leatherette biker jacket paired with a pleated leather skirt and uber-stylish knee-high booties.


Autumn Blonde is the cream shade for A/W 2022 womenswear, a delicious and creamy beige that is soft and seductive as it is flattering on all skin colors and a complement to already owned pieces. Think lightly toasted marshmallows and the foam on top of a latte kind of color. Besides the regular pastels, ivory cream outfits by Jil Sander are hugely popular this year. She revealed a series of oversized dresses in cream that won accolades during the show.

This delicious cream hue looks fabulous in dresses or a piece of accessory that will elevate any look throughout the year. You can buy almost every kind of dress and accessories in creamy shades. From corset tops, floor-grazing ballgowns, knee-length furs, fur knee-length coats, etc.

Black [Not a fan, then embrace the Blues]

Black is always a great idea. While I love black year-round [majority of my pieces are black], Autumn is the best time to add some sass and an air of mystery into your wardrobe with some black pieces. Black is an excellent investment that is never dated. New York A/W fashion week presented a series of neck-to-toe black dresses, leaving us with many choices. From catsuits, fur gowns, corseted gowns, tulle bodices, and lots more.

Pieces by Rodarte, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Vera Wang have made black new and irresistible to nonblack wearers.

But if black is not your color, then go for the calmness and serenity of blues. Shades of this reliable color have made their way into several A/W collections this year. Look for hues in Blueberry, polar night, or midnight to add the same air of mystery that black offers to your wardrobe.

Leopard Prints

Animal print dresses and accessories are Style staples for many. Despite the new arrivals designed in coral reefs and sea slugs, the traditional cheetah prints rule the hearts of millions. From shoes to sexy cut-out gowns, you can add a range of items in animal prints to your shopping cart. From tops to fluffy robes. And also caps, shoes, and handbags.

2. Head to Toe Leather and Leather Jackets

Leather Trend

Leather and Autumn have always gone hand in hand, especially in the outwear category, and this year is no different. Except for this year, Ace players Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, Fendi, Bottega Veneta, and many others presented the most exotic luxe leather trends creatively. Shoppers looking for year-round staples will enjoy the privilege of nailing shades for all moods, including pastels, dark tones, and eternal blacks.

From chic appeal to maximalism, the runway poised head-to-toe leather attire. Over-the-knee boots, micro-mini skirts, shorts, trench coats, full-length gloves, jackets, strapless tops, pleated skirts, blazers, and jumpsuits recapitulate the leather fashion vibes.

3. Bomber Jackets—Regular + Oversized

We could not get over Bella Hadid in street style look wearing a black bomber jacket and knee-high boots. From NY to Copenhagen fashion weeks, bomber jackets were the center of attraction on runway and street style exhibits.

After their several-year hiatus from the trend cycle, this year, bomber jackets are back to add comfort alongside the desired voguish edgy persona. Oversized roomy silhouettes and perfect-fit leather bombers, these outerwear beauties are reigning in the fashion trends.

Quilted bomber jackets with faux-shearling collars by Stand Studio, teddy bomber jackets by Cos, and classic ruffled wool-blend jackets by Chloe give you enough clues. If bored with black, shop for a vibrant pink vintage bomber by Remain Birger Christensen for the monochrome Barbie look.

4. White Tank Tops

A good quality tank is a foundational piece in your wardrobe. But, the beauty of tank tops lies in their simplicity. And the Autumn collection offers a hint of simplicity to elevate any outfit. Paired with classic medium wash denim, posh leather pants, or multi-pocket trousers, white tank tops are the perfect transition piece of clothing.

A white tank is a great way to add balance to your look, great to layer, tone down bold bottoms, or complement a matching set. This season you will enjoy tank tops in various necklines: scoops, deeps, and low-cuts featured by Prada, Chloe, Conner Ives, Jason Wu, Sacai, Christopher Esber, Bevza, Bottega Veneta, and others. If comfort is on your mind, go for the oversized fit by Telfar.

Do not be afraid to opt for a sleek black tank. It is a beautiful way to elevate any look. In my opinion, it is a much dressier option.

5. Sequence Pieces

Christian Cowan Fall 2022

The A/W 2022 runway had a plethora of partywear inspirations. When you feel overwhelmed with casual and minimalist dressing, sparkling sequins can be a worthy addition to your look or wardrobe.

The diversity of designs and pieces comes with plenty of choices. So whether you like a chic sequin gown in black or a micro-mini in metallic tinges, there is a wide variety to get your best pick.

For inspiration, look at glittery outfits by Christian Cowan, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Paco Rabanne, Versace, and JW Anderson.

6. Elevated Leisurewear

Everyone is embracing more comfort when it comes to Fashion, but there is no need to look basic and compromise your Style. Athleisurewear is the major player in casual attire this season. The retro-sporty look was popularized at Copenhagen A/W fashion week. All praises to Gucci for teaming up with Adidas to create a series of sports-inspired costumes for the A/W season. If you are looking for more inspiration, see Burberry-Supreme collectives- black tracksuits, shirts, and puffed sportswear.

However, all eyes are on luxury ready-to-wear elevated leisurewear by Demna, including paneled track jackets, Lycra leggings, and more. But when comfort is in mind, Paris Hilton’s blue athleisure dress by Ganni X Juicy Couture surpasses others.

7. Suit Vests

As you gradually transition into Autumn, add some warm clothes to your wardrobe. Suit vests get a modish makeover for the fall season by top brands. Gucci’s scoop-neck, Magda Butrym’s classy cream asymmetric silk vest, and Ann Demeulemeester’s open-backed denim vest are popular.

Besides the designer-inspired suit vests, the regular sweater and stripped vests are also an excellent option for any look.

8. Reinforced Boots

Are you looking for some stompy moto boots for biker style?

The collections on display this year had a few new additions. Reinforced boots are your best investment for durability and comfort. Protective steel-toe caps, square toes, laced designs, and metallic inserts are the qualities buyers appreciate about these shoes.

Jimmy Choo boasts the most stylish biker boots for long-lasting daily use.

9. Chunky-Heeled Shoes

Anna Hathaway’s iconic Barbiecore look

The regular platform heels attained newer heights during the A/W runway events. Sky-high chunky heels are all set to complement your partywear and casual outfits.

While we have seen a series of sky-high platforms, the pink-heeled shoes by Valentino seem to spread stylish vibes. And we are obsessed with Anna Hathaway’s iconic Barbiecore look in glittery pink dress with matching chunky heels.

The design gallery also features sky-high heels from The Row, Versace, Altuzarra, Peter Do, GCDS, and Bottega Veneta.

10. Minimalism

It feels that designers have gone overboard with designs introducing floor-length fur, head-to-toe leather, and sequined fringed ensembles. But if you belong to the minimalist clan, there is much in store to explore from the A/W fashion couture.

Minimalism 2.0 gets bigger and better, creating opportunities for foundational pieces on a budget. Buyers have several choices, from oversized blazers to tulle gowns and more. In addition, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, and other designers have done an admirable job presenting plain vests, skirts, low-slung pants, etc.

11. Low-Rise Pants

Low-waist pants and skirts were back in Fashion since the Spring fashion this year. As designers again came up with the Y2K vibes at A/W Milan fashion week, the trend does not seem to go anytime soon.

Tops, jeans, and pants go shorter, so flaunt your chic avatar. Set aside your classic straight pants and shop for cargo pants, boot cuts, and low-rise jeans by Blumarine, Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Cormio. If you already have a few Diesel-inspired low-rise denim, pair them with short tops or a regular white shirt to get the fall-trendy look.

12. Oversized Silhouettes

Get ready for comfort in Style as the oversized apparels are all set to dominate the marketplace. So go oversized when buying puffed jackets, parka coats, fur Miu’s, and blazers. Miu Miu’s ready-to-wear exhibits filmed in the Alps alongside runway collections set the best example of how to look gorgeously good in slouchy designer pieces. Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Prada oversized blazers are some pieces inspiring us worldwide.

13. Flared Pants

Bell-bottom returned to the runways to recreate the 70s magic. However, all is not traditional about these flare-legged trousers featured in New York and Milan Fashion Week. Funky prints, cool medium wash denim, printed wide-legged jeans, bright dyed pants, and leatherette trousers, to name a few.

We were amazed by Larsen Thompson’s look in black high-waisted flared pants designed by Annakiki.

If you are wondering what pairs best with these wide-legged trousers?

You can never go wrong in printed tops.

14. Adorable Fringes

Outfit by Proenza Schouler

Fringed outfits from the A/W collection are all set to add wow to your look. Contorted patterns, crochets, and wavy tassels all over, the fringed outfits accentuate the oomph factor in every woman.

A dazzling fringed skirt in ultraviolet by Bottega Veneta and a neck-to-toe black fringe dress by Proenza Schouler are some of the hot picks from the runway. If these are not impressive enough, go for Giorgio Armani’s beaded fringes. Classy, hot, and sexy.

15. Corsets

Corset by Versace

It is no surprise that since spring Fashion week 2022, corsets have been popping up all over the internet. These wearables beauties have been loved throughout the ages to get the slim voguish appeal.

Forget the traditional black and white corsets. Instead, get ready for the accentuated body silhouette with refinement and captivating hues. Bustier tops are super comfortable than the classic version. Before choosing, try out underbust corsets, shimmery metallic corset overlays, and corset belts. Dion Lee, LaQuan Smith, Marine Serre, Richard Quinn, Rokh, Olivier Theyskens, and Eckhaus Latta presented some of the most remarkable designs.

16. Lingerie-Inspired Clothing

Rihanna in Dior

Everyone was in a frenzy over Rihanna’s sizzling pose in Dior’s black fishnet chemisette dress at the A/W Paris Fashion week. Other top players exhibiting see-through outfits include Coperni, Saint Laurent, and Lanvin. The trend seems to go a long way as Miu Miu, Nensi Dojaka, Fendi, and many others brought a series of intimate outfits to the NY A/W 2022 runways.

17. Cowgirl Hats

Superb sun protection and Fashion go hand in hand with cowgirl hats. From vibrant color blocks to simple whites, there are umpteen variations to make you feel spoilt for choices.

Cowboy boots have been in trend for quite Some time now. So it is not a surprise that the sassy cowgirl hats were reintroduced on the runway this year.

Whether you are an ardent minimalist or want a dapper look in casual outfits, cowgirl hats are a great addition to your wardrobe. The options are endless. Think white shirt and blue denim.

18. Maxi and Floor Lengths

As everyone eyes holiday shopping in a couple of months, party dresses are the must-buys on the list. Maxi lengths are gaining prominence alongside the over the-knee minis and micro minis. In addition, the collection is dominated by floor-grazers, skirts, gowns, and more.

Want some inspiration on hemlines touching the ground?

The top players were Saint Laurent, Sacai, and others at the fall/winter collection 2022 at the New York Fashion Week.

19. Denim

Demin is fabulously versatile, and now we are in heaven with the denim and denim trends. To dress up or keep it casual is the question; either way, there is an option. And those bored with all the years of skinny jeans can now switch to loose-fit denim this Autumn season. All thanks to the designers who brought a breath of fresh air to their denim pieces. Head-to-toe denim in contrasts, prints, and washes is easily workable into anyone’s Style. Louis Vuitton’s ensembles presented dark wash, while 8igb the clear riveted jeans and two-toned pants, plus lots more. Nigo and Kenzo stole the show with dark wash vests, jackets, and beret caps.

20. Feminine Styles

Feminine Allure

The runway was dominated by female-gaze collections, from dare-to-bare, translucent outfits to bold cutouts. This year is all about sexy for women; be it corseted ballgowns, micro-minis, backless gowns, or keyhole blouses, there is something to satisfy everyone’s Style. To get the best of A/W feminine dress designs, follow collections by Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Miu, Miu, and Ester Manas.

21. Catsuits

The catsuit is not a new concept for fashion enthusiasts, but it return in 2022 came with a big bang. With appearances at the Spring fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, and London earlier this year, we love the funky prints to warm hues. There are so many choices to get a sleek and sexy look.

To much surprise, catsuits returned during the fall collection but with an awe-inspiring fresh note. This time regular skinny jumpsuits paired with blazers, long and oversized trench coats, puffy jackets, and more. Look to Stella, Balenciaga, and Hermes your next catsuit inspiration.

22. Graceful Tuxedos

You can not go wrong with Tuxedos for formal to semi-formal looks. This year, it flourished on the runway with a fuse of style and sophistication in black. First, check out collections by Givenchy, Tom Ford, Alaia, and Bottego Veneta for inspiration. Then, pair them with classy sunglasses, an adjustable cap, or a wristlet to get the minimalist fall look.

23. Trench Dresses

Trench Dress from Hanifa

The classic trench outfits are set to take the backseat this year. Everyone has been fascinated with the designer tie-waisted trenches by Proenza Schouler, Sacai, Burberry, and others. From muted shades to olive greens, these are your top picks for comfy formal attiring.

Do not forget to accessorize these fabulous voluminous dresses. We love this piece from Hanifa. On trend in color and style.

24. Posh Furs

Posh Furs

Fluffy never is dated and ever cozy. While brands like Germanier and Balmain were applauded for gorgeous trims in Paris, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors presented a collection of long furs in mesmerizing color palettes at the NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022. Yuhan Wang’s hoodie fur coat in animal prints is the ultimate winter apparel.

Long-length and oversized fur outfits are your best bet to beat the chill with a style statement during holidays. With warm hues, neutrals, or animal prints, you have a massive collection to choose from, independent of the body type: Neck-to-toe robes, coats, anoraks, shrugs, and more.

25. Bucket Hats

Fans were gaga on Instagram over Hailey Bieber’s checkered crochet bucket hat last year. Comfy wear with a touch of warmth makes these stylish hats a must-have accessory for the upcoming colder months.

Prada’s online store is the destination for the best collections. Loewe and Gucci also offer some stunning pieces.

Which trends from Autumn/Winter, will you weave into your wardrobe?

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