Tutt’Appost in Park Slope

Tutt'Appost in Park Slope

Tutt’Appost [toot ah-post] means “It’s all good,” and it is really all good and fabulous at this quaint and cozy Italian Restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I say quaint because it is a space with Character. It was created by three friends who shared one Dream. This Italian Restaurant serves Neapolitan-style Wood Fire Pizza, delectable authentic Italian food, great drinks, and a friendly, laid-back, engaging, and intimate vibe.

Officially opened in April of 2021, the Restaurant was forced to shutter six months later due to a fire that caused severe damage. However, almost a year from the date it initially opened. Tutt’Appost celebrated its grand opening in April 2022.

The Owners.

Jerald Gralto, Andrew Puca, and Manuel Gregorio are the owners of Tutt’Appost. Although they all have different stories, they created this beautiful classic family-owned Restaurant in Park Slope out of their passion. And each is passionate about something different, which makes this trio ideal as partners.

Manuel, the pizza expert straight from Naples, Italy, creates a delicious, very light pizza dough that, with every bite, transports you to the beautiful port of Mergellina. His 48-hour rising dough recipe makes for a perfectly thin and light crust that leaves just enough room for the decadent and mouthwatering Nutella calzone. Manuel’s drive has brought him from his first job here in New York as a kitchen helper to owning multiple restaurants, which shows us the benefits of hard work can be rewarding. He is friendly and took the time to discuss his version of the cheeseburger pizza.

Andrew, also from Naples, dreamt his whole life of opening a restaurant. He adds his version of creativity to each dish creating something authentic and one of a kind. He brings his team a sense of motivation and a willful leadership attitude. His sense of humor brings comfort and home, which allows him to build friendships and creates bonds with everyone he crosses paths with. He was attentive, made fabulous cocktails, and made us feel like we were friends.

Jerald was born into the restaurant business and is an expert in all things. From business decisions to perfecting the perfect old-fashioned recipe. His kind and approachable nature create a vibe for each customer to feel invited.

The Menu at Tutt’Appost

Tutt’Appost boasts a vibrant menu that offers a good variety of options that will make you want to try the entire menu. From Arancini e Crocchè to the Barbabietole salad—it sets the stage for what is to come. A full page of the menu is dedicated to wood-fired pizzas—featuring spicy-meat topped pies to creative combinations of Half Calzone and half Margherita pizza [Tutt’Appost]. The menu also features a small curation of homemade pasta dishes and other favorites like the 289 Burger, Wood Grilled Salmon, Melanzane Alla Parmigiana, et cetera.

The drink menu is tailored for the wine lover and the cocktail-loving diners. At the same time, the dessert menu offers Heavenly Tiramisù, mouthwatering Nutella Calzone, Profiterole, and so much more.

The experience

Our experience at Tutt’Appost was extremely inviting, and we immediately felt welcomed. The space has Character—it feels like someplace you have visited before and would visit again soon. It is pretty intimate yet airy. And the decor is minimal yet modern and flows beautifully. The wall art of a Pulcinella, a classical character that originated in Commedia dell’arte of the 17th century from Italian Theatre, was very intriguing and aesthetically pleasing. Two artists created the mural. JD, a New York City artist and Muralist, and SeBASHtian, a visual artist from New Jersey. Be sure to visit their Instagram pages to check out their work.

We came with the expectation that it would be a pleasant visit with great conversation, but our visit exceeded our expectations, and we spent the entire time talking about the good-tasting food. In addition, we ran into a couple from the neighborhood who said they had been coming to the Restaurant three times a week for months.

Server Dasha provided remarkable service, and although she had quite a few tables, she was attentive and gave us excellent suggestions. She knew the menu well, and that is always a nice thing. Because there is great disappointment in asking a server for menu recommendations only to hear them say they have never tried the food.

  • Tutt'Appost in Park Slope
  • Tutt'Appost in Park Slope
  • Tutt'Appost in Park Slope
  • Tutt'Appost in Park Slope
  • Tutt'Appost in Park Slope

So we ate a lot—too much, really. But we left with our bellies filled while planning our next visit to Tutt’Appost in Park Slope.

We started with a Margarita [$11] and a Black Widow Mojito [$12]—both were tasty and MUST orders. Andrew did a fantastic job with the cocktails [after all, it is his domain]. Then we moved on to Arancini e Crocchè [$15], Wood fire oven roasted wings seasoned with rosemary and lemon zest served with a side of sweet gorgonzola sauce [$15], and Barbabietole [$14], all of which was recommended by Dasha. Again, the portions were generous enough to share—we found the ingredients fresh and the dishes flavorful. For our main dishes, we decided on Paccheri ai Funghi [$21] and Wood Grilled Salmon [$24]. The Salmon were both delightful and satisfying, and the Paccheri was delicate.

And if you thought we finished there, we had The Hobgoblin Pizza [$22], which was heavenly and aromatic. We later finished with a decadent Tiramisù.

Our meal ended after the Tiramisù when Manuel brought out his version of a cheeseburger pizza. The Cheeseburger Pizza had a light velvety smoothness to the crust, which was nicely charred and a Delight.

Our overall experience was fabulous. We felt at home, the music was just right, and the food was very pleasurable. Tutt’Appost is a neighborhood favorite and should be on your list of restaurants to visit soon.

289 Fifth Avenue—Park Slope
Between 1st and 2nd Streets

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