Tyed by Dede: A Brooklyn Small Business Pays it Forward

The love in NYC is real — it warms my heart. Everywhere I turn, I see kindness — big and small. Restaurant owners are providing meals for Health Care Workers and the kid down the block who bought and delivered groceries to the elderly couple next door. Purchased with his pocket money. New Yorkers are doing what needs to done

We are incredible. We can sometimes be impatient, and some may even say downright rude. However, we are decent human beings who will take care of each other in a crisis.

Tyed by Dede is a company that specializes in custom made luxury bow-ties. I became familiar with the company a few years ago when they launched their candle collection.

The Brooklyn company has joined New Yorkers who are helping our health care heroes and are taking their charitable efforts nationwide. Over 300 frontline healthcare workers will receive a FREE pair of socks.

Tyed by Dede is utilizing social media to aid in their initiative. With the help of nurses and healthcare workers taking the COVID 19 #nurse #pledge. By tagging their peers #nurse, they will both receive a FREE pair of sock along with their coworkers.

If you’re not a healthcare worker, you can still help Tyed by Dede provide a paid free of socks by donating online at www.tyedbydede.com, by DM @tyedbydede or the CAshApp $chiefzeze.

And if you’re a healthcare worker tag another healthcare worker #nurse — everyone can register online at www.tyedbydede.com use code COVID19NURSE at checkout.

It’s still chilly outside, and our frontline healthcare workers need to feel warm and protected as they help us win the fight against the Coronavirus.

As always, I’m sending love — Stay safe





Articles like this one are written to offer practical advice, provide some entertainment, foster a sense of social cohesion, and remind us that life is still beautiful during these strange and isolating times.

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