Wardrobe Organizing Tips + Tricks

Wardrobe Organized by color and Style

I love Style month here at BKLS. It has been fun going through the process and writing about it here. So today, I am back with wardrobe organizing tips + tricks. But before you organize be sure to start with well-edited and universally flattering pieces.

I have edited my wardrobe down to the things I love, and I have made a list of the items I need and a list of those I would like to have. Next weekend I plan to organize my wardrobe. So today I am sharing what I have learned since I started doing this a few years ago.

This is the fourth time I have gone through the wardrobe editing and organizing process, and I honestly love the process. This process has evolved for me and each time the process becomes a bit easier and much more rewarding. As with anything I write about on BKLS, I always suggest that you do what is best for you; it is the same thing here. None of this is mandatory—it is nice to do because it will look fabulous after. And every time you go to your wardrobe, you will feel wonderful being there.

Beautiful Wardrobe ready to be organized

Remember, no two wardrobes are alike. And unfortunately for us, wardrobes are not created equally, or I would have a wardrobe the size of my main bedroom [maybe one day soon]. But whether your closet is a rolling rack or a walk-in beauty, find a system that works for you. Something that makes getting dressed a simple process that you will enjoy.

I know this is will be an overwhelming process. But stay focused and finish the job—when it is completed, it will feel rewarding. One of the beautiful things about organizing your closet is that you will always know where your things are. And in the end, you will go to a boutique-like space that makes you feel happy and peaceful.

Tips + Tricks

Buy Matching Hangers

I like velvet hangers with swivel tops so my garments can be hung facing the same direction. These beauties are non-slip, and I love them. But you should buy the kind of hangers you like. The key is that they all match so you can have a uniform, sleek look in your closet. Do not forget to buy matching skirts/pant hangers. A few years ago, I read an article where a professional organizer suggested buying one hundred hangers for every three feet of hanging space.

**Matching hangers is a worthwhile investment that will transform your closet.

Sort By Color

I like to sort from light to dark, while my sister likes dark to light. But of course, do what is best for you—what works for you. Create a system that works for you aesthetically and streamline your process of getting dressed. Put things the way that makes the most sense for you. There is no right or wrong here. Create your own system. I start with my whites, then move along.

Sort By Type

Decide what categories will work best for you and start there. The goal is to make your wardrobe easily accessible and workable within your lifestyle. I begin with blazers, then tops, skirts, pants, etc. My tops are sorted from sleeveless to long-sleeved.

I have a decent-sized closet [wayyyy too small]; however, it can not hold my coats or most of my off-season clothing. Two seasons of garments are usually kept in my wardrobe at one time, and a few off-season pieces that I incorporate into the current season. I use an offsite storage unit for my off-season pieces and coats. It is an additional monthly expense but a good investment that keeps me organized and not overwhelmed.

**You do not need to hang everything, be strategic with your prime hanging real estate.

Handbags + Belts

Accessories should be organized based on your space. For example, I use fabric storage bins for my handbags and belts along with dust covers for my bags. But you can also use shelf dividers if you have shelf space. Shelves allow you to see all of your handbags in one place easily. For your belts, you can use belt hangers that hang up in your closet like regular hangers. Or another option is an easily accessible belt rack that can be wall mounted. In the past, I have also rolled my belt and housed them in a linen bin.

**Use handbag shapers or tissue paper to keep your handbag shape.

Boots + Shoes

I pray you have shelving for your boots and shoes, but there are alternatives for those of us with smaller spaces. I have three shelves in my closet for shoes and booties I often wear, which are organized by color. But I store my tall boots and designer shoes in my office/guest bedroom in clear acrylic boxes. For my tall boots, I use pool noodles to keep my boots shaped.

**If you are storing your shoes on shelving, alternate directions are best to maximize space.


Use drawer organizers and dividers to keep everything organized. For example, I organized the items in my drawer by type and color. I do the same with my jeans by color and style.


As I have mentioned before, Jewelry organization is dependent on the space you have. If you can display your jewelry—then that is a beautiful thing but I am so jealous right now. Unfortunately, many of us do not have such luxury. I use a fabulous Michael Aram mini gold dish on my bedside table for my wedding band and earrings because those I wear daily. And an expandable jewelry organizer in my nightstand drawer for my other jewelry. My daughter uses her inner closet door to organize hers, which is lovely.


As I mentioned with the jewelry organization—organizing scarves also depends on your space. Like regular hangers, you can purchase scarf hangers that hang up in your closet. I fold mine and organize them by color and texture in a linen bin.

Things to purchase

Please purchase only the things that will work for your chosen system. DO NOT purchase everything on this list unless it works with your system.


  • Under Bed Storage
  • Bins [for sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, etc.]
  • Jewelry Stands
  • Necklace Stand
  • Ring Stand
  • Bracelet Stand
  • Expandable Jewelry Organizer
  • Earring Stand


  • Linen Drawer Organizers
  • Adjustable Drawer Dividers


  • Shelf Dividers
  • Bins


  • Dress/Shirt Hangers
  • Pant/Skirt Hangers. [Velvet Hangers are my hangers of choice]
  • Step Ladder


  • Scarf Hanger
  • Belt Hanger
  • Scarf Bin [I use this to fold my scarves since I cannot hang them].

And there you have it, tips + tricks to organize your closet. I’m excited to organize my closet this weekend. I ordered a few things from Amazon to help me get it right—If they work out, I will link them to my Amazon storefront. Happy Organizing.

Nat C.


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