Ways to Improve Life While Staying at Home

Some of us enjoy the concept of social distancing more than others. There are people like me Who is enjoying the time away from everything and everyone. But although I am, I can’t overlook the fact that — social distancing can take a toll on our emotional and mental health. And let’s not forget the long term physical effects.

While many studies are documenting the effects of social isolation and emotional distress of COVID-19, today, I’m sharing some ways we can improve our lives as we are staying indoors.

Prevent Loneliness Virtually

As with everything, there’s always an abundance of it, and as such, we are not short on virtual options to combat our loneliness.


Utilize Google meet, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. to see and talk with family and friends. Initiate group chats to check in daily with those you love and care about.

Don’t get stuck in fear-based conversation memes and COVID-19 news.

Move your body

I can’t stress the power of movements. And how freeing and empowering it is. My friend is working out two hours daily — she calls it her coping mechanism. But I believe that’s going overboard and there’s a significant risk of injuries.


Move your body for 30 minutes to an hour — it does the trick.

Don’t overdo your work out — it does not give you any more satisfaction than a half-hour work out does.

Keep your mind occupied

Just as it’s essential to keep moving, finding ways to occupy your mind positively is also crucial.


Find an exciting book to read. Start meditating. Or play your favorite board game or game on your phone.

Don’t allow mindless wondering on COVID-19.

Go Outside

Social distancing does not mean never going outside again until the government says it’s ok too.


Go outside, get some fresh air, and vitamin D.

Don’t get too close to others remember 6 feet apart is acceptable

Change your language

Victim language or negative self-talk takes a toll on our mental and emotional health.


Choose to empowered language and positive words to help you to feel better and stay aware of life’s beauties. Remind yourself that staying at home keeps us safe, and it’s the responsible thing to do.

Don’t get caught up in a negative mindset of I’m stuck at home with nothing to do.”

Find work to do at home

Work has many meanings and means different things to everyone. If you’re able to do your job responsibilities from home — that’s great. If you’ve lost your job and can’t work from home — Hope isn’t lost.


Take-up, a new hobby, do paperwork you’ve been putting off for a while or start that new project you meant to start. Get some work in.

Don’t get stuck on binge-watching tv, Hulu, Prime, Netflix, etc.. And most of all, Don’t feel helpless.

We are so focused on the adverse effects COVID 19 has on our daily lives and neglect to see the impact on our mental and emotional health. We must try to achieve some sort of balance during this time (whatever balance means to you), just as we did before COVID 19.

Please do share with me other ideas to add to this list by commenting on this article or email me nat@brooklynslifestyle.com.

As Always, Sending Love — Stay Safe.




Articles like this one are written to offer practical advice, provide some entertainment, foster a sense of social cohesion, and remind us that life is still beautiful during these strange and isolating times.

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