We Can Not Believe it is February

We Can Not Believe it is February

Happy February, Dahlings — we can not believe it is February already. But not surprising since these days, time seems to go by in a flash. February is about Love and Black History – two things designated to the shortest month.

Love should be in our hearts and actions every moment of our lives. And Black History in our conversations every day of our lives. Instead of a few days in the shortest month of the year and focused only on a few familiar characters [Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and a few others].

Without Love, we will not be kind, compassionate, and tolerant to ourselves and others. And without knowing our History. Black people will never know of those heroes and pioneers who came before us and helped shape our world. Keeping Black History at the forefront allows us to challenge ourselves to dig deeper to discover and question what we have been taught as the truth about our History. But I believe the most important thing for us to do now is to take the time to remember and grieve the Black lives lost in violence. This month can not be about life as usual or about a few familiar characters in Black History. It has to be about more.

Welcome to a new month

Welcome to another month at Brooklyn’s Lifestyle [BKLS]. I spent much of the last week and a half nursing a toothache that kicked me behind royally, eventually leading to surgery. But I am recovering nicely. Unfortunately, we were unable to publish all of last month’s content. So this month, we will be sharing some bonus articles.

New Beginnings

I used to be afraid of new beginnings. And thankfully, I now enjoy embracing each new hour, day, week, et Cetera. It is a chance to improve, do, and become better. And so this month, we are sharing a new beginning here on BKLS.

Beginning this month, we will shift our posting schedule to two days a week [Tuesday and Thursday or Tuesday and Saturday] with a possible occasional “bonus” article here and there. In addition, beginning this month, the content feature on BKLS will be primarily locally focused. For some time now, I have been thinking about and wanting to scale back the breadth of our content and focus more specifically on Brooklyn and its surrounding boroughs.

We have had such a blast sharing Lifestyle topics and theme-oriented features in conjunction with our local features. However, as we move into this month with a reasonably new year ahead, we believe the time is now to narrow down to more local components and this fresh approach to content.

When I relaunched this site, I promised it would continue to evolve to offer our readers the best value. And that is precisely what we are doing—we are evolving. At first, I was afraid to make this change, but I believe the time is right now to do so.

Over the next few weeks, you will notice changes to the BKLS site as we move the last year of our lifestyle content to a new home. And introduce fresh content into this space.

And while we still can not believe it is February, Have a fabulous month.

Nat C.


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