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I bought the domain name BrooklynsLifestyle dot com in 2006. I wanted to create a space about real estate. After all, I could only think of writing about fashion or real estate. However, as I started working on my vision for Brooklyn’s Lifestyle, I realized that I could not write just about Real Estate. Because writing about Real Estate would not give my readers (i.e. my family) an authentic experience of Brooklyn, I wanted to share my love for all things Brooklyn.

It has been a long process to actually publish anything.  Because I was afraid and Brooklyn is just so freaking amazing. Negativity began to haunt me: no one would read your blog. you do not write well.  What do you have to say? There are so many people blogging about Brooklyn already. And the list continued for a while. 

I, then realized I could not possibly share some things about Brooklyn. I wanted to share all of the things I loved about our beloved borough.

 In 2010 I finally muster enough courag to publishirst post. I posted well into the Summer of 2012. During that period, my family was my only readers. I felt uncomfortable promoting the site, so I did not tell many people. And then, in December of 2012, it was a sad day for me when I made the decision to shut down the site.  The months after I felt a desire to share the place I called home. But I needed to bring the right vision to life and confidently share My Brooklyn with you. I’mSo  here now where I should be, honestly and proudly sharing my stories about Brooklyn with you.

Welcome you and I hope you often visit and share your Brooklyn with me.





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