Welcome to the new Brooklyn’s Lifestyle (BKLS)

Welcome to the new Brooklyn’s Lifestyle (BKLS). Getting here has been a journey.

Since 2014 I have enjoyed sharing what I love about Brooklyn: we have Featured local businesses, supported local businesses by conducting BKLS-sponsored giveaways, highlighted many of the fabulous restaurants this diverse borough has to offer, and so much more.

But I struggled because my shared things did not offer enough value to my readers. The entire experience was self-defeating, and in recent years I began to feel unmotivated, which resulted in inconsistencies and disinterest. I could not justify the time I spent creating articles for the site or on social media, but the joy I once felt wasn’t there anymore. 

When I started BKLS, it was to create a space that would add value to anyone’s life who visited. I wanted to make someone just a little better than they were before they visited the site. It was my goal to create a space that was real and inspiring. And a place where I enjoyed being and felt inspired as well. 

I took precautions to remain faithful to my values; I did not accept free meals or products. I did not want my opinions swayed because I felt obligated to a restaurant or a specific business. 

Over the years, I tried to get to a space where I felt I was giving readers enough to help them improve or inspire them to live better. But unfortunately, it felt like a difficult task that I could not achieve. And I was often pulled back into habitual familiarity or the comparison train. And I would once again become disappointed and frustrated. 

I did not realize during those times of starting, stopping, restarting, and getting frustrated that I felt like I did not know enough or knew what I was doing.  Feeling like a fraud, not deep enough, and uninspired was how I truly felt. 

I am no longer the person I was when I first started BKLS, and my thirst to put something valuable into our world has brought us here: a relaunch of Brooklyn’s Lifestyle. 

This project took longer than I expected, and the truth is, it is not fully completed. But I am ok with that. The BKLS site was supposed to relaunch on my birthday in March 2021. But life happened; my dad got ill, was hospitalized, and later passed on. And my life fell apart but through it all (the pain, hardship, etc.) I gained perspective. And that has brought us here today.

So while this site is still not completed, I decided to relaunch it anyway instead of waiting for perfection. I will tweak and do whatever I need to as I go. As with our journey through life (we are always a work in progress), so is BKLS, “a work in progress.”

I realized I have so much to offer and would like to share it with the world. I love Brooklyn, but I am more than Brooklyn. And my interests and the beauty I have to give extend beyond where to grab your next meal. 

Where is BKLS now:

We a Lifestyle brand because there are such deep connections between Life and Style.

 I believe we should all travel on the Life + style pathway that is harmonious to us in every way from the inside out. Our society is obsessed with the outside, and minimal focus is placed on the inside. But the GOLD lies within. And it is our responsibility to understand how our life + Style fits together. Our life impacts our Style, so they should connect somehow. 

And while there is no ideal formula, know and understand that this journey looks different for everyone. But my FOCUS is women — I want to inspire and empower HER to discover herself. Style is about being yourself — the most authentic you. And I want you ladies (like I am):

  • To Discover and become your most unapologetic and authentic YOU.
  • Realize YOU are the HERO in your life.
  • To Elevate and Design a Life well-lived. 

When we discover our true selves, we come HOME. And then we can Live from the inside out. It is more than skin deep. It is about being ourselves and living our lives by our rules, even if it is unpopular or not socially acceptable. 

What can you expect from the new BKLS:

Soooo so much. I preach what I’m practicing and take you along on my journey. 

I will continue to:

  • Give #LocalLove to our local businesses, restaurants, heroes, etc.
  • Share black-owned brands I have discovered which have remained near and dear to my heart. I love finding and falling in love with new brands.
  • Books, tips, and guides to elevate and empower you on your journey. And so much more.

So buckle up and let us go for a ride. 

Comment below: what do you think of the new site?

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