What does it Mean to Connect to Yourself

It is easy to get lost in the day-to-day activities that make up our lives. We tend to focus on everything and everyone, neglecting the most significant importance of our lives which is maintaining a deep connection with ourselves.  

Many of us approach our lives looking for external validation. We people please or believe we need to become someone other than who we are to be loved, respected, or appreciated.

We miss that something is missing within us. And that thing is a connection with ourselves. The bond we create with ourselves need not be a grand gesture or overly indulgent — it can be small and beautiful.

My life in recent years has been filled with stress and frustration. I didn’t realize all the stress and frustration I was Experiencing was a profound disconnect from myself. 

I’ve realized that it is not about what we have or how we are perceived that gives us a sense of Satisfaction or makes us happy. It’s who we are, who we become and how we live.

Others may judge us and Perceived as being this or that, but no one can take away who we are. 

I have found that reconnecting to myself is a blessing I give to myself. It’s as tiny as tuning into what’s going on. We have to be curious about what’s going on the inside. It’s about slowing down, listening and not judging, learning, exploring, playing, wandering, and falling in love with me.

All of this isn’t something we just figure out — we have to sometimes dig deep and do the work. I have had to develop a deep understanding that I am important. And that all of my relationships starts and flourishes from that vital relationship I establish with myself. Because we can not nurture or maintain a relationship with anyone if we do not create, maintain, and continuously nurtured the relationship we have with ourselves. 

So what does it mean to reconnect to ourselves? It means to look within and give ourselves the blessing of rediscovering that beautiful, kind and gracious relationship with ourselves.

Nat C.


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