You need a Vacation

You need a vacation

It is the New Year and the best time to plan—more importantly, it is the best time to plan a vacation. When was the last time you took a break? If you are a bit like me, it has been way too long. After the stress of the holiday—it may be time to get away for a bit, even if it is just for a weekend, or how about a mini staycation at a local hotel?

A Time to Reflect  

As soon as the new year begins, we hear phrases like “new year, new me,” and I think a new year is a great time to implement new habits or routines. It is an excellent time for us to reflect, get clear about what we would like in our lives in the new year, and plan for those things. So new year, new me, yes but are my plans realistic, what are my intentions behind them, and are they actionable? What is my WHY? We live in times where there are high levels of anxiety and depression. Many of us are experiencing quarter-life crises while thirty-somethings are dreading life period. Reflecting and being intentional will get you on a path that is sustainable and true to you. So do not skip this step; a new environment is perfect to get this done.

Travel Deals  

Vacations booked during this time allow you the opportunity to be choosy. However, this is an off-peak season, and you will likely snag some great deals. So shop around, and look for the best deals now instead of paying double or more during the peak season.

Taking a Time Out

We are all chained to our Mobile phones [I darn near had a panic attack when I could not find my phone last week], technology, and, let us not forget Social Media. We spend way too much time online instead of connecting with other human beings [a like or new follower is just that if there is no connection unless you take time to foster one, and not many of us do]. Book a vacation to a place you have never been, one that is dreamy, beautiful, adventurous, and simply amazing. Reconnect to yourself, nature, or your traveling companion [if there is one], and you will have a chance to recharge.

Live a Little—Why don’t ya.  

Life is way shorter than any of us would like to admit—book a little getaway today and discover the beauties of the world or those right in your backyard. Life is about experiences, and traveling and exploring provide such experiences. Some people live for the experience of a vacation, welcoming each new experience with open arms. While others relive the same experience over and over agyou are ain—convinced that they do not like to travel,l or worst yet, do not need to take a break. But how would you know what wantlike to do if you netried it try? If you say no before you have said yes.


You Need a vacation

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