You’re not doing Life Wrong!

I haven’t experienced the Monday’s Blues in quite a while but today I woke up in a space with a bad case of the Mondays. I woke up uninspired, unmotivated with a million and one thoughts running through my mind. I just wanted to stay in bed and do nothing. The thought “you are just doing it wrong stayed on repeat.”

I know you’ve experienced that nagging feeling like you’re just doing things wrong and you need to improve – like me you’re probably thinking I could be doing things differently or better. And while sometimes we could do things a little different and we can always benefit for improving ourselves – having that constant underlying feeling always present that somehow, someway we are doing life wrong can make us feel bad about ourselves and is often a great distraction from the important things that should matter to us.

I believe and I’m beginning to appreciate it more because now I’m more mindful that life should be appreciated for the moments. It’s not easy and some of us may never take the time to truly appreciate life’s moments because we tend to focus either on the past or the future skipping the beauty of the present.

As I lay in bed with the covers over my head, experiencing temporary anxiety – I repeated to myself Relax-Relax-Relax, I closed my eyes, said a prayer accepting that today I didn’t want to do anything and that’s perfectly OK. It didn’t mean I’m doing life right or wrong – it simply meant that today I was gonna take it easy, relax and appreciate what my life is from moment to moment without the pressure that I should be doing something.

It’s normal to wonder if we are doing life wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that – we have to be careful not to dwell or become negatively distracted because of our wondering..

I hope you’re just doing life – appreciating it moment by moment today and every day.



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