February: Black History + Love + Fashion

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I can not remember the last time I wrote a note at the beginning of the month. However, this year it seems appropriate, and it’s an excellent way to let you know what will be on our site for the month ahead.

It’s February, and while it is one of those months where I often feel, there isn’t enough time to accomplish everything on my to-do list, it’s a favorite of mine.

January came, showed her beautiful face, and vanished as though she was never here. Once January got here, I forged ahead at top speed and didn’t stop until the month ended. It was one of my most productive and thought-provoking months in quite some time. I hope January was just as fabulous to you.

Let’s get back to February. It’s here, and it’s promising. I love that February is the month of love, it’s the month we celebrate Black History, and Fall 2020 Fashion makes its way to the runways.

There is so much to experience this month. There are many celebrations surrounding black history. And that’s wonderful. But let us honor those whose fight and bravery, gave us hope, that provided opportunities past and present and celebrates what it means to be an Black all year. We should rejoice, honor, and thank those who came before us.

Inventor: George Washington Carver

I like to embrace Black History month by not looking at the bad times that were experienced. I instead focus on the integrity, determination, leadership, and real character to move forward while honoring the past.

NASA’s real-life “Hidden Figures” — manager Dorothy Vaughan, mathematician Katherine Johnson and engineers Mary Jackson and Christine Darden — will be receiving Congressional Gold Medals. (NASA)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and everyone is planning and shopping. People are a little kinder to each other; flowers and chocolate sales skyrocket, and restaurant reservations are at an all-time high.

Should we not celebrate each other every day? Kindness and compassion should influence every interaction, and every moment we connect. We should embrace love at every moment in our lives. Buying flowers or chocolate to say I appreciate you or I love you should not be exclusive to February 14th.

Take the time every chance you get to say I love you, I appreciate you, I like you, you mean so much to me.

And then there’s Fashion. The shows and exhibits that give us a glimpse into the creativity of someone’s world. We experience what Fall will look like in the world Of Fashion. It is exciting, tantalizing, and visually pleasing.


February truly is exciting. Don’t you think? And it gets even more exciting because we’re shaking things up over here on our piece of Real Estate here on the web. This month we are introducing a new writer, and you will experience new content. We will be making some changes to the site, and we will also be doing a few giveaways.

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