Happy Ole Years Day

2018 you’ve been a year of tears, growth, anger, love, hurt, comfort, noise, peace, lack, abundance, mistakes repeated and lesson learnt. I could go on and on but you get the picture, don’t you? Although it’s been a year of ups and downs; I’m sitting here awfully thankful because I’m ALIVE and ready to do Life BIGGER than ever.

I know I’ve grown throughout my life but this year I’ve learnt how painful growth really is and how necessary it is for us to embrace it and not fight against it. Kicking and screaming makes growth, oh so much more challenging.

Although I’m excited for the New Year – I’m here in disbelief  that 2018 went by like lightning. I had a few goals for 2018 and I accomplished only half of them but I feel such a sense of accomplishment because while working towards my goals I was dealing with all the crap life threw at me and I survived.

If I had to describe this year I’d say it was a teaching year. The lessons came one after the other, from the left, then from the right and from the center. At one point during this year I cried for four months every day and what made it even more difficult is the fact that I felt so alone.

While this year has kicked my a$$, left me feeling drained and not quite myself, I’ve learned so much that will benefit me going forward in my life; but isn’t that what’s life about? Our experiences that helps us to grow into our best selves as we navigate Life. As we close this year I write this, not to bring you down but to remind each of you that we are all in some way dealing with something and for that reason we should practice kindness to one another.

I’m boldly embracing 2019 with courage and consistency, if I told I had New Years resolutions – I’d be lying. I don’t believe in resolutions – I don’t believe January 1st is Special in anyway. If I had to give you one bit of advice I’d say start now, this very moment not tomorrow not the day after. Start from where you are right now, be consistent, and finish your tasks that will get you to that Dream fulfilled or goal accomplished.

So Happy Ole Years Day see you in the New Year Dahling; Bolder and Bigger than your challenges.




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