January 2023 Theme is The Art of Preparation

The Art of Preparation creates awareness, flow, and ease. January should be the month we prepare for the coming year. Too many of us try to cram preparing for the new year in the last few weeks of December. And then we are solely disappointed when we are burnt out by the end of January. Or we are shocked when things do not go as expected. Or we react or fail to act throughout the year because we were unprepared.

But the end of the year should be the time we take to be and reflect. And do nothing as we ponder the New Year and work through the post-holiday blues.

I used to envy the people who were always prepared. I felt like I had failed in so many areas regarding being prepared. And not being prepared has caused me to lose opportunities, time, and money. But I figured it out. The Art of Preparation is not about control or having everything together. It goes beyond that, and here is how.

The Art of Preparation

The Art of Preparation takes us from being reactive, assuming, lost, settling for anything, et cetera, to being ready. We place ourselves in a position of power, strength, intentions, and readiness.

The Art of Preparation does not mean everything will go our way. And does not dictate how things will turn out. And it does not mean we seek control of every situation. Instead, it means “to make ready.”

Preparation is defined as "the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration."

In 2022 I learned to look at The Art of Preparation as what happens before the beginning—it is not the beginning. But it is the things we do before we attempt to begin. It gives us the awareness and confidence to control the things we can, accept the things we have no control over, and let go of everything else.

It releases us from having expectations of a thing or person. And brings us to trusting, being present, embracing uncertainty, walking into the unknown, having faith, and being open-minded and hearted.

Our Theme this month on BKLS, is The Art of Preparation.

Throughout the month, we will share tools that will help you practice the Art of Preparation in various parts of your Life.

We chose this theme for several reasons.

  • To remind you and ourselves to be mindful of trying to control but instead, be open to unexpected paths and see where they take us.
  • Because I see so many people confused about being prepared versus trying to control.
  • To stop forcing anything in our lives and instead lean in to flow and ease.
  • And that the Art of Preparation ensures that we are armed with the necessary tools. We take tools along with us, but we remain open to the possibilities. Life comes together in its magic and okay to perfection when we let go.

What can you expect this month on the site?

We will continue the “Places to eat this month in NYC” series this month. A few of the best “of” trends of what to expect in 2023 and Winter activities in New York City. I will dive into the four books I choose to take on my journey through 2023, why they will be my companion, and the twenty-two lessons I learned in 2022. In addition, I will share my word and mantra of the year.

And we will also be adding articles to our WOMANLY section of this site [long overdue]. So stay tuned for this and so much more.

Happy New Year, my Dahlings. This year I send you blessings for always being ready. Of trusting and faith. The ability to move through Life with flow and ease. Understanding of things you have control over and having the awareness to let go of the things out of your control.

Blessings to embrace uncertainty even when it scares you and to be open to the unknown—it could be the most beautiful thing ever. And to put aside your ego, expectations, and all you know and have learned. Instead, embrace life with humbleness, openness, love, and being present. And a reminder to choose to be Kind.

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