November 2021 Theme: Being Thankful

I have written about gratitude and thankfulness so many times, but as we enter November, I can’t help being thankful through the sadness. 

How do we appreciate what we have without focusing on what we don’t have?

Are you focusing on what you have or What you have not?  

This year has been the year I have discovered so many beautiful things along the way. But one of the most profound realizations is the fact that I have missed so many little things along the way. And I have taken so much for granted as I constantly longed for the big stuff.

I have also realized that we find things to be thankful for when we live in the moment. We have to pay attention to #ALLthelittlethings (a walk, a nice dinner, an engaging conversation, a smile, a hug, etc.) that make life so wonderful. But often get lost in the daily shuffle. 

The significant stuff matters, but when we’re counting our blessings or being thankful, it’s the small STUFF that matters just as much, if not more, than the big STUFF

It’s these little moments and things that create the memories of a person, place, or time. It’s the little memories of my dad that I’ve come to appreciate and allow to comfort me on my bad days. 

While this month’s theme is being thankful, there won’t be any gratitude or thankfulness articles this month — this month’s posts are simply to serve as a reminder. 

A reminder that:

#ALLthelittlethings and moments in life involve focusing our attention on what’s pleasurable, nurturing, and sustaining in our lives. At the same time, focusing less on those moments of lack, annoyances, frustration, and hurt. It’s about being thankful for the everyday things we tend to miss or take for granted.

It’s essential to appreciate what you have by practicing being thankful.

It would help if you showed gratitude and appreciation for all of the people in your life.

It’s ok to be thankful for you by practicing self-gratitude. 

You have to be thankful for where you are right now and accept with deep knowing that you will not remain there.

Happy November, Dahlings, and as you navigate this month, look for little moments to be thankful for. 

Comment below: what are you thankful for.

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