A Blank Canvas – CREATE!!

I’m screaming Happy New Year to Youuuu!

As things wind down from my end and as I make the transition from 2015 to 2016 I wanted to take this time to wish each and every one of you A Happy New Year! I hope that 2016 is the beginning of many many Beautiful years to come for you – I wish that this year and beyond is filled with an abundance of Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness, Health, Wealth and every wonderful thing Life has to offer.

For 2016 I have hope and wishes for myself – while I have not made actual New Years Resolutions because they tend to fall to the wayside by January 5th, I have a few personal and professional goals I’d like to accomplish.

I have things I’d like to experience this year and many new things I’d like to try. I plan on living this year as if I could not fail at anything and with this mind-set I know I will accomplish some great things – I am challenging myself daily to be BOLD, PRAYERFUL, Kind, Authentic, Grateful, Healthy, Happy, Adventurous and at Peace.

Last year I experienced many hours of anger, there were times I felt bad about myself and in many situations I was unkind to me; I often became overwhelmed with doubt & fear and experienced moments of unhappiness, this year I will treat myself with kindness – I will check in with myself throughout the day and get rid of anything and/or anyone I feel is toxic or is causing me to feel out of balance. This is my YEAR – I am EXPECTING GREAT and BEAUTIFUL things!

I am being BOLD – I am Living without REGRETS and I challenge you to be BOLD and Claim the Life you want. My hope is that you will share with me the things you hope to achieve and the life you will live this year. Remember it’s a New Year – a time to start anew, a time to begin a new chapter or write a new book – the CANVAS is BLANK I challenge you to CREATE!!!




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