COVID-19 Updates You Should Be Aware of

covid-19 updates

Here are a few Covid-19 updates that you should be aware of. I secretly hoped we would be at a point by now where the cases of Covid-19 infections are few and far between. But it looks like we are not there yet. I spoke with a friend in Ireland who updated me on things in China since his wife’s parents still live in Shanghai. It is scary to get information and be unable to decipher what is factual and what is not.

I must admit the update saddened me. The news on television or otherwise is not allowed in my space. Whenever I watch the news or read about all the horrible things happening worldwide, I am stressed and overwhelmed. So I chose to know the essential things, but the others I can do without.

So back to Covid-19–I am sharing these articles from around the internet because I think they are helpful. By the way, many resources are still available for Small Businesses feeling the after-effects of Covid-19.

Long-term effects of Covid-19

This one is about research on people infected with the virus that caused Covid-19 and can experience long-term effects from their infection. This is known as post-COVID conditions (PCC) or long COVID.

Maybe this information can provide some relief for those suffering from the effect of being infected with the virus that caused Covid-19. Still, those unable to work or feel relief from the infection for several months afterward.

However, more and more doctors are providing information about long Covid that may help those suffering. Still, some experts believe the government may ignore “the Greatest Mass-Disabling Event in Human History.”

We must keep up with the research that is happening around Covid-19. It has been over a year since I was infected. Yet I still have that horrible cough that appears out of nowhere, and there is the shortness of breath that happens suddenly. And the brain fog is still there.

I read yesterday of a woman who collapsed [I have to find this article to link here]. And I thought it was time to share this information. So many of us go about everyday life without knowing the dangers of living with long Covid.

There is hope for those suffering.

An article from about eight patients. They have lifted their Long Covid brain fog by being administered a combination of medicines concocted by researchers at Yale University. And it seems promising.

The Centers for Disease Control [CDC] urges everyone to get the Bivalent COVID-19 vaccine booster dose. It is said that is the only way to stay protected against COVID-19 since the virus that causes COVID-19 changes over time.

Well, Dahlings continue to stay safe—education is the best way to stay informed. And I know wearing a mask can sometimes seem inconvenient. But it is one of the simplest ways to protect yourself and those you love.

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