Hello September….

In my 20’s, whenever September rolled around, I was tempted to scream, “Wake me up when September ends.” Yeah, I know it is a quote. I probably read it someplace before. As I got older, I have learned to appreciate September. It is a time of year that brings so many things.

By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with Summer’s best weather and Autumn’s best cheer

Helen Hunt Jackson

For me, it is a time of reflection and transition. I look at my yearly goals to determine exactly where I am. What I have accomplished, and what I need to release, revise or re-plan. It is time for me to make my fall/winter wish list for our home and closet.  Pack away my summer faves and evaluate my fall shoes/boots.

I decide what is worth donating, what I need to throw out, and what needs tender loving. Spring, Fall, and Winter are my favorite seasons, so September is a beautiful time for me.

I want to welcome September with you. I sincerely wish you a month of Autumn cheers, lots of laughter, memorable moments, pumpkin spice lattes, joy, and happiness. Be nice to yourself – do the things you enjoy, and don’t forget to send special blessings out on September 11th.





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