How to Create An Authentic Home

How to create an Authentic home

I just started the tedious task of editing my email accounts. I was amazed at how many newsletters about home decor trends, tips, etc. took up space in my inbox. Homes styled to perfection—I became distracted thinking about our home. Things I should and would change. And then I realized that many of you could possibly be experiencing the same thing on any given day. So today I am sharing ideas to inspire you to create an authentic home. And honestly it does not have to be a tedious task.

It has been a while since I thought about how much of a struggle it is to be distracted by outside influences in so many areas of our lives. But we also miss so many clues hidden in plain sight when it comes to our lives. Missed clues allow us to find out things about ourselves. For example, discovering our personal style and helping us to create an authentic home we love.

Creating an authentic home is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. And less about anyone who lives outside of your home. But with anything comes challenges, that is life. So do not overlook the challenges we are faced with when we are decorating a new home, or redesigning our current home. A few of those challenges are:

  • restrictions such as like lack of time, budget or space
  • Ever-changing trends that are difficult to keep up with
  • And having too many choices

So how do we create a home that is authentic? One that we fall in love with over and over.

In no particular order here are ideas to inspire you to create an authentic home.

First things first, the design of our home should facilitate and enhance the experiences and life we want to have within our homes. The design of your home is not just a matter of style. In fact it is about the experience and the way it makes you and your family feel.

  • Shape your home based on your family’s lifestyle and needs. A space that is styled or designed, by determining of how that space will be used. And how it will make people feel is in fact an Authentic home.
  • Be honest about what you love. Keep a notebook or an idea box.
  • Make your home decorating a journey of your family’s life. Not trends or the opinions of others.
  • Design trends are wonderful to inspire you but do not make them your focus. And get professional guidance if or when you need it. Avoid asking friends or family that lives outside of your home for approval.
  • Natalie Walton tells us in her book This is Home: The art of simple living that in order to develop our unique sense of style. We need to incorporate our values into the core idea of how we want to design our home. Hang on to the things you love and make sure your home reflects your aesthetics. Allow the style and design of your home to be based on your values. And the things you love and enjoy. By allowing values to be your guiding light, your space flows. And it is more able to accommodate changes in taste and lifestyle.

Life changes and your style should as well

  • Refine your style continuously. We are constantly evolving and elevating. Stay mindful not to get stuck in a time warp that no longer suits who you are. Continue to refine your home even in small ways by embracing the changes and improvements as your family grow or evolves.
  • Stay true to yourself and find ways you can personalize your home. If you love it, buy it. Or if you have something you are still in love with, hold on to it. And use it in your home.
  • Create a sanctuary, not a showplace. Your home design and style are less about what it looks like to anyone from the outside. And more about what it feels like to you and your family. When you remember this—you create a sanctuary that always welcomes you home.
  • Adorn your home with what your family loves and wants to live with you every day. So many people have show spaces, and their families are allowed to live in the space but not enjoy the things that adorn the space. If this is you, you are missing the point and missing the joy of home. Bring things into your space that you adore, and live with your things. Use them, enjoy them and allow your family to do the same.
  • Let go of those things that do not bring you joy. We hold on so tightly to everything even when we should let go. If it does not make you feel wonderful or joyful, let it go.

What kind of life do you want to lead? How do you want to feel in your space? Ask questions that will align you with what is important to you—what will make your home feel authentic. When you start there you create a space that looks and feels the way you want it to.

Nat C.


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