June 2022 Theme: The Art of Entertaining at Home

The Art of Entertaining at Home

Oh, Dahlings, Happy June. It is unbelievable that we are in June. Where has the time gone? We are at the middle point of 2022. Everyone has regained some normalcy, in some way or another, and is emerging from imposed hibernation. Almost every place I visit these days is overly crowded, which means a lengthier wait time. I am thrilled that everyone can get together and socialize. Still, the presummer heat and overcrowded spaces have inspired me to return to what I had done before the pandemic–entertain at home.

If the pandemic has taught us anything beyond the importance of good hygiene. It is to enjoy the space in which we live. Of course, creating an oasis for ourselves and our families should take precedence in our lives. But a space where we can entertain our friends with ease and flow is also quite exciting. Before the pandemic, “The Art of Entertaining,” especially at home, was a lost art that needed to be remastered or discovered.

Of course, many like me enjoy living a hybrid lifestyle of being out and spending time at home. So I am sure those who have put some time and effort into your homes to beautify and fall in love with your spaces were well worth it. And those who have discovered “The Art of Entertaining at Home” are marveling at how fulfilling it is.

The Art of Entertaining at Home

This month’s theme on BKLS is “The Art Of Entertaining at Home.”

Before the pandemic, The Art of Entertaining, especially at home, was a lost art that needed to be remastered or discovered.

Our objective is for you to discover the forgotten art of entertaining. Hosting or entertaining at home is an authentic and intimate gift you give to those in attendance. It is a fantastic way to spend time with the people you love and enjoy. Entertaining at home did not come naturally to me; I was not always confident. I adored making our home beautiful (and still do), even during times we could not afford to have a budget for home decor. Making our home warm, inviting, and attractive was my goal. I bought the best I could afford during those times.

When I started learning how to cook, that gave me the confidence to begin entertaining at home. It was the perfect way to have others try my food and provide me with feedback (ok, they were my Guinea pigs). Then, I begin having family and friends over. As an introvert, I thrive in small groups, and entertaining at home allows me to be social and creative.

This June, we are writing about

  • how to confidently entertain at home
  • how to create an At-home Bar
  • how to Style a Bar Cart plus my favorite ones
  • glassware basics and Barware essentials
  • five Black-Owned Glassware companies to support this month
  • and six things you should always have to entertain at home with ease

So stay tuned for this and plenty more throughout the month ahead. Next month we will continue to share entertaining tips such fabulous cocktails that you will make throughout the summer and recipes that will elevate your guest’s experience while you entertain at home.

Nat C.


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