Life Symphony: The Crossline

Movement. It seems like the simplest thing in the world. Our bodies were created to move. And the long-term health benefits are endless for all of us, regardless of age, gender, etc.

Courtesy of ASTC

The Creativity of Amanda Spilinga paired with movement gives us access to Alternative Synergy, The Company (ASTC). I wrote about ASTC earlier this year (see here). And I attended  the production of “Life Symphony: The Origins.” I was blown away by the creativity, diversity, passion and hard work. Each performer showed their passion and honesty for each story told. It was a special experience.

Courtesy of ASTC
Courtesy of Johnathan Michaels

Founder and Director Amanda Spilinga is  inspired  from the very connection she has to ASTC. The work she does at ASTC fuels her creativity. I have a deep admiration for Amanda’s work. But what I admire most is the degree of care she possess for each artist and her passion to deliver the very best to the world.

Courtesy of Eudes Espino + Kevin Green

Alternative Synergy, The Company (ASTC), unites the emotional and cultural history of Street style with classical ballet and contemporary movements. Creating and providing a medium to tell a single story. A story from the perspective of each performer – all from varying backgrounds. It’s a treat to experience and when I say this, it is without exaggeration.

Courtesy of Eudes Espino + Kevin Green

I’m happy to once again announce that ASTC is back with yet another production:

Life Symphony: The Crossline.

And this production will serve as the final production for 2019. And closes out the cycle of three shows and three educational programs.

Courtesy of Eudes Espino + Kevin Green

The name Life Symphony: The Crossline derived from a place that identifies the very essence of ASTC. The consistent and vibrant growth. Embracing the challenges, while creating opportunities for the dance community. And being an inspiration for us all to expand our vision and fulfill our dreams.


Life Symphony will be held at Bogart House at 6 PM on December 19, 2019. Tickets can be purchased at Alternative Synergy.

Early bird special $15.00 or you can purchase at the door for $20.00.

Bogart House
230 Bogart Street – East Williamsburg

See you there





P. S. ASTC is still running their crowdfunding campaign and  there’s still time to donate here

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