October 2022 Theme: Welcome Home

Home is difficult to define, but somehow you know when you are there. These days are spent in quiet reflection about home and belonging. I wrote in my journal a few days ago, “these days, I am in deeper than usual thoughts. A bit of sadness, some worry, and lower than usual energy, but I can not shake this feeling that I want to be at home—at home in my physical space and at home within me. “But what does home mean to you anyway?” “

It is funny how many phases or cycles we go through in our lives, many of which go unnoticed. Unless you are genuinely practicing awareness—you miss them. But they are opportunities to make you aware of what you are feeling, and how you are doing, or to carry us into the next cycle or phase of living, or to be built on like a foundation.

I looked back at this past year and four months, and I am in disbelief at how much I have evolved into this new [I do not have a name for it] but something new. On the outside, I look the same and possibly sound the same except for maybe a few more wrinkles and age spots. And even those make me feel good because I am growing older, but there is much more than merely aging happening here. It is amazing how when we pay attention how much we notice.

Our October 2022 Theme: Welcome Home

This month I had an entirely different theme on the calendar for BKLS, but I feel compelled to talk about home. Home has meant different things to me over the past year, but most of all, it has meant a connection with me—the relationship with myself. So this month, our theme on BKLS is Welcome Home.

This month we will be sharing:

Stay tuned for these and so much more this month on BKLS. We hope this month’s article inspires you to create a physical home that welcomes you each time you enter–and empowers you to welcome you home back to yourself.

Happy October, my Dahlings—welcome home.

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