September 2022 Theme: The Style Guide

September 2022 Theme: The Style Guide

It is almost Autumn and time for play dress-up. I love playing dress-up and always have. Autumn is the best time to embrace, experiment, and evolve with style. It is the perfect time to play around with textures, shapes, and colors. And that is what I absolutely adore about Autumn. Playing dress-up and experimenting with my style started when I was very young. I would create outfits with my mom’s clothing, get dressed, and walk around the house or yard for hours. And my love for playing dress-up continued through adulthood.

Most of all, I do not need a reason or an occasion to get dressed and express myself. I never have. I have taken unsewn fabric and created dresses and skirts with pins and ribbons. My mom’s scarves became tops, and her skirts became dresses. Any bits and pieces of textiles I found became looks I would like to wear. I loved getting dressed for bed, walking to the front gate of our home, or going out.

Being a risk taker was my thing [still is]. And I was never afraid to dress the way I wanted. Of course, I was considered strange and weird by family and friends. And they would often comment negatively about my Style and my being overdressed. But that has never stopped me from embracing and owning my Style. I am an introvert by nature, but my Style has been the creative way in which I am an extrovert. And the beauty of it all is that I have always dressed for myself. From lingerie to risky, it was all for me. Style is an individual thing. It has always been very personal to me and one of the ways I connect to my inner self.

Style is about the connection to our inner selves.

I lost that part of myself in the last few years. And I was not motivated or interested in getting dressed. So I would shop aimlessly and only for the moment and found no pleasure in expressing myself. So as I continue to work on rediscovering myself, I am going back to the beginning—where I used my Style to connect clothing with my sense of self. Style is innate, it is about originality, being courageous enough to take risks, and being bold.

This month, we discuss Style on BKLS—Our September 2022 Theme: The Style Guide.

As we welcome September, I would like to say that in Life, we sometimes experience things that cause us to lose or forget pieces of ourselves. But I believe we can rediscover those parts and bring them back to life. So as September begins, I would like to invite you to join me in embracing September. Give yourself a bit of Grace while embracing your Style.

Style is an individual thing, it has always been something very personal to me and one of the ways I connect to my inner self.

Nat C.

This month, we will be sharing:

  • Expert advice and tips on Style
  • The differences between Fashion and Style
  • Fashion mistakes we all make,
  • Trash or donate things: These items need to go
  • Closet essentials every woman should have
  • Biggest Autumn trends for 2022
  • Must have makeup travel essentials

Stay tuned for these and so much more this month on BKLS. When this month is over, you will embrace and own your Style and relish in the confidence that you look and feel your best each time you leave your home.

Happy September, my Dahlings–make it a Stylish month.

Nat C.


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