Black-owned Brands: To Know + Love + Support

Our black culture is meant to be celebrated always, and there is a great need to celebrate it even more as we move forward.  There are so many black creators, innovators, influencers, and trendsetters who have made many contributions to our society and many who are making contributions daily.  But often, their contributions aren’t met with financial benefits or recognition.

We are on a journey, and we have to be decisive with our dollars.  Make a conscious effort to support our black communities.  Many of us are protesting, donating, speaking out, signing petitions, etc. against systemic racism and police brutality.  But don’t forget to make contributions where it matters.  Buy from black-owned businesses locally or otherwise.

While we’re navigating systemic racism and police brutality, many black-owned businesses have shuttered. They will continue to as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, while many black-owned companies have continued to push forward, trying to find ways to stay afloat.  They are experiencing difficulty accessing stimulus loans.  I’m not only just writing this.  I’m writing this based on my personal experience and that of other black-owned businesses.  And the possibility of being approved for a loan is also a challenge to black-owned firms–the likelihood of being denied is highly probable.

Do you understand the urgency?  Buying from black-owned businesses, I believe, is a sure way to strengthen our communities and build wealth.  Black-owned does not mean FOR BLACKS ONLY as many black-owned brands are inclusive and diverse.

Below is a list of black-owned brands and businesses that are worth knowing, loving, and supporting now and always.


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After having her bold lip colors be referred to as “clown makeup” in 2015 on Shark Tank.  Founder Melissa Butler leveled up and has since had her products sold in Target.  Melissa and The Lip Bar are proof that when one door closes, another one opens. Check out the brand’s lip gloss in the shade “Trophy Wife.”  It’s an exciting twist on a classic nude and absolute game-changer.

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Our story begins with the need for melanin women to have a sunscreen brand that caters exclusively to them.

From carrying expensive umbrellas to the beach and downright neglecting to go outside all together, our founder thought it was time to create a natural non-white residue sunscreen brand for women of color.

2016 was the year Black Girl Sun Screen was created in the ever-popular city of Miami, Florida.  Beach days are always necessary, but blotchy makeup and white residue are two things we were frustrated with when enjoying a sunny day.

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A lover of all things beauty and makeup, Karen Stallings founded Colour U Cosmetics to create a line of smart cosmetics that can easily take you from day to evening.

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Since the birth of the brand, Rihanna has delivered top-of-the-line products with all complexions in mind.  Brand website.

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Uoma Beauty (Skin)

Was founded by Nigerian-born Sharon Chuter.   Uoma Beauty is committed to celebrating a beauty tribe based on inclusivity and diversity.  Shop from a full collection of make-up that offers everything you need, in formulas and shades that work for everyone.

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After suffering from severe breakouts.  Erika Clark turned to home remedies and dieting to treat her skin. In her premed studies, she had the opportunity to learn more about the structure and functions of people of color’s skin.

From her vitamin E–packed Glow Oil to her gently exfoliating Goddess Glow cleansing scrub, Erika turned her experience into a passion.  And is now helping other black women take care of their skin with her E Honey Skincare line.

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Beauty lovers everywhere adore and pay homage to “Mother,” aka Pat McGrath, a self-made billionaire, and veteran beauty visionary. After developing a love for makeup from her mom at just seven years old,

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Hyper Skin creator Desiree Verdejo had such a wealth of beauty knowledge after opening the equivalent to Sephora for women of color.  A beauty boutique in Harlem, New York, called Vivrant Beauty.  After being surrounded by premium skin-care products, she curated and simultaneously dealing with hormonal breakouts. And the dark marks it was causing.  She honed in on what was missing.

Hyper Skin launched with a single product, the Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, which combines 15 percent vitamin C and vitamin E to clear away hyperpigmentation.

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Coloured Raine Cosmetics made its debut in 2013 when founder Loraine R. Dowdy ditched her job in the finance industry to follow her dreams of starting her makeup brand. Her mission was to create brightly colored, high-quality products for everyone.  Regardless of skin tone, age, or gender — and that’s precisely what she did. Today, the brand offers a wide range of products, including liquid lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, foundation, and more.

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After nearly a decade of running the popular BeautyStat blog, researching and reviewing thousands of products, and developing products for Clinique, L’Oréal, Revlon, and Avon.  Cosmetics chemist Ron Robinson launched Beautystat Universal C Skin Refiner to much fanfare.  His brand mission is to “help consumers cut through the clutter and understand what types of beauty products are working and what’s not.”  Now it has a Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream and Universal C Eye Perfector as well.

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We all know and love actor Taraji P. Henson, and after years of not-so-great experiences with stylists who didn’t know how to work with her Black hair.  She created her line, which spans across scalp care, cleansers, treatments, and styles for all hair types — natural hair, wigs, installs, braids, locs, straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair—brand website.

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According to the brand, “Epara means ‘to cocoon oneself‘ in the Nigerian dialect of Ebira.”  Hence, the focus on a sparse area of the skin-care market: luxury skin-care products.  Products that cater to the underserved needs of women of color.  Founder Ozohu Adoh grew up in Nigeria, earned her MBA at Oxford University, and started working with a lab in the U.K. to develop formulas made with organic ingredients from Africa to treat not only her own dry, uneven skin (caused by follicular eczema), but other issues women of color face — including discoloration caused by the sun, free radicals, and air pollution.

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Multi-hyphenate businesswoman and YouTube personality B.Simone launched her namesake brand, B.Simone Beauty, in 2019.  And earned an applause-worthy $100,000 in sales in the first two months. The vegan and the cruelty-free line of mainly lip products, including liners, lipsticks, and glosses, as well as makeup bags and accessories.

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Unlike traditional loofahs, Luv Scrub is made of 100-percent nylon.  It’s a mesh exfoliator that’s been used in West African skin care for generations.  The brand’s founder, Caroline Owusu–Ansah, knew she was onto something when she gave the product to several friends who started raving about their smooth skin.  And she later turned it into a business.  Luv Scrub comes in five colors, including the millennial-pink shade pictured above, as well as dark purple, black, mint-green, and coral.

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Vegan hair-care brand Soultanicals started by Ayo Ogun, a mom of six  After too many tearful hair-detangling sessions with her daughter.  Ogun’s goal was to create products that smell delicious and address the specific needs of those with natural and multi-textured hair types — and she did just that. The brand now consists of hair masks, different kinds of butter, leave-ins, oils, cleansers (and much more), all of which are made with plant-based, herbal, and African botanical ingredients.

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Pholk Beauty creator, Niambi Cacchioli, wanted to make it easier and more affordable for Women of Color to get their hands on good skincare.  The brand is vegan, natural, and made in Jersey City, New Jersey, at its very own lab.  Cacchioli got the idea for her brand after years of traveling around Europe and struggling to find skin-care products that suited her, so she started experimenting with local ingredients and making her concoctions that worked wonders.

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Wrap Life intentionally celebrates Black women through beautiful imagery, and head wraps made with care. “The Wrap Life was inspired by West African expressions of headdress,” the brand shares on their website.  “We wear head wraps because they’re beautiful, fun, and they allow colorful self-expression.” And you should, too.

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Camara Aunique has quickly risen to become one of New York City’s go-to celebrity make-up artists.  Her client list includes celebrities Ava Duvernay, Quincy, June Ambrose, Yvonne Orji, Lil Rel Howery, Kandi Burruss, Susan Kelechi Watson, Barry Jenkins, Angela Bassett, Terry Crews, Garcelle Beauvais, Lisa Price, Justine Skye, and countless others.  Her work has graced the runway stages of designers Kate Spade, Reed Krakoff, and Kenneth Cole, also making time for television appearances and online tutorials to help viewers at home learn industry tips.

Thriving off of the fast pace of New York’s fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries, Camara’s incomparable work ethic stems from a lifelong admiration of her grandmother.  Who stopped at nothing to provide for her family.  As a Brooklyn native, Camara has seen the bright and dark sides of her city’s rapid development.  As the newest and youngest member on the Board of Managers for the YMCA Mc Burney through her philanthropic work, she hopes to equip New Yorkers with the tools needed to access the many resources and opportunities her city has to offer.  Camara lives by the motto, “I want to be to young people who I needed growing up.” Her award-winning work is a testament.

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After realizing how many toxic ingredients go into chemical hair straighteners, Mary-Andrée Ardouin-Guerrier decided to ditch them for good and started fresh with a big chop.  She was beginning to experiment with making her hair oil to help speed up growth and saw seriously amazing results.  She had her friends and family try it, and they loved it so much they said they’d be willing to buy it.  And thus, Loving Culture was born.

The brand’s Revitalizing Organic Hair Oil is made with fair trade argan oil, castor oil, and olive oil, which are rich in vitamins B, C, and E, as well as scalp-stimulating ingredients like eucalyptus oil and cayenne pepper extract. It’s also vegan, fragrance-free, and safe for all hair types.

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Created by Rachel James in 2012, Pear Nova is a super-chic collection of vegan nail lacquers inspired by fashion’s most innovative designers.  The line is “5 free,” so it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, toluene, and dibutyl Phthalate DBP.  Additionally, the brand offers gel formulas and cuticle oil, as well as fun, seasonal collections like Trip to Tulum and All Thai’d Up.


Niye Attang launched Ace Beaute in 2016 with a selection of cruelty-free false eyelashes and later expanded to offer eye shadow and brushes.  The brand lives by the motto: “Beauty for All” — meaning all colors, ages, genders, religions, and socio-economic status.  It’s held to that mission through its product offerings.

The brand has become most famous for its technicolor eye shadow palettes that feature colors like slime green, aqua, neon yellow, and more.

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We can’t talk about beauty without mentioning hair and the accessories that go along with it.  For black women with natural hair, wearing silk wraps becomes a part of our vision and an extension of daily hairstyles.  Cee Cee’s Closet NYC offers silk-lined headwraps to benefit hair.

Founders and sisters Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo combined their experiences of working in health care and working with women of color with textured hair to create a product.  That keeps hair soft, moisturized, and tangle-free.  The wraps vary from bold colors to African prints, and they are the crowns you never knew you needed.

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Detroit-based Brooklyn Body Butter, founded by Jasmine Matheney, specializes in body butter with sweet scents, like Strawberry Shake Butter, and romantic, velvety blends, like Rose Butter.  The products are made from natural shea butter and oils and combine alluring scents with a thick yet soothing texture that leaves the skin looking luminous and smelling good all day long.

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Have you ever considered the toxins in your nail polish?  Well, Kitiya Mischo King has.  When she realized the lack of non-toxic nail polish on the market that was both chic and long-lasting, she created her own.

Mischo Beauty is an eco-conscious nail polish brand specializing in chip-resistant and durable polish. It is packaged in a stylish bottle that would complement any vanity. Mischo polish is made for the woman who loves richly hued colors for her nails and is conscious about keeping toxins out of her beauty routine.

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Cashmere Nicole, the founder of Beauty Bakerie, is happy to offer us many product choices.  When she created her brand, Nicole wanted it to promote an alternative to the bad-girl images that young people are often exposed to, especially on social media.

Sweetness is what Nicole wanted to bring back to the game, and that mission is reflected in so many elements of the brand.  The packaging keeps a confectioner’s theme.  The brand’s So Icy illuminator powder is housed in what looks like a mini tub of ice cream. The hero Lip Whip tubes have that signature swirl that makes it look like the lipsticks were filled using a frosting pipe.

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Everything that glitters might not be gold, but the glitter from Glow Up Academy is the next best thing.  According to reviewers, these glitters are bomb since they’re the perfect mix of chunky and fine glitters, which makes for the classic statement look.  But don’t let your glow up end there, Glow Up Academy also offers lashes, lipsticks, lip glosses, and highlighters.

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Beauty made easy and fit for a queen—brand’s website.

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Created in 2011 by a mother of five, Janell Stephens dreamt up Camille Rose in her small kitchen.  At the time, much of the haircare market was saturated with harsh chemicals—especially products that spoke to the natural hair care community.  Camille Rose is a line of over 30 ranges of products full of good-for-you, vegan ingredients that will breathe life back into your curls.


Thanks to Mysteek Naturals, it is possible to get a vibrant popping hair color without all those harmful chemicals. Founded by Electra S. Davis, this chemical-free hair color product is believed to be the first of its kind, according to Misteek Naturals About page.  With their p[products, there is no need for the damaging steps to obtain a poppin’ hair color. So, say goodbye to developers, bleach, pre-lightening, or chemical dyes and hello to Mysteek Naturals.

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When Black Opal announced that the 25-year-old global beauty brand had been acquired by Desiree Rogers and Cheryl Mayberry McKissack last fall.  Black people rejoiced. “As we continue to grow the company and bring high-quality products to the market, we also plan to focus on creating a positive impact in our communities,” says Mayberry McKissack.

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Opaque cremes, vivid brights, fresh nudes, and toxic-free nail lacquer formulations were far and few for friends Ginger Johnson and Liz Pickett.  So they created Ginger & Liz, a 5-free nail polish brand with something for everyone.  The duo expanded product offerings with Hand Toning Cremes and natural Pout Polish Lip Scrubs.

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Skincare and wellness brand Golde use superfoods to power skincare.  Created in Brooklyn by co-founder and CEO Trinity Wofford in 2017, this line of products uses pure, natural ingredients to keep your skin clear, healthy, and glowing.

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Was born out of the need to find products pure enough for sensitive skin that was also good for the environment—and didn’t come with a wild price tag.  Brooklyn-based Plant Apothecary aims to promote wellness and environmental awareness in the beauty community.  Its unisex line ranges from all-natural bar soap, and facial mist to oil moisturizer and fan-favorite Get Happy Body Wash, which smells of fresh jojoba oil and coconut.

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Launched in 2015, Ilera Apothecary has been delivering ethically sourced, plant-based skincare products for five years straight from Detroit, Michigan. So, if you’re a fan of shea butter products, we highly suggest you try their stuff out.

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If you’re in the market for good rose oil, then look no further. Vie Beauty’s hydrating rose water will transform your everyday routine in and give you an enviable glow.

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Rooted in the African diaspora based in England, Liha blends the precious botanical life of West Africa with traditional English aromatherapy and folk remedies.  The result?  An organic and vegan skincare brand.  That is reshaping the natural beauty community and delivering top tier products.

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Formulated based on hair care recipes used in Lulu Cordero’s native Dominican Republic, Bomba Curls’ products promote hair growth and health and celebrate all different types of curls and textures. Brand’s website.

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Joining the (small) ranks of today’s revolutionized vaginal-health-care brands, The Honey Pot offers a range of products made to cleanse, protect, and balance.  From washes and wipes to tampons and pads and even lubricant, all of The Honey Pot’s products are 100% natural, made only with ingredients from the earth.  As a feel-good bonus, the brand has partnered with Happy Period, an organization that provides menstrual hygiene kits to those who are homeless, low-income, or living in poverty.  Not familiar with the category? Ease your way in with a safer, everyday alternative like the brand’s all-cotton, plastic-free tampons.

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Curkbox offers both monthly subscription boxes and non-subscription boxes brands that are filled with products your natural and curly hair are dying to discover in a timely and affordable manner.

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Styling your baby hairs and laying your edges just got away easier thanks to Baby Tress’s Edge Styler.  We aren’t exaggerating when we say it’s a game-changer and that everybody should have one in their vanities.

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Think of Iwi Fresh products as juices for your skin. No, you can’t drink them, but made with raw powder and fresh juice-based vegetables, fruits, and herbs that will freshen up your skin as a good juice would.

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Naturalicious easy-to-use products are a reminder that curly, kinky, and coily hair is the standard of beauty.  Plus, they are partnered with T Detroit-based nonprofit, Services to Enhance Potential (STEP), which offers employment opportunities for men and women with special needs.  So, not only Naturalicius cares for your hair but your community as well.

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licensed esthetician Lesley Thornton, founder and owner of Klur, prestigious skincare product line say it all.  But to see her is to understand just how effective her formulas genuinely are.

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Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton of epi.logic believes that beauty is not just about looking good, but about feeling your best.  She’s a board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon trained in reconstructive surgery.  She says of her brand, “My goal is to provide skin logic for all by simplifying the ingredients and taking a benefits-based approach.”

Founded by Annya Santana, Menos Mas is inspired by the philosophy, “less is more.”  The clean, gender-fluid beauty brand that’s ethos is to feed your skin from the inside out. They produce small-batch products that are made from the finest ingredients and sold in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.  Currently, they’ve taken a hiatus and paused their production, but be sure to hit that follow button and subscribe to their newsletter because you’ll want to add to your beauty routine their next batch of skincare goodies.

If you’re looking for a body scrub that isn’t slippery and digs down deep, these scrubs are a must-have! Brand’s website.

Founder and CEO of Briogeo Nancy Twine weren’t fulfilled by her job on Wall Street and knew her life’s true calling was working in beauty.  She credits her grandmother, who taught her DIY recipes as a child, for igniting her passion for hair.  Now, Twine is the youngest black woman to launch a line of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks (and more) at Sephora, which is significant.  Her products are created for all hair types and made of antioxidants, oils, and vitamins to ensure more robust, healthier hair.

This brand’s products are known for the moisture they provide to curly hair, perfect if you’re looking to reduce frizz and for products that moisturize 4C hair—brand’s website.

Whether you’re looking for highlighters, lashes, or lip glosses, this multi-hyphenate beauty brand has the quality products you need—brand’s website.

This vegan-friendly lip line offers a bold array of colors and environmentally friendly products that you can feel good about—the brand’s website.

As the name implies, this line is made without parabens, an ingredient that is the bane of a 2A-4C’s existence—the brand’s website.

Born out of necessity, Yubi Beauty is the makeup applicator. You need to cut your makeup application routine in half.  Thanks to its innovative design, you can apply your foundation without worrying about your skin looking patchy, suffering from breakouts, or tip-toeing around your vanity mirror because the handle of your brush is too long.  That’s why, Adiya Dixon Wiggins aptly named it Yubi, which means finger in Japanese, so it feels like an extension of your hand.

When Oyin Handmade founder Jamyla Bennu wasn’t able to find products with naturally sourced ingredients that worked for her highly textured hair, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  And formulate them herself.  Bennu had launched a full natural hair and body-care line.

The Baltimore-based brand now offers an extensive selection of personal-care products, including but not limited to shampoo and conditioner, co-washes, pomades and puddings, leave-in conditioners, and deodorant.  They’re all cruelty-free, gentle, and contain skin- and hair-loving ingredients like green tea extract, hydrating glycerin, and castor seed oil.

There’s a reason why Uniqurl’s four-in-one styler continues to sell out: It’s creamy, hydrating, and super moisturizing.

Brooklyn-born Lorraine R. Dowdy infuses her Caribbean roots into her makeup brand Coloured Raine.  The mission behind the brand “has always been to spread awareness of diversity through the beauty and to embrace all aspects of color through unity.” And she continues to maintain an all-Black team.

Clean beauty is at the foundation of Uni Beauty Blends that centers on pure and holistic practices.

For more than 20 years, Taliah Waajid has been leading the natural hair movement with sustainable products.  Every single shampoo, oil, conditioner, and hair mask has moisturizing, conditioning, and cleansing benefits made, especially for natural hair textures.  Waajid’s Green Apple Collection reigns supreme in my book because it makes my hair smell amazing for days.

Paula Hayes is a product chemist inspired by the challenge of finding quality cosmetics that complement her complexion.  For her brand Hue Noir, she uses science to design textures and shades guaranteed to work for all women of color.

For me, it was a race between trying to find the perfect shade in what seems like a timed test after the words “pick your color” are spoken, and getting disappointing outcomes almost every single time with the shades I had to select quickly.  So in 2016, I decided to hand-make my own.  I started mixing and pouring and fell in love with creating unique colors that radiate on every skin tone.  ‘Diversifying Beauty in Nail Care’ means I specifically created a space for underrepresented skin tones and that this safe space is made just for you and anyone who loves and embraces inclusiveness, all skin types, skin tones, and quality nail polish. Brand’s website.

Nolaskinsentials was created when I noticed my skin issues not being catered to,” says Nolaskinsentials founder Jane Ormon.  “I tapped into my Black Girl Magic and said, Fine! I’ll do it myself!”  She created an affordable, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free skincare line inspired by millennials and Mother Nature.

Eclectic yet powerful, this line provides styling products that work, and with product names that make you feel like dancing—brand’s website.

This Black woman-owned brand delivers products that are ultra-rich and moisturizing.  Its More Moisture Cream is a fan favorite—brand’s website.

What if someone made a nail polish brand that was made to complement the various shades of brown skin?  It’s what People of Color founder Jacqueline Carrington was asking when she embarked on creating her nail polish brand.  A wife and mother, she has been an entrepreneur since childhood and continues to inspire the community.

Not only does this brand create hair care products that nourish, but it also donates some of its proceeds to breast cancer awareness initiatives—brand’s website.

Alicia Scott started her career working in the fashion industry, where she noticed a lack of deeper foundation shades at runway shows and photoshoots.  It’s a problem she realized went beyond the drugstores she frequented, which also had a shortage of options for the melanin-rich.  On top of all that, many foundations also caused Scott’s eczema to flare up, so even if she could find her shade, the formulation might not agree with her sensitive skin.  And so she created Range Beauty.

These salon-quality lashes will take your eye makeup to the next level and won’t have you worrying about infection or irritation—the brand’s website.

From soaps to roll-on oils, this skincare line uses natural and apothecary ingredients to bring you fresh and indulgent skincare—brand’s website.

Known for its bold eyeshadow palettes, this brand uses quality shadows that you’ll reach for time and time again to create artistic looks—brand’s website.

AJ Crimson is a makeup guru.  A seasoned celebrity makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur, he founded one of the first makeup lines to serve all skin tones.  “I wanted to create a product inclusive of women of all ethnicities, a product all women could find ownership in and believe in,” Crimson writes on his website.  “So often, makeup has been designed with a one-size-fits-all mentality, and with black women and women of color, my cosmetic line contains shades for women of every ethnic background and skin tone.”

LaVonndra “Elle” Johnson became a skincare creator after her battle with extremely oily skin led her to seek viable options for skincare.  Chemical-based products couldn’t cut it.  With a formal background in branding, she decided to put her skill set to use and launch her natural brand. That’s how Elle Johnson Co. bloomed.

With its creamy body butter, intoxicating body oils, and luxe bath oils, this brand delivers a spa-like experience right to your door—brand’s website.

  • Hanahanna Beauty (Skin + Body)

  • Hanahana was created by began from a simple want to feel confident in my skin truly.  Hanahana Beauty is a clean beauty brand that offers ethically sourced + better for you ingredients.  We are serious about the product to consumer transparency, remaining cruelty-free, and always paying 2x the fair trade price for our shea butter sourced directly from Tamale, Ghana.  Hanahana Beauty is committed to creating sustainable ways of access + learning and sharing the stories of black women globally.
  • Jade and Fox Co (Skin + Body)

This brand’s body oil, whipped body butter, silkening soaps, and other products will leave your skin radiant and hydrated—brand’s website.

Glowing skin and flawless lashes are the signatures of this growing Black-owned beauty brand.  Brand’s website.

This retro hair care line pays homage to ’90s hip-hop, as well as to curly and kinky strands, offering nourishment and easy-styler products—brand’s website.

Founder and musician Kayla Phillips started this vegan cosmetics line with a small range of colorful bath bombs, and since then, it’s evolved to offer everything from shower gels and solid perfumes to face masks, shampoos, and more.  Everything is handmade by Phillips in her Nashville outpost, including the clarifying Roses Are Red Clay Mask, which promises to balance and detox all types of skin.

Finally, a line that makes taking off your makeup cool again with the chicest packaging ever.  Founder Lauren Napier found a need for beauty minimalists: makeup removing wipes that do it all without harming your skin in the process. These efficient products are packaged for women on the go with minimal time who care about clean ingredients.

Dedicated to providing hair care that focuses on the health of locs, this brand is perfect, whether you’re just starting on your loc journey or are a seasoned loc caretaker—brand’s website.

With unique scents and product shapes, this holistic skincare brand brings health and jollification together—the brand’s website.

This plant-based skincare line uses clean ingredients that are safe for the skin and the environment—the brand’s website.

This brand’s ultra-indulgent handmade soaps, clarifying facial oil, and other products will leave you feeling radiant—the brand’s website.

Founder She’Neil Johnson dreamed up Base Butter to serve women of color who care about products made of pure, simple, and good-for-you ingredients.  Since the brand’s inception in 2015, Base Butter has exploded, and now carries the number-one aloe vera gel-based moisturizer for pH-balanced and hydrated skin.

Offering luxe products for skin and hair, these Black women created a line that will have you feeling as if you’re getting a spa experience at home—brand’s website.

Inspired by the wisdom and self-care practices of people in the African diaspora, Pholk has crafted a broad range of vegan skin and body care with zero synthetics. Are you looking to wake up with a dreamy, dewy glow?  Try the brand’s H2Oil Hemp x Hibiscus Night Treatment, made with Senegalese hibiscus-seed oil and infused peony petals, to gently exfoliate your skin while you sleep—without clogging your pores.

From the same folks who brought us, Bevel, Form is a new range of customizable hair care for women of all ethnic backgrounds with textured hair.  The collection—including shampoos, conditioners, stylers, and a finishing pomade—is meant to simplify your hair routine, whatever your needs may be.  The brand also offers curated “lifestyle sets” meant to work with your day-to-day schedule; in the Move fitness set, for instance, you’ll find everything you need to look your best after every workout.

The brand behind Instagram’s favorite all-natural collagen-infused lip mask —and newly added retinol-infused eye mask—is brought to you by beauty columnist (and Instagram fave in her own right) Kristen Noel Crawley.  She launched her brand just two years ago, and it’s already stocked at luxe beauty destinations like Net-a-Porter and Violet Grey.  The line will keep your lips and skin soft and plump, and as a bonus, make for a pretty delightful selfie.

Take everything you think you know about styling creams (sticky, heavy, residue-leaving, chemical-filled), throw it out the window, and get yourself Skimdo.  This curl cream is genuinely revolutionary, using a highly concentrated, stretchy gel texture that will leave a soft, natural, satin finish on your hair, no matter its texture.  What’s more?  The brand promises up to a seven-day hold—and it smells fantastic.  Shop the Original Cream to fancy up your top shelf, or the Baby size to throw in your bag and use on the go.

This Georgia-based line (pronounced “bee-kure-ah”) specializes in treating fatigue, dry skin, and hair with what it calls comfort blends—think nourishing doses of the cacao bean, floral honey nectar, and cold-pressed fruit butter.  Its latest launch, Special Reserve, offers rare, handmade blends and ingredients aged with high-quality botanicals and fragranced exclusively with what the brand calls sophisticated essential oils, resins, and absolutes.  The Sencha Absolute Pedicure Balm is an absolute lifesaver for your feet during the winter

Exclusively available at Ulta, Nyakio is a sustainable skin- and body-care line inspired by founder Nyakio Kamoche Grieco’s family beauty secrets and travels.  Handmade with cold-pressed oils in small batches, all of the formulas are made with sustainable, ethical, and natural ingredients from around the world.  You’ll find everything from a creamy Kenyan body scrub that exfoliates with shea butter and baobab oil to quinoa-based depuffing eye cream.

When beauty, health, and science collide, you can expect something beautiful to happen—as in, gorgeous hair. The Mane Choice was created by a physician and registered nurse duo, who combined vitamins and nutrients in solution-based products, with healthy hair as the top priority.  Want longer hair?  Get your hands on their hair growth oil ($10).

In 2007 this line launched with a range of products that cleanse, style, condition, and finish all textures of hair.  The hero product, the Daily Cleansing Cream, dissolves dirt and oil while preserving hair’s moisture and sheen, so although it doesn’t lather, key ingredients like lemongrass still make sure it gets rid of all the scalp buildup. At the same time, honey helps maintain moisture and protect your hair.

Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of BeautyStat Cosmetics, has been in the industry for 20 years on the product development side.  He says, “I started BeautyStat to help consumers cut through the clutter and understand what types of beauty products are working and what’s not. ” Eventually, he came up with his active beauty tech, and a brand was born.

Gilded founder Blair Armstrong is a physician’s assistant in dermatology, which is where her love for skincare began.  She launched Gilded with a clear vision: to offer safe, effective, and luxurious body-care products for all women.  The line consists of a skin-brightening body polish, a buffing brush made with marble for an ultra-fancy feel, and a body balm designed for super-dry skin, in addition to three sustainable candles housed in marble jars, and a mixing palette for makeup.

It’s also worth noting that Armstrong made it a separate personal mission of hers to provide dermatological care to uninsured and low-income women and children.  Right now, this is taking place in the Atlanta area virtually.

Sholayide Otugalu is not here for the basic.  With the icon Josephine Baker as her inspiration, she started her cosmetics brand Joséphine Cosmetics for the untamed, wealthy and radical.  Natural beauty would never be the same, ever again.

Merced S. Boyce, founder of BLAC minerals, longed for inclusive, toxic-free makeup products.  So she created them.  “The mission behind BLAC has always been to showcase the diversity of women of color,” she says.  “We come in a myriad of shades, and that needs to be reflected.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a marketplace made with the purpose of discovering and supporting black women artisans in the beauty and wellness space?  Professor Kristian Henderson thought so, so she founded BLK + GRN. Launched just last year, the e-commerce site stocks an impressive lineup of natural products across multiple categories—from hair and skin to wellness and home—all crafted to meet the specific needs of black women.  Log on, and you’re guaranteed to add dozens of new brands to your radar.

Founders, Talima, and Allison, are devoted to making products that are good for the body and the environment. A personal passion fueled by life circumstances, the products started as a side project and quickly became a full-time investment that the world is beyond lucky to have—brand’s website.

Unsun Cosmetics was created by Katonya Breaux in 2016 after years of searching for a sunscreen that works for women of color.  The brand’s three-piece sun-care collection consists of 100 percent mineral-based SPFs that don’t leave behind any weird residue or chalkiness.  They’re also made with skin-boosting ingredients like hydrating glycerin, coconut oil, and olive fruit oil for added moisture

Frequently, people make the mistake of grouping natural hair into one category.  Wrong. Within natural hair, there are different curl types and a range of textures, which require different products.  Mielle Organics understands this and has focused on becoming the number-one haircare line for thick, curly type 4 hair (a more coarse natural texture). Founder and CEO Monique Rodriguez has a background as a registered nurse, and her experience in science helped her craft products full of minerals, amino acids, and herbs that enable healthy hair to thrive.

Before starting Undefined Beauty, founder Dorian Morris worked in the industry for huge companies like Sephora, Kendo (who owns Fenty Beauty, among other major labels), and CoverGirl.  She then took what she learned and used it to create her own “beauty baby,” if you will, which resulted in a CBD-infused lineup of skin-care and makeup products.

In addition to the popular hemp derivative, the brand’s products also contain ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and natural fruit extracts for flavor.  The whole collection is made without sulfates, artificial dyes or fragrances, and is 100 percent vegan.

Michael James, aka the founder of Frederick Benjamin Grooming, started his brand because he was determined to find a better way for Black men to feel powerful when it comes to hair care and grooming.  He wanted to provide them with safe, high-quality products that are free from everyday chemicals and irritants, so he made products infused with natural oils to cleanse the scalp and hair without stripping it while fighting bacteria and calming aggravated skin.

In addition to primary hair care and styling agents, the brand also offers a range of shaving products, including a soothing after-shave gel with aloe vera, a beard oil, and a post-shave bump treatment. Everything is relatively affordable, too, with prices starting at $12.

The natural hair movement has brought forth an explosion of clip-ins and extensions, making it easier than ever for those with kinky curls to play with textured looks.  Kurly Klips is one of the black-owned brands in the space you should try.

Founder Lana Boone says they use 100 percent human hair for the clip-ins.  She says that she spent more than $200,000 on hair until she found exactly what she was looking for.  Patterns on tap include loose spirals, 4C patterned curls, and even a textured blowout option that comes in different lengths. You can also play with ponytails, as well as puffs and ponies.

Anita Grant’s namesake brand offers hair-, skin-, and body-care products that look like they popped right out of a hip apothecary.  The idea for the line came after Grant found herself in the hospital having an adverse reaction to a lotion containing propylene glycol.  She became obsessed with ingredients, what they do, what they don’t do, and began looking for ways to create her products using natural ingredients.

Her U.K.-based brand started with herb-infused hair products and body oils.  Now, working with fair trade and organic farming communities, Grant’s brand offers deep conditioners, leave-ins, cleansers, shampoo bars, oils, and clays for your face, toners, and so much more.

If the beauty gods granted us one wish, we would ask for our skin to continuously glow as if Danessa Myricks did our makeup.  Whether she’s creating a super high-impact, metallic eye look complete with gold foil, or she goes soft glam with a glossy lip, Myricks’s work is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Her makeup brand is beloved by makeup artist, and even regular folks co-sign, especially those who love a multitasking product.  Danessa Myricks Beauty offers everything you need for a full face, start to finish.  There is also a wide selection of pigments in both powder and liquid form that you can use on your lips, eyes, and even body.

After a lifetime of acne with no effective products to deal with it, Jamika Martin founded ROSEN Skincare and never looked back.  “We formulate fun stuff for your face to help the 85 percent of us who deal with acne see results, naturally,” she says.

“As a young girl, I spent a lot of time in Africa with my family of medicine men, farmers, and educators,” says Nyakio Kamoche Grieco, whose namesake brand is making waves in beauty.  “My favorite memory is of my grandmother teaching my mother and me to crush coffee beans and rub them on our skin using a piece of sugarcane to remove dry skin.  I discovered that memories like these are shared by women around the world.”

Joelle Lynn strives to make your “girl” happy, and we’re here for it. Her feminine care brand carries everything from gentle cleansers to bump serum and vagina facial masks.  And to think it all started in her kitchen.  Brand website.

Nigerian-born Chichi Eburu disrupted the market when her Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes and creamy color pigment lipsticks debuted. Her roots are felt through the richness and vibrancy of every collection the brand drops.

You might love Waters for her house music hits, but you’ll love her even more for her innovative skincare. Her brand Boyface offers easy-to-use products to help him look and feel his best.

Lamik Beauty’s Instagram bio says it all: “Clean makeup focused on the women who spend 80% more on cosmetics but get 10% of shelf — Women of Color.”  Its founder and CEO, Kim Roxie, built the cosmetics brand in 2004 based on her desire to create vegan, natural products for multicultural women.

Sixteen years later, Lamik Beauty is made up of high-quality eyebrow and complexion products — including a foundation that they custom blend for your skin tone.  Its products are made with moisturizing oils like jojoba, coconut, and castor seed, as well as botanical extracts like rosemary, which serves as a natural antioxidant.

After growing weary of questionable chemicals in many nail products and then watching her mother and grandmother battle breast cancer, Janet and Jo founder Kendra Woolridge wanted to create something better.  She decided to make products her loved ones could use without having to worry about anything harming their health.  Woolridge brought to life a line of vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic nail lacquers in colors that flatter all skin tones, with a particular emphasis on shades that compliment darker skin.  There are vibrant corals, poppy purples, sunny yellows, hot pinks, and many more fun shades.

Hairstylist Vernon François created his namesake brand because, throughout his career, he noticed a massive need for hair care and styling products that worked on diverse hair types — specifically natural hair, curly, and textured.  His line has of a full range of styling products for different hair types, as well as tools and accessories, like a protective silk cap and a microfiber towel that won’t disrupt fragile curls.  François has used his line on many celebrities, including Lupita Nyong’o.

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco grew up visiting her grandmother in Kenya and watching her use coffee beans to exfoliate and take care of her skin.  Now, she’s the founder of the namesake brand, Nyakio, a cruelty-free, vegan skin-care line inspired by her homeland and the farmers in her family.  The brand uses 13 critical ingredients from around the world to create products that protect and soothe the skin.

Oui the People is not here to sell products to make you look “flawless,” and you won’t find anti-aging claims on their packaging.  They simply want to make science-driven shaving and skin-care products, so you feel confident as hell.

The brand carries everything you need for a clean shave (where ever you desire).  The brand’s single-blade razors come in rose gold, and matte black, and their shaving gels turn into a milky texture. Founder Karen Young grew up watching her uncles shave meticulously, and thought everyone deserved the same experience.  She launched the brand in 2015 as Oui Shave and changed the name to Oui, The People as a nod to everyone (including non-binary folks) who swear by the brand

Lulu Cordero is using hair care to celebrate the roots of her Dominican culture — and its beauty secrets.  Cordero’s Bomba Curls brand uses high-quality natural and organic ingredients that help maintain healthy, moisturized, poppin’ curls.  The brand launched with the Forbidden Hair Oil and recently expanded to include the Forbidden Hair Mask, a deep conditioning treatment that promises to restore elasticity and promote healthy hair growth.

Beneath Your Mask in the byproduct of a series of life-changing events for founder Dana.  While living her dream as an entertainment business manager in Atlanta, she was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).  It started a spiritual and physical healing journey that led to the inspiration for the name of her brand.

Beneath Your Mask’s skin, body, and hair products all have anywhere between 11 to 18 active ingredients, packaged in Miron glass containers that aid in activating the formulas.  Its Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé is enough to brag about alone

The crochet hair technique (in which one uses a latch hook to weave hair extensions through cornrows, creating a new hairstyle) has been around for a long time.  It’s a process Latched + Hooked founder Tiffany Gatlin remembers from when she was a little girl.  Crocheting has enjoyed a boost in popularity as both a protective and transitional style, but the installation process, mainly curling braid hair extensions with Flexi rods and then dipping it in boiling water so it can hold the form, can be a little time-consuming.

Gatlin went on a mission to change that.  The result is Latched + Hooked, a line of pre-twisted chemical-free synthetic hair.  The offerings include crochet curls in a range of patterns, as well as braids and twists.  The brand also has a wide range of synthetic braiding hair available in a rainbow of ombré colors, plus two different types of synthetic wigs.

We love a beauty brand that stays to a theme, and The Crayon Case does in the most adorable way possible.  Taking inspiration from the classroom, The Crayon Case’s products include many makeup kit staples: brushes, eyeliner, eye shadow, lashes, and more, all packaged to emulate No. 2 pencils, rulers, erasers, Sharpies, and other memorable school supplies.

Founder Raynell Seward (aka Wuzzam Supa/ Supa Cent) started the brand in 2017.  Her social media popularity helped propel her venture, as well as one of her first products, the Box of Crayons Palette, which went viral soon after it was released. In 2018, her company grossed $1 million in revenue in just about an hour during its Cyber Monday sale.

Inside Genelle John’s store in St. George, Bermuda, she sells the scents of the island in the form of soaps, body butter, scrubs, and lip balms.  John has been using natural ingredients in her hair and on her body her entire adult life.  When she returned to the island after university, she decided Salt Spray Soap Co. was her way of contributing to the community.  All the products are made with moisturizing and antioxidant-rich ingredients.  Her salt scrub is pretty unique; it’s an emulsified blend, so when water hits the body, the scrub turns into a lotion-like texture.

Uhai Beauty is a hair-care brand founded by former chemical engineer and Southside Chicago native Susan Edwards.  Much of the inspiration for her products come from her experiences during an 8-year stint in Liberia, the hair-care brand’s home base.  “Uhai is my love letter to the continent and [Liberian] women,” Edwards explains in the brand’s mission statement.  Baobab, the star ingredient in Uhai products, is a superfood prevalent in Africa, filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe irritated scalps.

Meet Mary Louise Cosmetics, a brand that was born out of Akilah Releford’s dorm room at Howard University.  With dreams of creating a “fix-it-all” product that did not compromise ingredients and affordability, Releford created a 100 percent vegan brand best known for its Miracle Serum ($35): acne and scar-erasing serum that’ll give you a glow that cannot be duplicated—scroll through the brand’s Instagram to see for yourself

It’s all about self-care and self-love for Jacq’s co-founder and CEO, Barbara Jacques.  It’s no wonder the brand was created out of love, and an immediate need for non-toxic products.  “Your skin tells the story of who you are,” she says on the brand’s website. And we are unapologetically beautiful.

Keba Guilan is not only a skin and fragrance savior with her brand Butter by Keba; she is herself, a word.  “Our goal and mission are to bring people together through fragrance,” she says.  The Harlem-based innovator is doing precisely that with her unique and creative blends.

Keamone F and Alisha Ricki created their brand kanti to help Black girls find their glow.  They wanted to address the concerns of people with melanin-rich skin, such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, eczema, dehydration, excessive oil, acne, uneven texture, and more—brand’s website.

Maision 276 is the brainchild of New Orleans native Angel Cornelius. Her signature body butter was the start of the brand, and now she offers products for hair with lush ingredients.

Certified Aromatherapist Aba Gyepi-Garbrah is a lover of plant medicine who parlayed that affection into a brand filled with lush, hand-crafted botanical skincare.  She’s also an expert in olfactory art, and it shows through her healing and therapeutic products—brand’s website.

Calvin Quallis’ men’s grooming brand Scotch Porter is a gem amongst gems.  When Quallis quit his “cushy” corporate job to follow his passion for making people feel their best, he took a massive leap of faith.  Now, men everywhere are benefitting greatly from his decision.

Started as an experiment to provide her family with natural body care products, Chloe and Chad developed into a full-on brand for Aisha Besson.  Her line of organic and natural soaps, balms, lotions, and body butter is made to order in small batches to keep the integrity of the formulas.

Bonded by negative experiences treating their skin conditions, Topicals co-founders Olamide Olowe (right) and Claudia Teng are women of color shaking things up in medicated botanicals for all skin types.  “Our whole goal is to make a skin condition treatment synonymous with the fun and luxury of self-care,” says Olowe.

Matrescence is the process of becoming a mother.  So Raquel Roxanne gave this name to her brand because it is rooted in caring for mothers.  She says the mission is to “refine motherhood by making moms more empowered, confident, and beautiful.”

Self-proclaimed lipstick junkie, Aishetu (Aisha) Dozie was an investment banker when she ventured into the world of beauty.  Equipped with a mission to empower women to look, feel, and do good while using cruelty-free products, she’s also fueling her passion for giving back through her brand.  Brand’s website.

Ladybug Skincare created to renew, restore, and enhance all skin types. Towanda Braxton of the Braxton family created this line.

Supermodel Iman knew first-hand the struggles of finding makeup to suit women of color during her years backstage working with makeup artists that weren’t properly equipped. Known as the first skincare and makeup brand designed with “women with skin of color,” in mind, Iman Cosmetics is still going strong.  A must-have from the brand is the Second to None Foundation Stick, which will leave you looking flawless and natural.

This line is known for its series of skin and hair products that smell decadent and help to heal skin and hair—the brand’s website.

Rucker Roots was started by two sisters with a family history rich in healthy hair. In the 1980s, their mother created her concoctions from their family garden, using oils, mayonnaise, eggs, avocados, and more, and the girls grew up with love for hair products.  Inspired by their mother’s use of the garden, Rucker Roots’ shampoos and conditioners are derived from vegetable roots and vitamins to meet the needs of every naturalist.

When looking for products to help his skin problems, actor and model Dorion Renaud couldn’t find any he loved, so he decided to create his own. “I created Buttah Skincare for us,” he says on his website. Each product is infused with organic shea butter imported from Africa to reinvigorate your skin’s natural radiance.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing Renaud’s skin in-person, and let me tell you; it made me want to get my hands on his products ASAP. To save my inherently dry skin, I lather the shea butter over rough patches right before bed.

Indulge in this Black-owned skincare brand that whips up tasty body butter that hydrates the skin and leaves it soft and supple. Brand’s website.

Known for its Coca Creme Clay Wash, this brand’s natural and potent ingredients leave hair feeling squeaky clean and healthy. Brand’s website.

Using plant-based ingredients, this brand is committed to healing the skin from the inside out—the brand’s website.

Dedicated to protecting hair, this line includes silk and satin in its protective products to help reduce frizz and breakage—brand’s website.


Lulu’s Holistics crafts each product from scratch and by hand, out of safe, organic ingredients with no additives or chemicals. Since the launch in 2017, two stores have opened, one in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and one in the Bronx.

Lulu’s Holistics crafts each product from scratch and by hand, out of safe, organic ingredients with no additives or chemicals. Since the launch in 2017, two stores have opened, one in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and one in the Bronx.


The Whistling Thorn tree has adapted to the harsh climate of its home. Everything from its roots to its branches has hardened itself for thriving in the savanna. Its leaves stretch out to grab sunlight but remain small enough to hold back moisture loss. Its thorns are home to entire ant colonies, whose burrowing among the thorns give the tree its whistling name.


CUSHNIE is a luxury women’s ready-to-wear and bridal brand designed by Carly Cushnie.


Lovinah Supernatural Skincare is inspired by ancient African beauty secrets and remedies with a modern technology twist. Joy grew up in Nigeria, where she learned from her grandmother, who was an herbalist, doctor & midwife.

Lovinah products are handcrafted in small batches. The line is a natural and clean plus unique. I’ve only dabbled in a few things so far, but they’re all been impressive to date.


Eyllek is committed to providing luxury natural skincare products around the world by developing solutions that promote optimum skin health.


Enjoy the filter-free look every day! This collection was perfectly curated to enhance your natural beauty and embrace your real skin—brand’s website.


Naked Flamingo is an organic + cruelty-free skincare line, handcrafted in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness.


CANDY x PAINTS is a Leaping Bunny & PETA-certified vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and 10-free, versatile nail care brand. C x P was created for expressing yourself through color, consciously, and safely, without compromising quality, performance, health, or vibrancy.


Frustrated by the lack of skin-tone choices to go with her ever-expanding wardrobe, Ade Hassan created Nubian Skin to provide the essential underwear needs for people of color.


London Grant is a collection of 100% natural provisions for home and body. Shop the new minimalist-inspired selection of non-toxic, fragrance-free body care.


Sparkle Chanel Lockett knows just how important it is to make every occasion special. It is this experience that has helped her build one of the most sought after cosmetics lines, MakeUp By Sparkle Beauty & Cosmetics (MBS).

The fundamentals of the MBS Cosmetics brand are professionalism, boldness, and confident style. Representing the program woman, Sparkle sought out to create a line of cosmetics to encourage professional women to be their boldest, brightest selves from work hours to happy hour.


Incorporate Shani Darden essentials into your nightly regimen and wake up to healthier, younger-looking skin.


For a vibrant and healthy glow, shop our luxury botanical skincare ethically made with ingredients that are sustainably sourced first-hand from cooperatives throughout Africa.  Brand’s website


Mischo Beauty was started because founder Kitiya Mischo King—who has a background in beauty and a chemistry degree—envisioned a luxe, non-toxic nail lacquer as an alternative to the highly-toxic and chemically-filled ones all over the market. That’s when her brand was born—a line of nail polishes that are 10-free, vegan-friendly, and void of artificial fragrances.


Handcrafted makeup for dark skin tones. Foundations, concealers, contour creams, setting powders, concealers, highlighters, and liquid matte lipsticks. Brand’s website


Nine Three Beauty is a cruelty-free U.S. made independent make-up company. Their products include everything from lip balms to highlights and everything in between.


Ayele (Pronounced EYE-YELL) is a skincare brand that caters to everyone.

When it comes to the skin, ignorance isn’t bliss. Understanding your skin is super important; it isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation!


Founded by influencer and YouTuber Kaylar Will, KayLux Cosmetics offers affordable and luxurious makeup products for all kinds of beauty lovers.


Kaike (pronounced “cake”) is a plant-based skincare brand known for its multi-purpose products. Founded in 2015 by Keli Smith with the idea that less is more, it pledges to create vegan and cruelty-free products for all skin-care needs specific to melanin-rich skin.


MDMflow started with handmade lipsticks using the latest color technology, going on to create the decade’s great mascara, according to the beauty experts.


A Revitalizing Organic Hair Oil made to transform, revive, and nourish all hair types & textures. Brand’s website


Earth Toned Collective fosters a connection to the natural world through intentional design.


Urembo is the Swahili word for Beauty. True Urembo Skincare is an all-natural organic skincare company based out of North Carolina USA Owned by two African Ladies.


Demosea, a back-to-basics, skincare line, that helps you take the guesswork out of choosing effective beauty products for your skin type.

Many black-owned brands and businesses are often overlooked.  My goal is to expand my knowledge of black-owned businesses.  Not only a local level but on a national level as well.  And I’m taking you my fabulous dahlings along with me.

I believe we have a little over 150 blacked-owned businesses and brands listed here.   We can start supporting these businesses today.  We have another 200 plus businesses that are being added to this list over the next day or two.  But we can start with what’s here.   We will also be adding a PDF list of all the businesses in a few days.  We have included each business website and Instagram account–making it convenient for you to gain access to them.

Bookmark these resources to refer back to, visit as often as you’d like, and when the PDF is posted, download its accessibility.  Of course, we would like to receive your favorite black-owned business and brands to include them on this list. Email us or tag us on IG. If you’re unable to purchase from one of these brands or your favorite that,’s ok. Pass the list along, follow them on Instagram, or share a post. Support comes in a variety of forms.

Let’s find ways to elevate, uplift, and support each other. The journey to change has just begun, and there isn’t a doubt that it will be ongoing.

As Always, I’m sending Love. Stay Safe.






Please Note:

We used several resources to compile this list–Allure, Vogue, HuffPost, Haper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Oprah Magazine + Byrdie

Nat C.


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