Black-Owned Brands we Love: DeyDreemz

Some things bring us together in surprising ways.  And boy, oh boy, we need and crave togetherness right now.

Food and culture connect us deeply.  I believe it brings us together and feeds us emotionally.  Food allows us to express our cultural identity and gives us a way to preserve our culture.  Our featured brand today found a way to connect us while preserving and sharing a bit of their culture.


The word punch made it’s way to England in the 17th century from India.  By sailors and employees of the British East India Company. Punch is a Sanskrit पञ्च (pañc) word, meaning “five,” as the drink was originally made with five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, and spices.   Eventually, punch made its way to other European countries. And in 1655, the “modern’ punch was born when Jamaican Rum became popular.


DeyDreemz, meaning “They Dreams,” is a company that created the 100% hand-crafted premium rum punch that is worth a try.  Deydreemz was created and founded by Tiffany Stephenson, who was later joined by Keisha Guscott -Stephenson as the brand’s coordinator. Both Tiffany and Keisha migration from Jamaica to the United States. Tiffany is a chef and Kisha, is an educator of the English Language/Literature.

I first met Tiffany and Keisha at one of BK Girls Nightout (BKGNO) pop-up events many years ago.  Being a lover of Vodka, rum isn’t something that interested me even while vacationing in the Caribbean.  But I didn’t know that Deydreemz would change my perspective that day, and I would develop a love for quality rum punch.  Believe me when I say there are some very poor quality rum punches.  And they are the reason I have always associated rum punches with cheap booze that leaves a nasty feeling and steals a day from your life.

The Deydreamz team takes pride in its product, and that was evident in every interaction that day.  They allowed their customers to experience their product truly by allowing multiple tastings and taking the time to engage with each customer.  Answering questions and sharing laughter.

Q & A with DeyDreemz team

What was the inspiration behind Deydreemz?

We love to travel, entertain friends, and Family (whether it’s cooking or grilling food).  We often think of food or better yet classic combinations of flavors in foods to come up with potentially unique and exciting combinations in the form of eye-catching looks for the drink.  As they say in the food world, “people eat with their eyes.”

What is the inspiration behind the name, DeyDreemz?

The Inspiration came from friends and the dialect from our country of origin (patois) because people have said after drinking our Rum Punch, “They (Dey) have the BEST sleep (Dreemz). ”  So Deydreemz is basically  saying “They Dreams.”

Was it a dream to create your product?

It was more of a driving force (motivation) to do so, which stemmed from learning from past mistakes and always putting 150% in anything I do.

What are the different flavors of your product + the price points?

As of now, we carry up to 15 Different flavors in our catalog.  We also create different monthly flavors depending on the celebration—for example, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. We offer bottle sizes of 750ml and Gallon bottles, priced at $30 (750 ml) and $90 (Gallon).  There is a $5 discount on each bottle if there is a purchase of one or more bottles.

What is the vision for Deydreemz?

Our vision is to become a household name. To be available for purchase in all liquor outlets.

What are some of the challenges of doing business during COVID-19?

Our challenges are not being able to attend events to widen our customer base.  Also, restrictions on deliveries as some customers are apprehensive about being in contact with others.

Anything you’d like us to know about your product?

We offer customized bottles for special events, which require a payment deposit and have to be pre-ordered two weeks in advance.

With everything that’s happening in America right now — Any comforting advice or quotes you’d like to share with us?

“Strength grows in the moments you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway.”  

Always remain optimistic, despite the adversities and struggles we face, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Punch was created several hundred years ago as an after-dinner cocktail. But there are many accounts of rumpunch (punch) being substituted for wine at dinner.  Especially an old recipe shared by Pehr Osbeck, Olof Torén, and Carl Gustaf Ekeberg in their 1771 book, A Voyage to China and the East Indies: “While we stayed in China, we drunk it at dinner instead of wine which the company allowed the first table.”

We live in such uncertain times, and we seek comfort in any way possible. Unfortunately, not always in positive ways.  Alcohol and substance abuse are on the rise as we navigate these uncertainties.  Take some time today to learn about DeyDreemz and experience their Bold and perfectly mixed rumpunch in a responsible way.  You will not be disappointed.

To support and celebrate DeyDreemz, we are doing a giveaway on Instagram Wednesday, June 17th (make sure you stay tuned).

As Always, I’m sending love. Stay Safe.





Confidential resources if you are experiencing alcohol and substance abuse:

SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

1-888-NYC-WELL (1-888-692-9355).

Nat C.


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