Enjoy the Moments

Happy End of July Dahlings

I have to quote my friend on this one ”July has been heavy for many of us” and boy oh boy, was it heavy in one way or another. While it’s been a kicker, as it comes to an end I can’t help but to think of the many beautiful moments I’ve experienced in July and I’m immensely grateful for them.

I know Having a clear intent, vision, plan for where you want to go in life is so important but at times we are so focused on that destination that we miss the journey. The beauty is in the journey my luvs – it’s the moments along the way that matters.

The small  acts of kindness someone extends to us, those pockets of inner and outer peace we experience, a smile from a stranger, spending time with the ones we love, that text that makes us smile, that kiss, etc. Oh how endless the list but we tend to overlook those moments because they aren’t big enough and I totally get it (we want that extra $10.000 or that successful career) but these little moments are so important they are the things that make our hearts skip a beat and our minds twinkle.

I totally get it we have dreams we’d like to realized and goals we’d like to accomplish – we will get to our destination sooner or later but don’t miss Out on life! Your journey through life. Enjoy the moments Dahlings!





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