Happy Father’s Day

Happy Friday, Dahlings. Father’s Day is almost here–what do you have planned for dad?

Thank you for the DMs, emails, and texts about me being MIA from IG and inquiries about a Father’s Day gift guide.

I will address the latter first. Unfortunately, I will not be publishing a Father’s Day Guide this year. I do love dads. After all, my dear dad meant the world to me. And I believe dads should be honored the way we celebrate our moms [Danni 😊].

Last Father’s Day, I had lost my dear dad the month before, and sharing gift guides, Contests, and giveaways were the perfect distraction. But this year, it is much more of a reality that my dad is no longer here. I can not call or visit him for father’s day, which is harrowing.

Last month I started creating a Father’s Day Gift Guide but could not make it past the article’s introduction. I made a few more attempts to complete the article, but I could not; each time I tried to write, I cried and knew it was best to give it up and honor what and how I was feeling. It is about me and my grieving process.

I hope this helps those of you who inquire about publishing a Father’s Day Gift Guide and giveaways for 2022. It does not have anything to do with me not wanting to honor dads.

Regarding my absence from IG [no, Lizzie, I am not hiding from anyone 😊], Instagram has always been a source of stress and overwhelms me. Admittedly a part of it is self-created, and I am figuring out how to show consistently and as myself 100%.

I sometimes feel pressure to share a certain kind of content and content within a specific niche. Brooklyn’s Lifestyle [BKlS] is a Lifestyle Brand, and I would like my content to reflect that. I will be back soon, I promise. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

A Special Father’s Day Wish

I wish all of the dads—biological or not—a special Father’s Day. May you have a beautiful day filled with love and relaxation; there is someone who loves you unconditionally, thinks the world of you, and is grateful you are their dad. Continue to be a source of love, provision, support, encouragement, and strength for your children—they need you more than ever.

Happy Father’s Day

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