Holiday Wishes and Snowflakes Kisses

Happy Holidays Dahlings

I know I’m a few days late however I still wanted to stop by and send my good wishes to you and your families.

I hope that you are enjoying the HOLIDAYS. That you have unplugged and you are truly taking advantage of spending quality time with loved ones and friends.

I pray that you experience true joy, peace, and love. I pray that if you’re feeling hopeless, you will find the courage to trust life and find hope. Your very next moment can be an incredible one and don’t you ever forget that.

I know the Holidays can be difficult for many of us. But let’s be extremely grateful for what we do have and know that we are strong enough to keep pushing forward. Take a moment right now and take a deep breath. Like the ones, we take when we’re standing on a beach somewhere with sand between our toes.

I wish for you and your family, health, love, joy, and prosperity now and always.

It’s rare that we are completely 100% wherever we say we are these days. We are mostly distracted at all times and that is why it’s important for us to be aware and make an extra effort to just be where we choose to be at any given moment.

I was forced to take some time off for the last few weeks from here and IG. But from Dec. 23 I made a conscious decision to spend time in reflection and with myself. I decided that I wanted to spend the Holidays focused on being PRESENT and not focused on presents.

And I did just that. I did all of my little holiday traditions on my time and no one else’s and there was such a great sense of peace and calm in the experience.

Between the 26th and the 28th, I began to get anxious about all the things I needed to get done for my business and this site. But I decided that taking this time is a priority for me right now and everything else will have to wait.

This is the first holiday without my grandmother and I am missing her so much. I dialed her number maybe twice while making my pepperpot as I have done for so many years.

Missing my grandmother lead me to think about the importance of traditions. The ones I had with her and the ones I’ve formed over the years. Sometimes we dismiss or take for granted the traditions that our families and friends have helped to make, keep and follow. But those are the same traditions that can sometimes help and heal us when we need them the most.

By being present this holiday I had a chance to keep many of the traditions I’ve shared with my family, together and individually over the years. And I’ve had a chance to renew a few forgotten traditions. Which not only comforted me but brought the spirit of holiday magic my way.

As I end this post this evening I’d like to remind you of a few things:

  • Being PRESENT in our lives is not only beautiful, but it is also something we should do for ourselves.
  • If you feel the need to take time out for yourself, take that time regardless of what others may think or say. Taking time for ourselves isn’t selfish it is needed in order to function at our optimal best and make us more capable of caring for others.
  • And hold on to those dear stories that bind you as a family or bind you in friendship. Make new traditions and stories every chance you get to gather with friends and families. And not only during the Holidays.


Happy Happiest Holidays








PS. I’m still waiting on my snowflakes kissed (just a tad bit if snow please).

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