How to be a HIgh-Value Woman: Ten Principles to Live By

We are still celebrating Women’s History Month and the power of a woman, today’s article is about the guiding principles of a High-Value Woman.

Full disclosure: I intend on publishing an article about another powerful woman but I will post that article in a few weeks. I felt that this was something worthy of a discussion right now.

I attended my cousin’s bridal shower over the weekend, and it was fabulous. She is such a gorgeous bride to be and our family is excited about the wedding.

While I was there, I overheard a conversation between three ladies, and that made me think. They were discussing women who are and are not wife(y) material. This is not a foreign subject. I have heard it several times before, discussed amongst friends and strangers alike. And each time I have come to the same conclusion: it is offensive to women. And I do not subscribe to that way of thinking. 

There are women who would be categorized as wife material who are unmarried or not in a relationship. And I know of women who would not be classified as wife material who are happily married or are in a relationship. 

First, I believe this stereotypical phrase comes with a negative connotation, and it is not very respectful to women. I find it sexist, and it implies that as women, our ONLY goal in life is to be desired by a man. As if we are a prize that will only be selected if we meet all of the expectations of a man. 
Second, some women do not need or want a man’s approval to have worth. And some women have no interest in becoming anyone’s wife. 
And third, ideal marriage qualities are based on a person’s preferences. Not every man looks for the same things in a woman. 

As a woman, I think we can and should look beyond becoming someone’s wife and instead become a woman of value or a high-value woman. The wonderful thing about becoming a high-valued woman is that you can be still choose to become a wife if that is what you want in your life. While writing this article I found several YouTube videos on the subject of becoming a high valued woman. Unfortunately, a great many seem to lead with the same trending message. “Become a high valued woman to attract a man”. 

I believe a high-value woman has a collection of traits or she lives her life by a few guiding principles. And it is possible for all women, not a choosen few. While there are some women already living by these principles or possess these traits we can all live this way. That is if we choose to. Any moment, if you wish to, it is attainable. The key, however, to being a high-valued woman is that it does not have anything to do with a man or anyone else. It is solely about YOU. It is ageless. And does not have anything to do with how old or young you are.  

Here are ten traits of a High-Value Woman or Principles that guides her life:

  • She knows her worth and does not operate from a place of neediness.

A high-value woman values herself. She knows who she is, her capabilities, and her accomplishments. And have a level of enthusiasm that extends beyond her outward appearance and is nestled in her intrinsic worth. She does not need anyone to tell her who she is or how special she is — she knows her worth and value.

Remember how you feel about yourself reflects how others look at you and treat you. 
  • She loves and respects herself.

She deeply respects and loves herself and will not accept anything less than she deserves in life. And she is willing to walk away from any relationship (romantic or otherwise) if she is not being treated properly. 

  • She is kind and compassionate to herself and others.

She knows and understands the power of kindness and compassion. And she recognizes the value of all human beings. Everyone she meets, she leaves better than she found them, even in a small way. She is warm and genuine, and she knows that kind words go a long way toward helping another person feel better.

Remember, you never know what another human being is dealing with in their lives. We may see someone smiling and believe that they are fine. But they could be experiencing Challenges in their lives.
  • She is Self-aware and Empathic.

A high-value woman has very high emotional intelligence. She understands the implications of her actions and her words. And understand that words are powerful and the damage they can do to another human being. Mindfullness is at the forefront of her communication; she is minfull in how she speaks to and of others. And accepts others as they are, without expecting or demanding change.

  • She is grounded and mature.

She is not manipulative and does not play games with people. Or act contrary to her values and beliefs—she does not have anything to prove to anyone. And therefore is herself without pretense or manipulation. She does not seek the attention or approval of anyone. 

  • She practices self-acceptance.

A high-valued woman knows that to be human is to be perfectly imperfect. She knows, understands, and embraces her flaws and her strengths. And understands everyone else has weaknesses and strengths as well. She knows everyone is on a journey, and she, therefore, accepts others. And does not ask or want them to be her way — she wants them to be themselves. 

  • She is unafraid to speak her mind.

A high-value woman is unafraid to express herself. Her communications come from a place of honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability. She expresses her emotions and ideals regardless of popularity. And uses her voice to communicate her needs and wants. 

  • She is a life learner.

A high-value woman wants to live a fulfilled life. And understands that to live is to evolve, experience, and continue to learn. She is dedicated to daily learning. And is open to learning new things from others, books, films, the arts, and travel. She strives to be better and do better than she was/did the day before. 

  • She does  not compete. 

A high-value woman does not compete with others, especially other women. She recognizes the value of other women. And does not demean or make attempts to tear them down to make herself look better. She encourages other women and cheers them on in their presence and absence. 

  • She takes care of herself (physical,

emotional, spiritual, and appearance).

A high-value woman knows that having a well-balanced lifestyle allows her to be her very best self. And she is committed to taking care of herself. She is unafraid to seek professional help if needed. Or ask those near to her for help.

Remember how you care for yourself tells how much you value and love yourself. It shows when you have self-respect and care about yourself in totality.

Comment below: share a guiding principle of a high-value woman. 


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