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Despite all of the craziness surrounding Soulcycle last year — it’s an excellent form of exercise. I miss my weekly classes, my instructors, and our community. When I started in early 2017 — it was something to make me feel better, sweat, and hopefully something I’d stick with.

Soulcycle became my exercise of choice — it’s the only intense form of exercise I’ve stuck with during my adult life. Not just stuck with but remained consistent.

I’ve tried maybe ten instructors but kept four in rotation. For me, every instructor brought something different in my life.

Liz told stories — relatable personal stories, both verbally and with movement. She taught me to be kind to my body and the proper Choreography.

Noa, the gentle giant — inspired me with his kind words and positivity in and out of the room. He made me understand that we can change our stories (it doesn’t matter how bad we think it is). Whenever I think of him, I’m always reminded to love always. He taught me proper form.

Nicholas is high energy and fun. He’s been my positive pick me up. He’s always smiling (I’m smiling just thinking about him). Whenever my mood is less than ideal — a class with Nick makes me feel better.

Junior is the instructor I take 90% of the time. He bought consistency and mental toughness into my life when it comes to movement. Jr knows (knew) everyone in his class and our capabilities. He settles for nothing but the best of us — he pushes us always to do and become more.


Junior originally from Jamaica — is a hard worker, and he pushes us to work hard, but he does so with kindness and encouragement. He genuinely wants every one to accomplish our fitness goals and become the best possible version of ourselves. And is always there to help anyone in his class in any way he can.

His training transcends the classroom  — I’ve learned so much about myself and my mindset in every class. I have cried in many classes but left with such clarity — I’ve also laughed uncontrollably, realizing how silly I’ve been worrying about something of no relevance all week.

He taught me that motivation is short-lived, but my mindset and hard work will always get me to that next step.

I have gotten out of bed at 5 AM twice a week to make his 5:45 AM class for over two years.

Junior Kennedy affectionately called Jr by everyone in his class, conducts several classes a day, five days a week, with 50 plus attendees. Everything said here about Jr is true without Embellishment — ask anyone of his students. We just love him and respects the value he adds to our lives.

Junior Kennedy has launched Official Practice, an online community for anyone who wants to move their body with good music, laughter, and the right kind of support.

Official Practice brings us a simulated high-performance training experience. The program features a combined method of track-based run programming and strength training, repeated in drills, performed as a team, and tailored for athletes (you, me, or anyone) to reach their respective fitness goals in a group training environment. The program has been modified to thrive in an online environment.

We are given an opportunity to train in 4 stations:
– Endurance: Performance Run
– Turf: Movement and Agility
– Track: Sprint Intervals
– Recovery: Weight Training

Each station is a 12-minute program set with 2 minutes of active recovery. Each 45 minutes session is priced at $15.00 — believe me when I say you will walk away with a lot more value.

Classes are offered six days a week. Burn it Tuesdays is a  HITT workout while Wednesdays and Thursdays are dedicated strength — it’s a strength training upper body, abs and lower body. Fridays are dedicated to “maintain it” — a strength training to maintain what we built over the last three days. Saturdays are about conditioning — it’s a HITT workout (a high cardio program). Sunday’s workout speaks to our emotional position — the day he will share the wisdom that will make you think. Sunday workouts are the best, 30 minutes and will cost you $10.00.

I’m excited about Official Practice and all of the classes offered. I love that the schedule is very flexible — AM and PM classes. Every class with Jr has been a great experience and told me something about myself that I neglected to realize. I expect the same experience at Official Practice, and I want you to experience that and celebrate you (words by Jr “celebrate you”).

See at Practice!

As always, I’m sending Love — Stay Safe.




Growing beyond what we expected without excuses, appropriating the experiences to our lives and changing the perception of who we are; the reality is we are strong, we are powerful, but we give ourselves the least amount of credit, not understanding that we are teaching people how to treat us just by what we project!

Junior Kennedy


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