LinkNYC Unveiled

NYC is ready to replace 6,400 payphones – silly me I actually forgot those still existed. We are in for a treat, LinKNYC was unveiled on Monday – the thing of our past will become the biggest and fastest free municipal wi-fi network in the world.

The “Link” as described in the plan will be outfitted with a touchscreen tablet powered by no other than Google, which will give us access to valuable information such as maps, directions, and city services. The free built charging ports will benefit us greatly when we’re running low on battery and will also be able to broadcast emergency alerts.

While this project is estimated to cost the city a nice price tag of $200 million, the city expects revenue of a whopping $500 million which will not only offset the cost of the plan but cover the maintenance cost also.  These revenues will come from the Next – Gen advertising displays that will be built into each Kiosk.

LinkNYC will be implemented in Brooklyn and the outer boroughs.


Info via CNBC

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